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Season 1 - Days 22 and 23 ++

Dear Universe my eyes are wide open, my heart and mind in the present and my soul is ready and eager to receive all the synchronicity's you have set for me to retain my clarity and remain on the right path.  Thank you for the guidance and abundance in light, love and everything I need to fulfill my goals and intentions in life.

Receiving a synchronicity is a most affirming and delightful feeling!  I have been flowing with them…


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Season 1 - Days 18 - 21 ++++

Hello Co-creators!

Oh my goddess, it has been an exciting, educating and positively productive time for me and I feel I have so much to share with all the beautiful understanding souls here!  

I have been able to stay clear, focused and forgiving.  My recent consciousness of being in the "now" reminds me to release, let things flow and stay productive.  The Universe continues to send me synchronicity and abundance in it's many forms and I feel so much gratitude for it.



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Season 1 - Days 12 - 17 ++++++

Hello co-creators!

It's been five days too long away from all the beautiful energy here.  I have to state that I have really enjoyed reading  and commenting on everybody's blogs so much, that I often run out of the time to post my own!  Although, I am keeping a daily written grateful/intention/manifest journal in my mini moleskin of my 100 day reality challenge, I really love the collective energy here that is so remarkably bright.  :)

Since my last blog, I have been…


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Season 1 - Days 8 -11


Thank you universe for the strength to forgive.

I am grateful for the beautiful Friday it is today.

I am grateful for the wonderful weekend full of clarity you are sending me.

Thank you universe for the abundance in money.

Thank you universe for the abundance in love.

Thank you universe for the abundance in light.

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Season 1 - Days 4 - 7 a little transparency to my challenges, intentions and goals...

Days four to seven in my 100 day challenge has been a good test of the new skills I have been practicing, which are all the different methods to, keep my clarity, retain the positive/eject the negative and remember to "clean as I go."  I believe this is the key to my success in this lifetime, for I have learned that I feel at my best when I have the ability to help others.  That I am unable to attract the abundance necessary to do so if my energies are drained, my esteem pummeled and my…


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Season 1 - Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was a good day.  Watched a couple vids about the Vortex and LOA and learned a couple new things to focus and not focus on.  The day was positive for the most part, ran into an energy vampire but was aware of having my positive energy drained and was able to shield myself and retain my clarity.  Meditated and wrote notes of gratitude and affirmations in my baby moleskin journal.  Cut out pictures to save for a vision board.  Thanked the universe for all that I…


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Season One - Day One

I am grateful to have found this 100 day Reality Challenge.

I have been working to clarify, cleanse and strengthen my spirit the past 2 years.  It has just been since the beginning of 2014 that I decided to learn and practice meditation and some beginner tai chi.  I have bouts of feng shui madness when I feel the need to vitalize the energy in the environment by switching things around and purging items I am done with.  I am and always have been a very spiritual and giving person.  I…


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