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Season 1: Day 47 (Bleh...)

I have no energy. I feel like a whiny little crybaby. I didn't get anything done but futz around on the computer and made dinner for my family. I can't wait to get a steady job soon, so I can feel like a normal human being again...

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll feel more positive...

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Season 1: Day 46 (Beautiful Sunday and Breakfast is ON!)

Good Morning, My Fellow Co-Creators :)

Happy Sunday <3 <3 <3 I hope that all is well with all of you out there. The morning started off awesome. The BF made breakfast: bacon, spam, eggplant and onion omelette and rice. The omelette was very interesting. Good thing I like eggplant :) The bacon was perfectly done. YUMMY. All washed down with a wunnerful cuppa coffee. that we are in the holiday season (being politically correct, didn't want to just recognize…


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Season 1: Day 45 (All Is Well)

What a day! I put in 10 hours of productive work at my job today. I got an invite to the company X-mas party in a couple of weeks. YAY! Then my baby girl and I went to see the Honolulu City Lights parade. That was fun. I enjoyed it, even though I was feeling peaked from my day at work :)

Have a good evening, my fellow co-creators. Soooooo tired, and soooooo ready for my bed! Aloha <3 <3 <3

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Season 1: Day 44 (Mellow Yellow Day)

Aloha, My Fellow Co-Creators!

I'm feeling really mellow today. There are things that I should be doing, but am kind of hanging back a little bit. This is not a bad thing. I am just keeping my stress levels down so that my migraine doesn't accelerate. Now, it's just a niggling little headache at the upper back part of my head but if I stress, it will become a full migraine again and then...God help me...

So I'm sticking to a mellow theme today. I want to go into the interview…


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Season 1: Day 43 (Jobless *again*...well, sort of)

I'm so bummed out. The job that I thought I had? It was terminated not even 4 hours into my shift :( This was because the company I was temping at did not have the budget for my position, so they called my agency to tell them that they couldn't take me on. I felt sad, because I LOVED the work environment and the people who were training me. I LOVED the purpose of their organization: to assist military personnel and their families to find housing on base. Not just the Army, but other branches…


Added by Sherry-Ann "Sherry" Stowell on November 30, 2011 at 1:30pm — 5 Comments

Season 1: Day 42 (Uh Oh...Missed A Day...)

No matter how depressed I feel right now, I am DETERMINED to be grateful.

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Season 1: Day 41 (What Next???)

Good Morning, My Dear Co-Creators!

Today is my first day of work at my new job. I am so excited! I got up super early and am taking my time getting ready. I will be going in early in this first day of work. Better to be early than late, because that's not the positive impression I want to leave with my new bosses. I am focused on having a great, exciting day. I plan to do a lot of learning and acclimating to the corporate culture there. I will do well, I know I will!

I am…


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Season 1: Day 40 (Whoops...There It Is!)

Aloha, My Fellow Co-Creators:

I hope that all of you are having a great weekend. It's been a long holiday weekend for me, but I am not complaining. I will be starting my new job tomorrow and from here on until I can't handle anymore I will be working 6 days a week *YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!* I will be paying on my overdue bills, have a little bit of money to buy Christmas presents, then when the New Year starts, I'll be mondo saving up to get a car, which I will need to get around. My boyfriend…


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Season 1: Day 39 (Thanksgiving with The Kau Kau Wagon)

Today, I get to give back with gratitude. TYG for the blessing and honor! My dotter and I are going to volunteer our time (amongst many others) to serve a Thanksgiving lunch to the "houseless, and those who need a meal". The Kau Kau Wagon is a nonprofit organization in Honolulu, Hawaii that provides a meal on Saturday afternoons to the homeless in downtown Honolulu. There are no conditions to getting that meal, no sitting through a sermon, no being browbeaten for their unfortunate…


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Season 1: Day 38 (Just BARELY Made It!)

Aloha, Dear Co-Creators:

I admit, I am slacking on the job. I should have posted earlier today, but kind of took a breather. I'll post as per usual tomorrow. Just wanted to drop by and say "HOWZIT!" It was a good day for me. The BF went boogeyboarding earlier today, while I futzed around on the computer, did a little bit of cleaning. Then when he came back home, I went to the library and did some research for my English paper, picked up pizza for dinner and then came home. We ate, I…


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Season 1: Day 37 (What An Amazing Day...or Two...)

