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Day 61 The Universal Mind

.Well....another title from the Master Key. Because yes.....I see quite a link between the Universal Mind....and me as an objective thought of the Universal Mind.…


Added by Paul Carpenter on February 15, 2010 at 12:30am — 3 Comments

Day 60 Thoughts become things

Okay. Here it is Day 60 and man am I just amazed at the power of the loa. Now....until today... I have been going through this exercise that looked a little like this - "I feel sad...what makes you feel 'un-sad'?....well thinking about a sunny summer day makes me feel 'un-sad'. Okay...hold onto that sunny summer day feeling and go through the day....turning each situation you find to be disharmonious into one that is harmonious. That is what I understood the law of attraction to be. Make myself… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on February 14, 2010 at 12:36am — 9 Comments

Day 58 Season 1 Deserving, Value, Self Worth, Self Love.

It's been quite a challenging day today. And I need to reach out to the community. I spent some time chatting with a pal about some dissatisfaction I'm experiencing. The interesting I am not really sure what a "life of deserving" looks like.…

Added by Paul Carpenter on February 11, 2010 at 9:30pm — 10 Comments

DAY 53 Movement through understandings of the universe and my relation to it.

Wow, through work in the Master Key system, there has been this incredible enlightening happening within me releasing my inner questions of the outer world.…


Added by Paul Carpenter on February 7, 2010 at 1:30pm — 7 Comments

DAY 34 Love coming out of the woodwork and Wild Energy Defined

Isn't that a cool graphic? There's love "coming out of the woodwork"! as the saying goes...hahahaha.

I checked into the energy I was tapping last night. It seems I have manifested some fairly large and significant changes! I embarked on this journey of self development, self discovery...and most importantly SELF DIFFERENTIATION...or Differentiation of Self. If you're new to the term...remember it for now.

So last night I… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on January 18, 2010 at 5:16pm — 1 Comment

DAY 33 Some wild energy flowing around this evening!

I had to document the energy I have been feeling this evening. I heve been spending quite a lot of time writing today. And had the wonderful oportunity to nap. It is something, the place is purged of stuff I just don't have any use for. It's as if I waved it away. Like a smattering of dust that has been whisked away in the sweep of a hand. Off it goes. And the energy is euphoric.

I don't know exactly how to describe this so I will do my best. I have been having extreme moments of… Continue

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DAY 27 Reflection, Self Satisfaction, Goal Clarity

This is the basic text of my vlog. This is a powerful moment for me, and I would like to record the text as well as the video.


As the 30 day mark comes closer, I have been feeling pleased with the progress here. The main reason is that it takes 30 days to change a habit. On reflection, I entered into the… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on January 11, 2010 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Day 16 - still in joyful disbelief!!!!!

I just purchased my 3 day race ticket to the 60th running of the Formula 1 race at Monza Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 2010!!!!!!!!! It is my ultimate Christmas gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who don't know - I am a huge Ferrari fan & Monza is their home track. F1 at Monza has been a dream for about 30 years - returning to Europe a dream for 20. I am finally realizing this - why? Because I deserve the abundance of the universe!!! I cannot think of a better way to kick off 2010 than… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 31, 2009 at 3:51am — 3 Comments

Day 14 - two weeks.

Pretty cool. I can definitely feel a shift in my energy. I most certainly feel whole, relaxed and excited.

Today, I went to the chiropractor. So necessary and so wonderful. Next chiropractor...a meeting with a great friend...and a massage! That's going to be a day of the self right around the bend. Back to today, a great first visit with the chiropractor. I went on the advice of my massage therapist. She began to feel that her work would be ineffective if the… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 29, 2009 at 1:26am — 2 Comments

Day 13 - clearing out some cobwebs

Some things have been rolling around in my head. One has been covered in a discussion with Steve M. I found myself like a needle stuck in the groove of a record when it came to the matter of "need through loss" for lack of a better descriptor. It reminded me of two very recent events. Firstly - around January of this year, I decided to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. I tried a more stylish version of the clip-ons...and considered the light shade changing lenses...but thought - "no - I… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 27, 2009 at 10:13pm — 2 Comments

Day 13 is beginning, catching up days 9-12

I have a short time this morning. With the holiday and a number of people being off, I've been pretty busy with work. So I'll try to be quick and succinct.

