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I feel more active. Actively choosing to create boxes for my being to play in and seeing the continuous Love the Universe has to offer me. Showing me the expansion of my natural beauty of living in the schooling of Earth. Expansion is all of our forte and I appreciate seeing the Love in all of it. From moments of rage and passionate anger to expression and intimacy pouring from my being all giving me the moments of clarity, Love and compassion I need to move passionately in my life as the…


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Being outide

makes me feel whole again and again and again.

Like the rain water washing over me is not only a cleanse but an embracement of life nurturing my soul as Desiree in flesh. I see myself anew in all moments re-meeting me only to find more of what I desire and have been desiring my whole life. I am thankful... my appreciation goes deep and as I tap into this knowledge of fields of feelings my embarking on my own solitude in my body is giving me clarity. I see clearer, I hear clearer, I feel…


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Positive focus!

I am so tired of thinking negatively. I am tired of it because there are only some times that is good to hate the part of me that does not will to be happy go lucky and just face the facts that it is more loving to be self hating sounding then it is to try and force myself to say something that feels like a lie. Life is so paradoxical and I will to move and put my energy towards all the positive ways of being I will my life to be! Put myself out there! Put myself in a better place that I…


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Choosing to be alive...again.

I chose to be alive again today. 4th time this year. It has been an invigorating internal adventure lately in my life. I self realize how much I don't or have not loved myself into how much I actually do will to and to use my pain as my motivation to become a better me. It really is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life. It is like no moment of molestation, moving from…


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