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DAY 11

Well yesterday I had such amazing intentions, was feeling wonderful and was emotionally hit by a 10 ton catapulted me straight into my past and I was faced with a day of feeling panicked, vunerable, low and sick. The emotions were so strong and came from nowhere, I really struggled to lift them.


It was unpleasant and terribly draining...I really tried to focus on positive thoughts but it did not win in the end.; I had an early night to sleep it…


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Today is about fun and spoiling myself...really loving myself for who I am and treating myself to some love, kindness and laughter, appreciation and maybe a present to say well done for being you and for all you have achieved...for turning your life from darkness into light, sadness into joy, anger into love and SMILING from within and without....ALWAYS!


This is huge and I am going to really GO FOR IT TODAY and be proud and really appreciate the life I have created because I…


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Wow! What a day already...just peaceful and sunny...outside. A few weeks ago this would have been challenging to try and concentrate on filtering the thought process I would have daily and turn around a negative thought and today it is beautiful that they are just flowing through me, with ease and I love it...and embrace them... I feel safe and loved and very peaceful...and accepting!


I am so happy how beautiful this is feeling and the fact that this is far more powerful and…


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Today is all about gratitude for me! Its day 7 and I am loving this whole week and am SO grateful for my life and CCOR for giving me this opportunity to focus on it and nurture every little piece of it. :)


Being grateful is such a beautiful feeling and I find the more grateful you are the more grateful you are and it becomes endless! I just adore this feeling and focusing on what I am grateful for, as life is so busy, we sometimes focus on the…


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DAY 8 - WHAT IF? .

Morning :)


Today I am going to play the "What if?" game in an amazing way...especially what if all my dreams and desires came true...and what that would bring into my life....the feelings, the new opportunities?


It is day…


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Morning Everyone!


What a beautiful sunny day!


Today is about clearing emotionally and physically....shedding any feelings that are negative and anything physical that I do…


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Day 5 Season 1 Feeling Alive

Wishing everyone a magical day xx I have really enjoyed my day five as I am feeling very free and open to everything that comes up! Today I went to the beach with my children and as moving to the ocean is one of my intentions being there fills me with joy and confirmation that my desire is getting closer each wonderful day that comes.  This is a beautiful experience being on the journey as I feel that I am… Continue

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Day 4 Season 1 MY INNER CHILD

A great big gorgeous hello to everyone I am feeling so happy and delighted to be on this journey. I am calling this a journey now not a challenge as that is how it feels to me...I am so thrilled to all the creators at CCOR for this experience and allowing me to discover and enjoy myself, my life and see each step, rather than keep looking to the end of the destination, which I feel I have done this is…


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Hi everyone this is day 3 for me and I am excited about CCOR and the wonderful members I have connected with.  Thank you for stopping by my page and for the beautiful messages I have received already!  I feel very positive and inspired today particularly as I watched Stacy Curries interview with Megan...I loved her and how much I connected with her story as I have experienced some of her experiences and to see how…


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