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Day 47: Keeping up, facing some fears...

This past week has been really awesome. 

On the one hand, I had the opportunity of speaking my heart at the right place, at the right time, and that left me light, no inner dialogue whatsoever afterwards. 

On the other hand, new and well-paid work kept coming, and getting used to the feeling of "having". At some moments, though, I fear that it might stop, that if I share the good news the flow will stop and I will end up were I was before. These fears are not…


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Day 39: Simply loving myself

This past week has been truly interesting. On the one hand, I was able to keep a very high vibration, being joyful and excited, just being myself. There were also a couple of times in which I was very aware how being myself was making others uncomfortable. I was confident enough to not let that stop me, becoming aware also that certain situations might change suddenly if I keep shining my light and others are uncomfortable because I do not surrender to their illusory…


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Day 34: Keeping up with enthusiasm!

What a great Monday!

Got up filled with energy. Worked on an interview transcription that is *awesome* for two hours.

Then, within the same hour, the two people who have invited me to do activities in their centers asked me to print flyers to post on their billboards. What a great way to be guided onto what was required! Did that in the afternoon, and they are ready to be posted tomorrow.

Later on, I sat down to prepare the first radio show of the second season, which…


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Day 30: 4-day Reiki over

Today was my 4th Reiki session in a row. A lot has moved and it's showing up in a very heavy cough.

The estimate I sent with MY FEE to translate a website on Astrology hsa been approved...! Yeah...!

I'm launching my Consciousness /Runes activities next week, radio show season 2 included...!

I'm keeping up with watching Ellen monologues on YouTube to get a chance to laugh daily and lighten up all my spiritual work and the way I speak.

I feel…


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Day 28: Juggling all the moves Life is bringing to the dance floor!!

I have been so busy in the last three days that I haven't had the time to report everything that's been going on. Let me try to recap:

1) I took Rikka's activation on Sunday and although it was very good, it reminded me why I've chosen not to follow any program in 2014: because I get confused with other people's path and I lose my center trying to practice tools that are not completely aligned with me. 

2) On Monday (=yesterday), I started an exchange of 4…


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Day 25: Something feels different...

There's definitely a transformation taking place. I feel more loving and joyful and loved. Lots of ideas pouring in, lots of opportunities to love myself and others more, and a very deep faith and surrender into the unknown.

I've just watched a free livestream by Rikka Zimmerman and felt moved to sign up for her 3-hour activation tomorrow. I had just the right amount of money on my Paypal account, and I have the time. This feels like a step up, especially in the area of body…


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Day 22: New possibilities

This morning I went to visit Julieta, who was my Pilates instructor all through my pregnancy and separation (my husband left me when I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter) almost 8 years ago. Today she has her own studio and has gone through a deep transformation and awakening as well. We talked for over two hours and have chosen to collaborate together this year, starting next week, in which she'll do some reiki sessions to clean up my energy in exchange for a rune reading. IT's really…


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Noticing the Angelic support

This morning when I woke up, I thought it was going to be just another Sunday in which I just wished it was Monday to feel "productive", whatever that means to me now.

However, before getting up I said: "I call all the Angelic beings who can assist me and support me in becoming magnetic to new possibilities, opportunities and abundance through expanding consciousness and self-love to activate whatever needs to be activated now. May everything flow to me with grace and ease.…


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Day 17: Getting to know the real me

Still in my childhood town, last night a group of my cousin's friends came to an impromptu party by the pool. I was surprised at myself for being comfortable speaking about consciousness and suggesting tools to create heaven on earth to people who were foreign to these concepts. I was at risk of being seen as "crazy", "naive" and "innocent dreamer", and I DID NOT CARE!!! At a place where I used to feel as the odd one, the invisible one, the one that nobody notices if she leaves (all from my…


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Day 16: Back in my hometown after 20 years...

I've come to Concordia, the town where I grew up until I turned 14, after more than 20 years. I'm visiting a cousin and her children, with my daughter.

Somehow, being here is allowing me to see the young girl I was from a totally new perspective. It was here that I felt self-conscious of my body for the first time, it was here that I felt innadequate for the first time, it was here that I felt afraid of socializing for the first time. So, it feels that it is here and now that I can…


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Day 12: Big revelations arising on an aparent quiet day

Today was filled with revelations:

1) I am moving forward with my expansion while navigating the fears it brings up. Unknown and new situations, taking a trip with no plans, allowing for life to surprise me with opportunities and possibilities and allowing all the energies to express and run through my body.

2) I listened to two free calls: one from Panache Desai and one with Rikka Zimmerman. The expansion and connection was great as usual, with the added bonus that they said a…


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Day 9: Family challenges

Today it's been kind of a challenge so far. I was very excited because I reposted something a wrote almost two years ago, and it went from 18 to 117 views in 12 hours. When you are seeking to "draw to yourself beings who seek enlightenment through my process", that's excellent news, right?

However, I shared them at home, and I got frowned upon because that does not translate into $$. I find it very difficult to sustain my view that everything is in divine order and that this step is…


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Dancing with what life presents...

Today I had my day all figured out: I was going to visit my yoga instructor and record a couple of meditations at her place. It turned out that the sound was not very good and I really did not feel like guiding a meditation. Instead, I had the opportunity of saying "no" to a couple of people and saying "yes" to myself instead. I watched a couple of guilty thoughts go by and I simply waved ;)

Then we sat down to watch "Saving Mr. Banks". What a treat...!

I'm really tired, but…


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Day 6: Getting into action

Last night I woke up at 3:30 and could not go back to sleep. I felt I was downloading a lot of info. Among the information I received, I got the idea of designing a Rune casting to discover what the "gift" of any situation is, especially, when the actual gift comes disguised as something less than pleasant. It also became very clear to me that the first person to test this casting was myself: I should go on and discover what the gift of having so little and slow flow of income for so…


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Acknowledging some resistance to what is...

Today I became aware of lots of discomfort with how things are. I chose to love myself to whatever arose.

At around noon, I was pondering on yesterday's video and how I told the energy of money that it didn't need to go through so much trouble cleaning itself before getting to me. Somehow today I started thinking: "What if the fact that the energy of money goes through all that trouble is because is still right at this point? What if I'm not ready to clean that energy myself? what if…


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Getting it together

I'm on day 2 of this challenge.

On day one, I was able to outline my goals for the year 2014, starting with the first 100 days. At the same time, I was in two minds as to whether be very specific about goals, because "dancing with whatever life presents to me at every moment" -though scary- seems like the perfect challenge for me.

For the month of January, I drew out the runes. Here's what came up. Really amazing for a first day challenge/first day/month of the…


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