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Season 11 Day 9

What an emotional couple of days from extreme highs to lows caused by self sabotage. This trip to London was initiated for my family birthday celebrations and we had so much fun, I've had my first girly night out and met with some old friends that have got in recent contact with. My girls love staying at nanas they get so much love and get the best new foods to taste.

My whole family is feeling a slump in energy and recently I've just felt like I'm being drained and I know it's all… Continue

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Season 11 retake

Hello my lovelies

Started season 11 round 1 just over 12 months ago. Less than two weeks after starting I was admitted into hospital. I stayed for a couple of weeks in which time I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. They arrived into my life 15 weeks early and has been a whirlwind thereafter. We just celebrated the first year birthday and now have come to reflect on this wonderful journey.

Motherhood has taught me so much and these two blessings have been through so… Continue

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Season 11 Day 8. Instincts working well

The past 12 hours have been a little bit crazy. I have been admitted into hospital where I will be for at least 3 days until I get to 24 weeks. Seems like one sac is funelling. I am worried but all the movements I feel and wonderful people I have been meeting &my family have helped me remain positive. I know these babies are here to stay and that I will not go into labour for a long while I have exactly 3 months left.

I felt a little off yesterday and knew something wasn't quite… Continue

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Season 11 Day 5 I'm done phew

Talk about crazy weekend, my last wedding before my little munchkins arrive and I surely did go out with a bang. Three intensive days (of majority delegation) has paid off & been commented as being the very best the venue has looked & virtually clean plates (all food eaten) & bowls always make us happy.

The wedding was for over 500 guests and for the bride & main family to take time out to thank us was reward in itself. One of my main businesses is Catering if you've… Continue

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Season 11 Day 1 dealing with others & staying grateful

It can be very difficult to see any goodness in a situation when someone is deliberately going out of their way to be difficult and at times have caught myself saying "I'm sick of being nice" when I get hurt. Time is however a great healer and eye opener.

I have secret shifters which aid me when I get into these situations. These shifters are photos, memories and I have some special pieces of jewellery I wear everyday. With these it's very difficult to stay on that negative downward… Continue

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Season 10 Roundup

Busiest season so far... I've had the best pregnancy so far with the best care and I am absolutely loving this time. I have two healthy babies growing and kicking and feel blessed everyday.

Manifestations occur faster and I truly believe its all due to me feeling so complete that I no longer CLOCK WATCH in effect and by turning things over to the universe everything has started to flow easier.

Business has increased ten fold and so many new avenues are constantly popping… Continue

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Season 10 Day 41 UPDATE

Hello My Lovelies

Its been a busy month, weve received two offers on our house and a third likely next week, managed to find out what seller of house i love would take for his house and placed another offer so cross fingers and with all this excitement i found out im pregnant with our first child :-)

I am the happiest ive been for a long time. I am truely thankful to the universe for these beautiful gifts and giving me the greatest gift of being a…


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Season 10 Day 14 Finally everythings coming together

My sister came to visit but this time i felt like there was more on her mind and she was also down but couldnt lift myself up to help her which made me feel worse... so thankful for my wonderful husband hes been my rock and helped to get me refocused on all the good. I am starting the 3 day military diet to beat the bloat and logging in to check in with all you amazing people to again keep focused. 

Roundup of some of the wonderful things that have happened: 

our house…


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Season 10 Day 2 What a day to go out with mis-match socks :-)

Hello my lovelies,

Gym today was so much fun had a brilliant session called Body Balance and it made me feel amazing. I am seriously unflexible but looking forward to the next one.

I love spending time at home and felt i needed a clear out today but with that and chatting to my sister time just ran away with me and before i realised i was…


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Season 10 Day 1

Started the day full of gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life. I feel I am more intune with others and find I can read people better and find the right things to say to uplift.

