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I'VE GOT THE POWER!!! - Thank you.

Dear Universe,

I really need you help me stay positive in these coming weeks. I ask that you continue to shower me with my wanted desires and have only positivity flow my way. I thank you for aligning me with all of my wants and having life pan out my way and in my favour. And for always showing me I'VE GOT THE POWER!!!!

I ask that I be guided AND guarded by only positive people, positive experiences and positive manifestations.

I am forever…


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Season 8 - Day 100 - Complete.

Yaaaaay *Does alittle dance in honor of completing Season EIGHT*

*Deep Sigh* - Sigh of Gratitude btw.


I am soooooo grateful that this Season I accomplished ALOT, I am in a totally different mind space than I was when I 1st started this particular season! I feel great, I have manifested alot, I am more comfortable and confident in myself. I have ALOT to be grateful for as always! - This Season I learned alot about myself and about what I DONT want... that can ONLY…


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Season 8 - Day 001 - Start anew

Today has been a gooood day, I got what I needed to do done, I'm feeling good and confident about this season being a great one!!! - What has been bothering me, today I have been able to laugh at it!!! :o)


My intentions for this season are to:

Go with the flow.

Manifest good/genuine love.

Gain clarity when I need it the most.

Remain positive.

Focus on the NOW. (Remind myself that in any given moment, NOW is the only thing that exsists and…


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Buh-bye 2011

*sigh* Dear 2011,

Buh-bye *waves*

This year has been a roller coaster year, I'm actually quite grateful that 2011 is over. These last few weeks haven't been my best! Altho for the most part I've had a good year, manifested a lot of (big) wanted things.

BUT, I powerfully intend on having THE best 2012, filled with lots of fun (wanted) manifestations, happiness, love, fun, feeling good from the start right to the end.

I look forward to all the great… Continue

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Season 7 - Day 100 - My best Season.

Season 7 completed!

*Happy sigh*

I manifested ALOT

I learned ALOT

I felt great for ALOT of this season

I am grateful for ALOT

I'm continuing to learn to focus on WITHIN and think as though it has already happened or is already mine. This season I really went with the flow for the most part, where usually I would think so far ahead that I'd get anxious about certain things. I manifested alot of money this season, feeling good for the most part,…


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Bye 2010

Dear 2010,


You have been an AWSOME year for me, I have learned, found, been involved in lots of positive things!


2010 has been the year I have learned to let go quicker of things that would usually bother me. I've been happy for the most part of the year, and the times that I may have been abit off I dont really remember, plus I dont want to put more focus on those times/events/things.


This is the year when my brother started to take more of an…


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Season 6 - Day 100 - Excited about my future. *BIG Smile*

Woooo, *Does allsorts of OLD SCHOOL DANCE MOVES, then goes into the 'Whip My Hair' dance* LMAO

I don't have much to say about this Season 6, I achieved alot, I've learned alot more & I'm still getting 'it' that much more. I felt alignment alot more often, I've grown more, I appericated ALOT more. I am grateful that I am able to finish a 6th Season! - I definately feel like I've been making great progress and I've grown ALOT!!!

Right now I'm learning not to…


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Season 6 - Day 072 - Abraham-Hicks daily quote. - 11/11/10

Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power.

Most people do not expect their path to great abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and…


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Season 6 - Day 050 - "If I love YOU, like I love ME... What a WORLD, this would be?" - 20/10/2010

I'm at the half waaay mark for Season 6 *does a quick shimmy & shake for PROGRESSION yaaaay* LOL



Alaine - You Are…


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Season 6 - Day 40 - Power in 1's - 10/10/10

*Shimmy & shaaaake* LOL

I just feel the need to do a blog quickly bcoz today is 10/10/10 and the fact that I believe theres power in one's. I can feel that I am about to start manifesting some wanted magical things!!!

I've had a great day today, I've felt good, going with the flow, laughed & feeling aligned. :o) - Loads of signs have been coming at me ALOT recently, that just let me know that I should have more faith in what I am capable of…


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Season 6 - Day 31 - Happy 2nd CoCreative Birthday (Anniversary) to Me & My Journey :o) - 01/10/10

2 Years ago today was when I started my 1st Season. Yaaaaay *Does alittle UNNAMED dance* LMAO

How I found this lovely site was through Lilou & another participant named Vibe, I had read 'The Secret' and I knew there was more to it that what was in the book, so whilst surfing around on YouTube, I came across Lilou 1st. Then I came to the…


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Season 5 - Day 100 - Feels good to feel good. Great way to end a season :o)

*Shimmy & shaaaake* LOL

Day 100 of Season 5... Wooo *does another little unidentifed dance LMAO*

Today was a really good day to finish my Season. Its like the Universe helped me plan it soooo well. I'm on my way to creating even bigger things for myself. - And I'm enjoying the journey, focusing on whats truely behind the negitive that is sometimes thrown at me. I'm not fased by all the POSSIBLE negitive things that could come at me. Bcoz theres always…


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Season 5 - Day 050 - Half way mark. - Describe FEELINGS?

Wooohooo, *Does a shimmy* LOL - half way through Season 5 already.

I can actually remember starting my 1st Season *Smile* & how anxious I felt to start. Hoping I didnt forget anything on my list of intentions & that I stuck to a tight scedulde of practises. NOW, I just go with the flow. Bcoz I cant get it wrong & I'll never get it done (to quote Abraham-Hicks). - I've come aloooong way & learned sooo much, specifically excitied that I have leared to just let…


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Season 5 - Day 014 - 05/05/10 - You. (Part 2)

Dear You,

I just wanted you to know that I want to be and I'm prepared to be all that you desire in a girlfriend.

I'm still loving you lots.

Kay. Mwaaaah :o) xXx

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Content with my life right now. - Thats right I'm doing ME. :o)

I just had to document this.

Today has been a great day, mainly bcoz I got to see him & hang for a while. We laughed & smiled & I took him in for the time I was with him. Just as I had intended for the day. :o) xxx

(One of the things we joked about is on tv right now - *BIG SMILE* - I enjoy syncronized events. Thank you)

But while my journey home on the bus, the realization just hit me right…


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Season 4 - Day 100 - Thats a wrap! :o)

Yaaaaay, I have finished my 4th Season. :o) Woooohoooo

*Does a happy dance to no music, well its in a my head* LOL

This last day of my Season 4 has been a lovely one, I had some mini manifestations early this morning; I was thinking about getting a bicycle yesterday & as I was walking to the bus stop to go to work I saw a bicycle which I THOUGHT wasnt chained up... but it was. LOL NO!…


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Season 4 - Day 80 - Flowing blessfully.

I feel good, and I have done all weekend.

Thank you Universe, we work as a great time!!!

:o) xxx

AFFIRMATION FOR TODAY: "The better it gets, the better it gets."

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Season 4 - Day 063 - Abraham-Hicks daily quote.

Hard work is not the path to Well- Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don't create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, May 7th, 2005 #273…


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Season 4 - Day 050 - Half way mark. - You.

Dear you,…


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