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S1 - Day 94: Building momentum to live in my new reality

I am enjoying my new job and getting to know all my co-workers. I am excited that a significant part of my job is getting connected well within my overall community, which was one of my goals at the beginning of this year. It is great to begin making these new contacts and creating new relationships for where I live now. I am learning how to balance again myself, my responsibilities to my daughter and husband for our family life in my new position. Balancing self is an on-going process as I… Continue

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S1 - Day 71: Biggest Manifestation for my Season 1 realized!

Last week I had the most surprising event. The opportunity that I thought went away circled and landed right in my lap! What an amazing synchronicity! I was elated to receive my offer on Monday for the position I interviewed for in May. I begin my new position on the 15th, a few weeks prior to the end of my season 1. This is a huge transition for me as I've been working part-time exclusively from home for about 2.5 years since my daughter was born (except a 5 month period I had a project that… Continue

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S1 - Day 61: I'm in process...inner work continues...

Today is the last day of June 2009, wow, time seems to go ever faster. I've been working with my daughter on her potty training. She's doing really well since we started about 10 days ago. It takes a lot of focus to assist her in this development, so I'm not online as much to be more in tune with her. I've managed to create a basic outline of the content I will expand for my new website, so I'm making some progress towards my goals. I still have more organizing to do to get my office to where I… Continue

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S1 - Day 46: Stepping closer to my dreams, purging unnecessary things from my office and creating space

Life is going smoother than the end of May. I am still working on purging the overload of stuff from my office. I know it is very important to purge, purge, purge to clean my space for my new dream to have room to grow and prosper. So my task and directed energy is purging all unnecessary stuff completely out of my office. Once I have the purge completed, this could take a week or more given my interruptions from my daughter but I will see it completed. I am excited I have the energy and desire… Continue

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S1 - Day 41: Thankful and voicing my appreciation

Today I am appreciating all the abundance I have in my life. I am grateful for the time to reflect to see my abundance in all I have and am now offering my sincerest thanks and appreciation.

I appreciate and love my family for all the gifts each member has brought my life.

I appreciate and love my home for its beauty, peace and sacred space it offers my life.

I appreciate and love each plant I consciously plant that gives me beauty, life color, nutrition from some and all… Continue

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S1 - Day 40: Having fun day dreaming while I hum and work

Today is Tuesday, I felt like I had new refreshing energy. After a weekend with my sisters and having some fun with writing vision letters to ourselves with my sisters and some fun with my Saints & Angels Oracle cards I am feeling very light and enjoying my life today. Saturday was my nephew's high school graduation and it was a blessing to see his mother one of my sisters that I've not seen since early fall last year. I had not seen my nephew in a few years, so that was wonderful gift to… Continue

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S1 - Day 35 Cleaning house, and not just my dwelling...

The past few days have been enlightening to say the least. I believe the fog is lifting from some "shadow" mirrors and reflections that led me to new revelations about myself and my patterns of behavior from my history that are sneaking in for one final showdown....well, I am doing something about it NOW I am aware and staying committed, releasing the baggage one at a time as I recognize how it served me. I am very thankful for the gifts my shadow revealed and am glad to be feeling my power… Continue

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S1 - Day 31: Enjoying little moments with family

Today was beautiful day. I did some work in my garden, transplanting tomatoes and watering everything well with the heat at 90 degrees+ F. I enjoyed a beautiful lunch with my husband and we had fun contemplating having an end of summer party at our house with friends and family and all the fun things we'd like to do at our party. It was fun in our brainstorming what we might serve and what activities the kids and adults could have and really have a very memorable fun time at the end of the… Continue

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S1 - Day 29: Turning my boat back downstream

Today I took it easy. A lot of emotions present, letting it out a little and finding my balance again after going "off the tracks" for a few days. I am feeling better. In my reflection I know I am healing stuff I just never took the opportunity to heal in the past, so this journey continues. As I'm turning "my boat" back downstream now I am feeling better and better. I am re-focusing myself on my intentions and goals as I've outlined for my challenge. I have made progress on the book I'm… Continue