Day 9 started on an up note. I was very excited to begin a short work week, have a short day the following day on Christmas eve and just ready to slow down. One of the things I did was manifest "I will be home in time to watch La Boheme on PBS". So...I ran into a similar situation as Steve....where I got home at 6pm - 3 hours… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 27, 2009 at 9:25am — 1 Comment

Day 8 spreading some holiday cheer to kitties

A year and a half ago was the last time I saw my lovely cat 'King'. In honor of his memory...I donate food to a local no-kill shelter. I am pleased to be able to direct my blessings back into the world toward one of it's loving creatures. I have been so blessed this year & was able to donate 2 great big bags for Christmas! The blessings will continue & more will be donated...the memory of King will grow & enrich the lives of feline & human alike. Thank you my loving familiar for… Continue

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Day 7 Day off, catching up, relaxing, enjoying.

Day seven. One week! Took some time today to look through more of the site and review more of this wonderful gift collected from so many countries & so many individuals into this beautiful resource for living an abundant life...that is right here here literally at my fingertips! So many blogs, videos, interviews, unique individual interests...isn't the world miraculous? I mean we are all human...we all share that singular common thread of this challenge we are connecting with… Continue

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Day 6 Adversity, self talk & joy

Starting this blog post just under the midnight wire lol. Had some moments of adversity today. Drove 80 miles to deliver a load only to find missing documentation. The documentation was my responsibility. Bottom line, I ended up driving back 80 miles, then back again to deliver. The great thing about the trip was, I made a conscious decision not to let my error get to me. Certainly made changes to my procedure going forward. But,I am an adult and d not need strict disciplinary actions against… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 21, 2009 at 1:23am — 1 Comment

Day 5 (eventhough it's now day 6)

Such a great Day much so...that I was exhausted and went to bed last night before getting to this!!! The snowfall delayed me getting into work by about a half an hour. Which is pretty significant as I live roughly 10 minutes away. I knew it was going to be slow going. Got the truck going and headed out. Was even slower going in the truck - with no weight on the tires yet, there was no traction in the snow. So 30 - 35 mph on the interstates! 45 minutes later, I got to the yard to pick up… Continue

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Day 4 I gotta do these earlier...

A long day at work. But a good day. I did 6 loads...and for a few moments I thought "hmmmm, I wonder if I can do 8"....moments later, my computer beeped, and yes...there were 2 more loads. So pretty cool & feeling tuned in. If youre wondering, the coffee was extra-super-amazing. I forgot how great perked coffee really is. I am getting tired...need to get to bed very soon. But wanted to mention how interesting it is to simply measure time in this manner. Like this morning I thought about… Continue

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Day 3 Great Day, getting ready for bed

It's a little late. Time to get my things ready for work tomorrow and go to bed. It was a busy evening. Treated my friends to some dinner. Spent a bit of time with their kids before they went to bed. Finished my Christmas shopping, and even bought a little something for myself...a percolator! I love perked much more than drip coffee makers. Perked is like the coffee is actually brewed. I am extremely excited about my coffee for tomorrow! I broke the carafe to my drip maker...and… Continue

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Day 2 - reflection, catalyst, holiday love & joy, great time with friends.

What a great day! Scheduled three appointments, rescheduled one before I left for work this morning. Generally quiet day, took a nap while waiting to get unloaded (I drive a tractor trailer for a living). It did get me thinking about what to post this evening. I arrived upon the idea of stating a bit about my journey over the last four years. The last four years have been pivotal for me. They caused a tremendous shift in my perspective, shaking the foundations of nearly every aspect of my life.… Continue

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 17, 2009 at 1:00am — 3 Comments

Day 1 - Post 2

Wanted to add - for a long long time, my biggest drawback has been the thinking that - success and wealth and happiness are all things for "other people" that thinking still creeps in and holds me back. I really hope this process will assist in the replacement of those thought patterns, with constructive thoughts...opening the worlds of health, wealth and prosperity to me.

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 15, 2009 at 5:33pm — No Comments

First Post

Day one. Hi all. Happy to find the community! Looking forward to merging career and personal success through the joy of global travel. I feel open to possibilities that come into my life.

Added by Paul Carpenter on December 15, 2009 at 5:28pm — 2 Comments

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