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Day 13 - Season 5 - Saw Abraham Hicks Live in Sydney - Into the Vortex

Hi all,

Today was absolutely amazing. If you have ever seen Jerry and Esther Hick call Abraham live , you know what I am talking about . It is worth every cent and I learnt so much.

I have alot of things going on in my life and I am choosing to get back into the vortex and heal myself. I will stop worrying about disease as I know what that creates. I will choose a better feeling and choose healthy.

I wil detox my body fully in the new year and stay committed to… Continue

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Day 8 Season 5 - All the friends in my life are positive and full of love

I reject gossipy, bitchy women and have an abundance of positive and strong women all around me.

All I see is happy times with loving friends that want the best for me.

I move away from anyone who is jealous, belittles my dreams or has negative aura.

I am a magnet to positivity and make many new friends in abundance.

I let go of the people from my past who have shown up to teach me lessons of how much I have grown and

how proud I should be of… Continue

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Read about Audrey - A mother of 3 with terminal brain cancer and the most positive strong woman I have met.'s_Story/

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Universe Provides a coach with a discount - Day 72 - 28 to go

How funny....I have set myself a 30day challenge to make money and that is nearly exactly the same time I have left in this 100 day challenge!

I am so lucky ....

I set the intention to manifest a Success/Life coach, but of course I was blown away at first by how much they can be. Well, I found one that is studying and wants to work with me for free! He is great.....and very helpful.

As I was feeling so great about this new coach, I found one that is in the same… Continue

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Season 3 - Day 18 - The job situation is getting interesting........THANKYOU UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!

Ha.... I am going to do a video on this tomorrow, but seriously, the universe is sending me all sorts of opportunities and I can't believe it! I am so grateful.......Today in my email box an opportunity arrived from a friend of a friend and it is in the same building I work in...I will explain more tomorrow.

The best thing I am grateful for is that I declared to the universe that I needed $1650 for coaching! I actually said it on my video....well, the next day $2400 arrived in my… Continue

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Prayer for Lost Things!!!!! It really really works

Whenever I lose something...I say,"Spirit of my Higher Self,I have lost my (whatever)..Please lead me to it now.I ordain this under grace,not under Karmic law...It is ordained..Thank you.".

This works,so long as you believe,and feel thankful.

Sometimes the lost article shows up almost instantly,even before I've finished saying the request.

This works..Try it....Oh,certain things,such as crystals can take a little longer to come back,but they do eventually.

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Can you manifest people from your past back into your life?

I was thinking today about someone I knew a long time ago and was wondering, can you

manifest them to change the way they fell about you or certain events?

Can you manifest someone else feeling positive? and can you heal the past with the LOA?

I am going to give it a try....

I am going to consistently think in a positive way about 2 different people that have been in my life

a long time ago and who we had a negative falling out.....

I want… Continue

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Day 76 - Saw Abraham Hicks Live on stage!!!!! Wow, what an opportunity....

After spending from 10am to 5pm with Abraham Hicks (and of course Jerry and Esther) I am blown away by how exciting creating your own reality is.....I was so positive after coming home and I made peace with "croaking" which I had been previously frightened of. I had some beautiful synchronicity's happen where I met a woman who told me I reminded her of someone.....When she figured out who it was I reminded her very much of, she told me and it happened to be someone I am hoping to do similar… Continue

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Think Positive....My friend found out she has breast cancer and is only 35 years old.

I am keeping my thoughts high and bright for her and imagining being at her daughters wedding one day.

She found out last week when she found two lumps near her nipple....she had a biopsy done under general anaesthetic and she has been told the diagnosis is not good and she has to have her breast removed immediately.................I am soooooo incredibly grateful I am healthy and will manifest more good health by eating well and exercising. I will stay positive and enjoy everyday with my… Continue

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Day 63 - I am starting to slow down on my manifesting and I don't know why.....

I didn't win a house at Avalon, or win a car or a holiday in the competition I entered......but by entering, I donating quite a bit of money to a childrens charity, so I feel good about that.

I have been getting wonderful signs still - yesterday I saw a number plate called "Fairy 7"...that was very cute and made me smile.

I do feel like I have slowed down and not in I will have to do more meditating and going to the gym I think. My mindset has… Continue

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Day 62 - I have plenty of time to get everything done that I need.

