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Season 1-Day 18-Tons of cash! So today is a cozy home day!

Hello universe,

Thanks for the wonderful things that have been spinning my way. Tons of cash and job offers. So amazing! One of my goals on my vision board is related to getting out of debt and saving $333 (lucky number) dollars a month. Somehow it has just been SO easy! It seems that everytime I go to the mail I am getting a past pay check, a current pay check, a birthday money gift or a job offer. Also I have a current "no spending on credit" policy, and the cash I have has been going… Continue

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Season 1-Day 16-Random Acts of Kindness

Dear universe,

One of my favorite goals I have right now is to complete one random act of kindness a day. How fun it has been since the challenge started to wake up and think "what can I do to brighten another person's day"? What a great way to start the day! It is amazing how quickly that focus of "How can I help others" change my attitude from grumpy, to grateful and fun!

One of the days I chose not to argue and yell at my husband. One day I picked up all the litter at the… Continue

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Season 1-Day 15-Setting amazing, outstanding, busting up the box goals!

Dear Universe,

Last night I read two amazing books: "The Portable Personal Trainer"-By Eric Harr and "The Complete Book of Triathlons"-By Sally Edwards. I have decided to complete an "Ironman" in the next 4 years. I am so excited to take my level of triathlon training to another level.

Overall, my 100 day challenge is going SO WELL!!! I am meeting my goals:

(1) Exercise Daily

(2) Be king to life (vegan & kind to others)

(3) Commit random acts of… Continue

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Season 1-Day 14-AMAZING RESULTS!

Dear Universe,
I am having amazing transformations. I am accomplishing my goals and have another possible job offer in my midst. My vision board is really, really working! Additionally, my husband out of the blue told me he signed us up for a 5K this weekend (other one of my vision board goals!).


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Season 1-Day 9-Homecoming

Thanks again Universe,
I am so jazzed, invigorated, and rejuvenated after spending a long weekend with my 80 year old grandma. I am so grateful for her. This challenge is changing my life. I am so much more positive, happy, and focused! THANKS co-creators! THANKS LILOU!

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Season 1-Day 8-Enjoying family

Hi Universe,
Today I am grateful for everything that you have sent my way. Sometimes I refer to these days that I am living in now as "The Golden Age". My parents, grandparents and children are alive. This is a wonderful time to be able to enjoy life through the eyes of my baby son all the way through the eyes of my 80+ year old grandmother.

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Season 1-Day 6-Caught a cold

Dear Universe,
I caught a cold. Will write more tomorrow.

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Season 1-Day 5-WHOA THIS WORKS!

Universe, you rock!

I found out yesterday that (1) I got the barista job (same day I interviewed!), and (2) lost 10 pounds! I am on a roll. I am finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Wahoo.

Where I am at with my daily goals:

1) Exercising daily-met went on a killer climb to the water

2) Being kind to life (vegan and kind to others)

3) Completing a random act of kindness--not yet (I want to do something for my mom)

4) Blogging my experience here :)

5)… Continue

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Season 1-Day 4-Taking action and Taking 100% responsibility

Oh glorious day universe,

Today I took matters into my own hands to help reach my goal of $333 extra dollars a month. I applied for a part-time barista job! The interview went SO well. Tomorrow I get my food handler's license. I also posted a kind comment on a co-creators blog for my random act of kindness. As for exercise, I will swim or run tonight. On the goal of being kind and eating healthy--that is accomplished too!

Things are manifesting...I can feel… Continue

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Season 1-Day 3- Managing stress with exercise

HELLO Universe,

Thanks for the wonderful tools you have given me to mange stress. I am now making it a routine to get out and get going when life throws me stress balls! This week I went for a run, swam, and today biked. Life is good. Tonight I will post my vision board goals. My vision board is getting more and more full! JUST LIKE MY LIFE!

I am so happy and feel so lucky.

(1) I am at a healthy weight of 120 lbs.

(2) I run 5Ks and 10Ks with my family… Continue

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Season 1- Day 2- Vision Board

Dear universe,

Today I will create my vision board. I am so excited. I have one that his 1/2 done, and I can't wait to add. Today my goal is to let go of my previous job in my mind. It was a stressful job in that I took care of 70 students and supervised 20 adults. I was able to solve many problems, I learned a lot, and I really helped make lives better. Now I am focused on loving my family and trying new fun things. I release the old stress, and I am making room for love, intention,… Continue

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Season 1-Day 1-Embracing Change

Dear universe,

Today is the day I am focusing on what is good. Tonight I will add 5 things that happened today for which I am grateful. My goals are: (1) Exercising daily, (2) Being kind to life (vegan and kind to others), (3) Completing a random act of kindness, (4) Blogging my experience here, and (5) feeling happy, and living with a strong sense of purpose. As I embark on this journey I already feel that my achiement of my goals is now reality and that with a stronger, healther body and… Continue

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Season 1: Starting Tomorrow.

Dear universe,
I am starting my 100 day challenge tomorrow. My goals are simple and revolve around being good to myself (daily exercise), being good to life (vegan and kind to others), being good to others (random acts of kindness), and accountablity (daily blogging my experince) of how the principals will help set the compassion in motion.

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