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Day 14 - Sunday...back to work :(

I can't believe its only been 2 weeks!!

in 2 weeks i have payed off my cruise, been lazy on holidays now i have to worry about moving house!

so far i am achieving the things i thought would never happen, however that is how things work!

today i slept, went to my sisters and saw my niece, ate mcdonalds :P drove around and now back here.

tonight i shall be a couch potato watching the big debate between our prime minister and her challenger for the upcoming… Continue

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Day 13 - AGB

We all have them, after a night out of drinking, you get this.

Well what can i say, last night at was the most humilating game i have ever played, a final score of

3 - 20

We played the top team however usually we can put up a fight and keep the scoreline respectable but this time they let rip in the first 2 quarters and by then we just went "guys, dont even try just have fun and enjoy yourselves"

We ended up having a great game and left with… Continue

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Day 12 - TFGIF


Long week over and now glad to sit back relax have some drinks.

Today was again not that eventful, just doing the same old job and waiting for it all to end so i could go home and relax.

still waiting on tax, tonight soccer and the going out with friends for some quality dancing time!!

shall talk about tonight and soccer in tomorrows blog!!

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Day 11

Well today was very eventful, was doing good on my job until people decide to act immature, yeah you can laugh a few times but after a few more times and people going over the things have to get serious and the job must get done, now due to distracting me, ended up getting the count wrong but oh well it was all good and can easily be fixed up.

still waiting on tax, really want to pay this cruise off now, then will have some left over money!

also have decided to make… Continue

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Day 10 - skipped hump day

Well i skipped hump day with this site, my bad, was so tired and had food on my mind but shall be alright.

yesterday was a good day, nothing to exciting happened, still waiting on that fantastic tax to come back and simply worked out my finances.

pretty much it!!

more on day 11

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Day 9 - tired

Almost hump day!!

once that is out of the way it is the weekend once again for all of us to celebrate!

Today was a boring day, just work and sleep, had pizza for dinner.

The agonizing wait for my tax to come back!!

also would like to mention, in the coming weeks a huge night for me and my friends will be the 2010 Federal Election!, yes you guys in USA have until 2012 to make a vote for your next president or to keep Obama, but for us we are voting to either… Continue

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Day 8 - wooooo

Alright well day started off well, had an easy day at work and will have an easy week!

Do i really even work?

But, soon lets hope after my cruise and wish before hand i can get a transfer to a different place keeping my full time status but working somewhere else other than a factory!!

But will get onto that on another day!

Now after work i decided it would be good to sit down on my couches which are more comfortable than my own up at 6:40pm....5… Continue

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Day 6 and 7....well what a weekend!

Well, i apologise that i missed yesterday but it was a very busy day that after shopping for gifts and outfit it was time to get ready and leave!!

So this will be a 2 day in 1 blog.

So, saturday was a very busy day and for the first time in my life i spent nearly 4 hours at the shopping center looking for clothes and gifts etc.....a horrible thing but was time consuming and hard to find gifts to certain people!!

in the end i managed to get everything but let me tell… Continue

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Day 5 - FFS!!

Am getting sick of this, lately my indoor soccer team has had no players and i have been having to pay for the missing people as it is quite rude to ask the others to fork out 20-25 after a usual 10-15 dollar week!

some i cant get hold of, others tell me half an hour before hand!

again tonight will be the same, i will be short players and most likely lose again! but keeping things positive let's hope it turns out well!

on another note, work was terrible, easy but just… Continue

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Day 4 - almost there...

Hello all, well what can i say, today was one of those days where you just couldn't care and everything you had done was just turned into some joke

all day at work, thats all that went on, no one cared, and quite frankly i couldnt care less.

however, come the day i get my tax back, my cruise will have been paid off, and all i have to worry about now is getting money saved

I am getting even more excited now that i wont have the stress of paying it off and can get ready… Continue

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Day 3 - TAX TIME!

Welcome to day 3, where my body clock is back to normal, and life is slightly getting more boring.

well, i got my group certificate today just to inform me of how much i earned, and apparently a lot more than i though, and this means i must now pay back that horrible debt from uni, only a certain %% though.

however i can't do my return yet as i now have to wait for my shares company to send me a form to now what i need to… Continue

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Day 2 - tired much?

Day 2 began today with myself starting work at 4am, then being shuffled around the factory as usual into different jobs in the space of 20 minutes.

eventually i got put on a job i have never done throughout the time being there, i was shoved on it with no other option....but in the end little did i realise how easy the job was!

simple...just keep the factory area clean. a negative on that part however was the constant lifting which in end gave me a sore back and that much… Continue

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Day 1 - It begins

Well, this is going to be a challenge for sure!

A little bit about myself

21 year old openly gay male, full time labourer, and football (soccer) fanatic!

Basically my life is like anyone elses, work Monday - Friday, pay bills enjoy social life.

I saw this challenge and thought, this is a great chance for me to document my life and see the changes that occur within 100 days.

over the next 100 days and each blog/video i…

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