I am so thankful and grateful to the God of my understanding. Words can't describe the thankfulness and gratitude that I am feeling right now. I have GREAT NEWS:

1-I GOT THE JOB!!! Yes, it is a temporary position for about 5 weeks, BUT...there's a possibility that it will go to perm, and when it does I want to be able to get it. It is a good opportunity to work with the military and to "do my stuff", to prove my worthiness to be their employee...besides God, there were many angels…


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Season 1: Day 36 (It's Another Migraine Day)

My head feels like it's being torn apart, much like my legs are being shredded to bits by my kitty kat (AKA "Nuisance"). I have ribbons of scratches on my left leg, the one that she likes to jump up on, sink her claws into and PUUUUULLLLL downwards as she tries to race away from me while I emit a huge HOWL of pain. With her working on my legs, and my migraine working on my head, I'm just one complete mess-ophile.

Now to go prepare for an interview and school. I feel like crap, but the…


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Season 1: Day 35 (I Am Where I Need To Be for Today)

Aloha & Good Morning, Dearest Co-Creators:

I am where I need to be today, doing what I am supposed to do. I am fully loved and supported by the Universe, and flow without resistance with The All. I will submit to silence (going to be fun trying to shut off the voices in my head, those flesh memories that keep coming back and I sometimes listen to, to my regret).

Let it be. At least for the moment. Peace.

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Season 1: Day 34 (Kapakahi)

Aloha and Good Afternoon, My Fellow Co-Creators:

Sherry's Word for Today is "kapakahi" (pronounced KAH-pah-KAH-heee). It's a Hawaiian word, meaning "one-sided, crooked, lopsided, sideways" (Pukui & Elbert, kapa-kahi, "side-one") I am feeling very kapakahi today, and I don't know why. I want to eat something, but I don't know what. I want to take a nap, but when I lay down I can't sleep. I have so much on my mind, but I can't settle on a thought long enough to…


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Aloha and Good Afternoon (12:50pm, Hawaiian Time).

'Could'a, should'a, would'a (could've, should've, would've)...words that I will banish from my speech unless absolutely necessary. Why? Because those words represent regrets for things that I COULD'VE, SHOULD'VE, WOULD'VE done to make things better in my life, be a good friend for others, accomplish my life's goals...or many other things that I have regret for. "I could've nailed that job...if I had only been diligent!" "I should've…


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Season 1: Day 32 (It's Aloha Friday; No [Fulltime] Work Til' I Get Hired <3)

Aloha, My Dear Fellow Creators!

I am sitting here at the computer, just having finished eating a nice bowl of Apple Jacks with skimmed milk. A couple of months ago, I would have eschewed eating this stuff for something more healthier, preferably vegetarian. However, funds are tight and so we eat what is available and be very grateful for what we have. I do miss having fresh veggies in the house, but here in Hawaii it is so expensive. Someday, I will get back to my vegetarian diet.…


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Session 1: Day 31 (Sharing Time!)

On Facebook, I get news feeds from Rhonda Byrne (The Secret). Today, I got one that made me do some thinking:

Do you know that as you try and work out "how" your desire will come about, you are actually pushing your desire away from you? As you try and work out "how" you can make your desire happen, you are sending a message to the…

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Season 1: Day 30 (Almost 1/3 Of The Way Through 1st Season!!!)

Aloha everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying manifesting some groovy stuff in your life. Please know that even though we sometimes go through challenges, these times are OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH. Sure, I don't like it...I am human, after all, and don't like having to go through "the bad times". But sometimes, I have to take a step back out of it and say to myself "Okay, what am I supposed to learn from this?" If I'm lucky, I can figure it out, make some course changes and then take what I…


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Season 1: Day 29 (Manifesting Only ONE Thing Today)

Aloha! I think that today is a good day to practice Manifestation 101. I will manifest one, and only ONE, thing today. Since I don't expect to be near any pigeons today, I will manifest a pigeon feather dropping down on me. Anytime today would be all right. I'm not going to stress on it, but I have a vision of it being grey with black spots :)


I also release all the stress and fears I am feeling right now to the universe, so that I can have an exciting, productive, POSITIVE…


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Season 1: Day 28 (Tough Day...)

I had a very hard day:


1-No job prospects;

2-Bills are way overdue;

3-I don't know how I'm going to take care of my financial responsibilities;

4-My BF did fracture his finger and he will be out of work for a couple of days...but at least he has some pain killers (good for him; better for me because he's easier to manager :)

5-I had an incident with some stranger at the Walmart parking lot...I was moments away from losing my temper and wanting to…


Added by Sherry-Ann "Sherry" Stowell on November 15, 2011 at 4:27am — 6 Comments

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