I went for a cheeky shopping spree and picked up some amazing gifts for valentines day really looking forward to the happy faces ( I love buying my family gifts for v day and as I have more money can afford to get the gifts I really want to give)

I am truly blessed to have realised the

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My plans this season Pro actively eat healthier Daily gratitude Blog more often Connect with more like-minded people Explore more Revenue Avenues This is to be my most powerful season. I miss loggi…

My plans this season

Pro actively eat healthier
Daily gratitude
Blog more often
Connect with more like-minded people
Explore more Revenue Avenues

This is to be my most powerful season. I miss logging on this site and seeing what others are doing and also I feel it keeps me accountable for things in my life and helps me to Create the good stuff.

I look forward to this Journey. Continue

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Seems like I've been away for ages. Have really missed reading all the blogs and seeing how well old friends have been doing.

I've had family down recently and I love spending time with them but after a while feel a bit out of whack as my newly found routine takes a back seat. It's amazing how one good night sleep can refresh mind and body.

Good morning all x

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Season 10 Day 21 Another Aha Monent........

Or as my husband calls is a Ha moment........

We have been given another gloriously sunny day.... This morning like every morning i trawelled through pages on google looking for law of attraction articles and stumbled across one from a man i certainly look up to.. Sir Richard Branson..  This great man gave me some advice that truely made me look into myself and highlighted a huge flaw.

*The way he runs successful businesses is a great team.....…


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Season 10 Day 20 Natures Weeders

This Past week has been a bit crazy, alot of change and even more to try to get my head around. Within the last few days my business has said goodbye to 3 members of staff. Its difficult when you say farewell to family but also exciting for new people to come in and roles to change. I am thankful to the universe for weeding out the individuals who acutally have raised a little doubt within us about them in the recent months.…


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Season 10 Day 15 Productivity Charts

Thanks to seinfields productivity Chart i am able to ensure i fit in all the things i need to do on a daily basis to help me progress and all other things are a bonus :-)

I stumbled across an vlog where this secret method was mentioned and felt inspired to use you can see from my picture below my first day of using this was August 4th so is still very new. The key to this is that it after a few weeks a chain is formed and encourages you not to…


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Season 10 Day 14 Dealing with volatile frustrating situations

Last night over dinner i had a wonderful aha moment with hubby.... i love having these moments especially when he has made given me an amazing insight.

The topic we were on was related to a member of staff who believes it is his right to make us drop him home everyday where all the rest of the 30 staff we have make their own way home.... so why are we doing it????? My sister is a beautiful soul and does not know how to say NO.... what started off as a few lifts has now…


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Season 10 Day 13 Family Business

Working with family has been something i have always wanted to do as it ensures i get to see my family often and speak alot as otherwise i tend to lose myself in work. My family has now expanded with the staff that i have.... my staff come in regularly on their days off to meet everyone and everyone knows whats going on in others lives, we have the same small squabbles that families do but also come together in a stronger force. Its wonderful to be a part of this family and to know…


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Season 10 Day 11 I have to get A before I can get B

I have to get A before I can get B.... Is a really simple example of the internal dialogue that occurs when thinking about things I want. For example I need to get £x amount saved before I buy a new dress, or I need to get this lose 30 pounds before I can be happy with myself. Mine has been I need to have £1000 unexpected income to use as spending money on holiday (which I haven't booked yet).

It got me thinking this morning and looking back at some of my best holidays and they were… Continue

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Season 10 Day 9

Have had a hugely trying weekend and was so insightful. It's amazing how family functions sometimes take me back to when I was younger and more unsure of myself. This weekends was one of those times. I looked around and took notice of what others were comparing me to and I admit felt a little inadequate for moments but luckily for me I had people and things that made me snap out of it and recognise all I have and who I am.

The function I was attending was held in a temple and this… Continue

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Season 10 Day 5

What an amazing sunny day......

Wednesday was gorgeous so decided to take a quick drive to the peaks and everything from the drive up with the top down on my car, the magnificent views, perfect parking near the pond, winning on the arcades was perfect. Was one of the best starts to my day.

I loved seeing the villages on the way, and driving past areas which i have been looking to move to made it feel more real for me, imagining being a part of the community,…


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