I declare my intention that I am able to spend time working on my business this week effortlessly..........Wednesday is the day for me to get alot done and make headway.

I am living abundantly, and the universe provides me exactly what I need and want.

Love to you all,

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Day 57 - Gratitude, Affirmations and the rest..

I just loved this layout, so I had to do the same with my own Gratitudes etc.

Thanks Kristy


1. I am grateful for my work that has enabled me cashflow to pay bills for services I have enjoyed.

2. I am grateful for my partner being so understanding and coming on this spiritual journey with me

3. I am grateful for an Inspired Adventure

4. I am grateful for two beautiful daughters that love me and have taught me patience

5. I am grateful for… Continue

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Day 54 - Showing up - Universe rewards me

Today is freezing cold and unexpectedly so, because it is Spring. I wanted to lie in bed and just stay there all day.....but alas, I knew I should get up and go to the gym as I have limited time to go during the week...........I have to say I am so happy that I did.

I have referred to exercising as like meditation for me. Just as I pulled up to the gym on the radio the host said "Slow down, it is Sunday" and then my favourite song came on....Lost ..Michael Buble. I was running late,… Continue

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Day 51 - Past Half Way and Going Strong...Living everyday happily, Facing challenges with a positive outlook.

Co Creators, I am heartfelt when I say I am so happy that I found you all.......

I am so excited to move into the next half of my 100 day challenge and complete the list of intentions I have.

Today I jiggled my bank accounts and closed some dead accounts.....I opened a new account and soon money will be flowing in because I am a magnet and the universe is providing me abundance so I can work on creative endevaours to help others with ease. I feel debt free...Feels… Continue

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Day 46 - Manifesting Tickets to Abraham Hicks Sydney Dec 14th

I want to manifest for my higher good going to the Abraham Hicks conference here in Sydney on 14th December.....I know it will help me and I will be able to speak about it to help others.... aligning with my higher purpose.
Lucky me when I get to see Jerry and Esther live in my hometown!

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Day 42 Wow - Today was one of those days where nothing goes right - am I not in the flow or what?

So many things went wrong, that I was striving for the positive today. Truly.... I am still manifesting positive though and realise that it is just one day. I think tiredness could be the cause.

I don't even want to write too much about it..

I guess the positive is that I made it through all the twists and turns of the day and I won't have another day like that for a while.

I did get a new flip video camera! So maybe I can try it tomorrow… Continue

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Day 32 - I am the Remover Of Obstacles

The power and energy I feel just grows and grows.

When I feel anxiety creeping into my energy I meditate, breathe and it goes.

The mind can play tricks, and I remove negative thoughts instantly as just like the LOA says, it will only manifest more

of the same. I am keeping my panic in its place.

By relaxing and believing I have all the time in the world and I can do things effortlessly, I actually get more done.

Have you ever noticed… Continue

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Day 28 Season 1 - Gratitude and reaching milestones.....

I am so happy that I am working away easily and moving toward my goal of being debt free!!! I feel debt free already and the weight is no longer on my shoulders. I feel creatively inspired, energetic and most importantly I am in a state of drawing everything I need to me.

I am reaching a milestone this week and that is my precious Avalon is turning 2 years old. What a journey I have had with her already since she has been conceived.She is a very, very special Indigo child and I will… Continue

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Day 26, Season 1........Let the good times roll!!! Choose Happiness.

Hello beautiful co-creators..... I have had a wonderful weekend. It's not like negative thoughts don't enter my head, but I just seem to let them come and go quickly. I haven't had enough time to do true meditation, but I have been to the gym and feel great......Ready for a work day tomorrow.

The universe is really working in amazing ways. I ran into a girlfriend that I haven't seen for a very long time.....which was beautifully synchronistic.....

I am trying to find the time to work… Continue

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Season 1: Day 16 - Relationships and soul connection friends......

Today's theme for me has been my relationship.......For the past few weeks, I have had a skin infection where I wear my wedding bands and haven't been able to wear my rings. Also, every time I change or add something to my profile on CCOR, the relationship status defaults back to single. It is the weirdest thing. My partner keeps looking at it and saying "so, you're single again are you? " and I truly never meant to change it!!!! But I guess relationship has been on my mind for a while. We are… Continue

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