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We Did It! We're Foster Parents Now

Hey everyone, we did it!!!  Me and my partner are foster parents to a delightful, mischevious, clever, funny and beautiful little 10 year old girl.  Needless to say, since she movedin with us in June, I haven't had much time to blog...


It's been a helluva journey.  In May she (I'll call her T for confidentiality)was coming for visits 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks until her moving day.  She's lived with other families who couldn't manage her, so the social workers wanted to…


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Foster caring saga- disappointment and hope

Today is day 78.

At the start of this season we had been told by social workers that we were certain to be placed with two children- brother and sister, who needed a family. They were with an older (60ish) foster carer and their social worker hinted that he didn't feel this carer was meeting the kids' needs. By the time the youngest was a teenager the carer would be in her 70s. So I was thinking this was almost certainly going to happen.

Well I was wrong- in the end the panel decided… Continue

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Day 100 A New Sense of Freedom

Hi Everyone!!!!

Yesterday was my day 100 and I'm so happy to post - I did it! I found a wonderful new direction in my life, I'm moving there full steam ahead, and the ironic thing is, it was staring me in the face the entire time. I asked the Universe 'What was I born to do?' and for a new job or project that would make my soul sing and provide me with a good income. I'm going to become a full-time foster carer! We just had our panel interview on Day 98, and were approved with…


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Day 28 What I've done so far and a message from a Scottish psychic

I started my Season 3 28 days ago - here is what I've been up to:

I'm really into Flower Essences, and Crystal Healing. I think there is so much potential in vibrational healing and I'm very exited about what I am learning. Over three years ago I was at a 'Psychic Evening' at my local pub and the speaker/ psychic turned to me and told me that I've come here with a very spiritually-oriented purpose to acheive and my guides want to just shake me sometimes because I was resisting…


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Day 100 and bringing love into the world

OK so my Day 100 was Feb 19th!

I haven't had much time to blog but that's a positive thing. I want to try and summarize what wonderful blessings and insights Season 1 has brought to me.

When I first began my main focus day to day was money. I wanted to bring more in to my life so that I didn't have the 'week before payday' blues, so that basically I didn't have to worry about spending.

Instead I learned about love and friendship. I think that is…


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Money and Self-Acceptance

Its Day 62 - I'm moving into the second half! Its gone by so quickly and yet, I'm experiencing every day more intensely.My 100 days are not going exactly as I envisaged, but thank you Universe for that! Its going even better, in ways that I couldn't imagine.

When I started this challenge, money flow was a big problem for me. It was my main focus, because it was causing me a little crisis every month. I thought that having more would solve my problems. Lots more money has not yet… Continue

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Meditation for the Lazy - Day 50

Im loving this new way to meditate! I feel tingling with positive energy afterwards - I just had to share it with you all!

Its from Barbel Mohr's Cosmic Ordering:The Next Adventure She calls it Medi-playing or Meditation for the Lazy. What follows is what I've paraphrased from the book-

The rules are - You can sit, breathe, or fidget however you like. Do cut out outside stimuli, like soft music, pets, people. Don't try to push out any thoughts. Instead, invite in thoughts… Continue

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Gratitudes and goals

Today is a wonderful day!

I'm delighted with how the world looks when covered in white snow, with a pretty blue sky and moon visible.

I'm pleased to welcome our new rescue cat into our home - I was going to call him Merlin as he did a disappearing act within hours of getting him home. But he's too laid back to be a Merlin. I think his name is Leon.

And of course I'm thankful for my other cat, Marcel. In case he is feeling jealous. He's a very precious little soul.

I am… Continue

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Cravings and Vibrations - Day 40 already!!

I've been reading 'Money and the Law of Attraction' - one of the Abraham-Hicks books, and I had to share this insight because it was sooo relevant to me.

Sometimes when we are in the grip of attracting lack, we experience cravings to have almost everything we see. We feel anguish when we tell ourselves that we can't have it, either that or we give in and purchase things when we don't have the money to do so. We're trying to fill a void, but the new acquisition does not really… Continue

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Paris Hilton, my unlikely new inspiration

I was flicking through the channels over Christmas and I came across 'Fearne Cotton meets Paris Hilton' and in it Ferne hangs around with Paris for a weekend or something to see what her life is like. My partner groaned when I stopped flicking to watch it just a little bit - I just caught the tail end where Paris was being paid to appear at a club. Later, in the limosine, Fearne must have commented on how people might be critical of the way Paris made so much money with seemingly little effort.… Continue

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Baby steps - manifesting better finances

Hey! Things are working!

When I first started out I said that one of the things I wanted to change was how money came into my life - previously I would start off feeling reasonably abundant when my monthly salary hit my bank account, then gradually watch it disappear bit by bit, like sand in an hourglass, and inevitably I would run out too soon and spend the last week with just a few pounds in the bank. Just before I started my 100 days, I made a point of cancelling my £100 overdraft… Continue

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Day 24 Season 1 Weekend at my Mom's, ups and downs

The weekend...

I had a great weekend spending time at my Mom's house - its amazing. My Mom is an alchemist. She has little money and her beliefs about wealth make my hairs stand on end (rich people are all crooks, she begrudges paying more than the lowest possible price for anything, she's always looking for ways to need/ use less) But in other ways her faith in the Universe to provide for her is boundless. She can't afford to buy new clothes, but she has somehow manifested the most… Continue

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How to find your Heart's Calling and My Intentions - Work!

I appreciate all the support from people after my last post! I think that work is such a big issue for so many of us, we are now being presented with wonderful new opportunities to scrap the old ideas we have from the previous centuries, and create ways to earn a living that are joyful, healthy and meaningful.

I remember hearing that, if you think you have lost sight of your heart's calling, cast your mind back to your dreams as a child. I think this may have come from the Celestine… Continue

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Being authentic at work

Its been interesting - creating my own reality doesn't necessarily mean that I know what's coming next!

I've been feeling very restless in my job in the past year. I often have a heavy feeling going to work each day. What I do - I manage a small staff team (10-12 people) who support two men with learning disabilities in their home. Managing staff has definitely been a journey for me which has been hellish at times but I'm thankful for learning necessary lessons. When I look back on… Continue

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Rainbows on the beach

Day 7!

I'm can feel my vibrations raising a little bit every day - it feel like life is magical and I have these tingles of joy. Today when my partner and I went for a walk on the beach, a rainbow appeared just as the sun was going down and the sky was so beautiful already with golden pink clouds. And then we saw another full rainbow arcing across the sky on our drive to the shops - it was just amazing. I always feel so moved by seeing natural beauty - why I love walking by the beach… Continue

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Day 5 The journey so far - and money

Hi everyone,

I've gotten so much from reading other people's blog posts that I've decided to share my journey.

I signed up to CCOR in August and then forgot about it for awhile - I had goals in mind and I was attempting to keep my vibrations 'up' but not consistently. Last Sunday I read Gill Edwards 'Life is A Gift' which asked 'Are you a lightbulb or a laser beam?' meaning are all your thoughts focused on the same goal like the light in a laser or are they scattered and… Continue

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