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S1 - Day 27: Dazed and confused...rebooting myself again

Yesterday was an absolute upside down "where did that come from" day on the opposite end of targeted goals and intentions. First, the job I had interviewed for and thought was going very well in my direction - made a big U-turn and ended up in someone else's reality...that one was a big bummer. I really was excited about the opportunity it truly seemed lined up with me AND then on top of that, the project I had lined up basically vanished into thin air same day. I am dazed and confused to say… Continue

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S1 - Day 21: Trusting and Allowing

I've not written in my 100 day challenge for the past few days, no excuses, just has not been priority relative to other actions in my life this week. Right now I'm in the state of trusting and allowing. I am expecting good news from last week's important events to become I am trusting and allowing. I am also creating a plan that I will focus on for my daughter's toilet training. She turns 31 months next week, I know it is time to give the focus, she's showing me many signs she is… Continue

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S1 - Day 13: Manifested a wonderful and positive job interview

Today was a GREAT day! I had an interview for an absolutely terrific opportunity, it seems like my Angels put it together all the exciting elements I've wanted to add to my experience and also serving others with my gifts I offer. My interview was a very positive experience and I was prepared for the day. I am so excited!!! I am to speak with a few more team members, however all the details are lining up for a job offer within the next week. I am excited to have this choice in my reality now.… Continue

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S1 - Day 10: Mother's Day blessings

Today my husband took his entire day to build me my Mother's Day gift, 3 beautiful raised beds for my garden (and 1 more almost done). I am so thrilled!!! These boxes are so beautiful and I am so excited, as this week I will plant tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, and later cucumbers, melons and peppers in these boxes. I spent part of the afternoon working on my berry patch and managed to get 5 more raspberry plants planted. If the weather is pleasant enough to do more tomorrow I will start the next… Continue

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The Universal Laws - taking time to study, review and consciously include in daily life

The Universal Laws are worth studying and including in your adventure with Law of Attraction. I took the time to listen to the program put together by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey and found it worthwhile. I came away with a small notebook of ideas of how I can practice the laws more consciously in my living and start creating "new habits" for myself. Each law is important to keep in mind as we traverse our life path and seek to improve… Continue

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S1 - Day 5: Building up my steam

Today is fitting to label "STEAM". I am on my way to manifesting one of my goals and will have it materialized by end of this week, I AM VERY EXCITED!!! I had 2 very important calls that occurred today that will impact many of my goals for this season. I really like the end of Peter Gabriel's video for his song Steam, perfect! Thank you Universe for all my abundance I am deeply and infinitely grateful! And a thank you Peter Gabriel for your amazing music, I… Continue

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S1 - Day 4: Practing patience and gentle reminders from the Universe to simply be in the moment now

Today I got to practice patience several times in several moments. I did not succeed in each moment but I forgive myself to let go at the end of my day. Aahhhhh. Mothers of toddlers in potty-training-boundary-stretching-breaking-stuff-mode can relate to such a day as this one I experienced. I just happened to buy myself 3 new magazines on my way out of the book store this morning after my daughter's play date with her friend at our local shopping mall (fun toys inside rainy day play).… Continue

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S1 - Day 3: Enjoying family, fun and spring sun.

I absolutely love weekends! Today was a nice relaxing day investing my day with my family and soaking up the spring sun riding bikes and caring for our garden and yard. I wrote down my affirmations today and vocalized the 3 I chose for today and may use these ones for a few days prior to selecting another 3.

My affirmations today:

* I support others in becoming prosperous, and in turn, Life and my Universe supports me in miraculous ways!

* Thank you for my… Continue

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S1 - Day 2: Recruited my husband to help me with my video issues

Today I've recruited my husband to assist with video camera off-loading technical difficulties. Please stand by...more coming soon. :-) ...Sarah

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