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S1 d8

Day 8 today. I havent been here for some days now.- Thing are okey I guess. Was at a party last night, had A LOT OF FUN!!! I have not been so good with my blogging, but the other stuff is going good. At least I try my best.... Sometimes there is harder to think positive then others, but its still just day 8 so I guess I have to keep up the good job!!!

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Day 3

I still feel like this is a bit strange to do. I have to pay attention to my thougts and watch them. Easter is comming up and I have a the next week free. I will try to use the week to get all this new things integrated in my system. The blogging is my biggest challenge. But on the other side, 100 days with blogging in another language shudd make me realy good at it;-)

Since I have to moove out of my appertment within 3 months, I found out yesterday that it would be a greate ide to start… Continue

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DAY 2 - to all of you in the USA....

I am sitting here in Oslo, Norway with my computer in front of me, and my dictionary beside me. Its not that I dont know how to speek or write English, but I need to practise.

Yesterday when I signed up for this program, I desided that I realy want to put the low of attraction to the test. Not only the low, but myself to. Myself and my thougths.... I AM THE MASTER OF MY THOUGTHS....Is;nt that nice to know.....

Before I saw the Secret, I dident take much responsebilety for my life, or… Continue

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