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S4 D67 - good day but made another realisation

Today was a fairly good day today but I made a new realisation.  When i get my lunch ready - don't munch on anything during prep or when i'm cleaning up.  just drink a glass of water.  

I've been really really tired today as my little one decided to wake up at 5am.  so, it's been pretty full on.  By the time i got to lunch, i was really really hungry.  we'd just come back home and I hadn't had my water properly.  instead of heading for the water while i prepare as i was feeling…


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S4 D66 - another great day :)

I am soo proud of myself.  i've had another great day!  

i've stuck to my eating plan (although i did eat more food during my lunch but at least it was during my meal (not an extra outside of the timeframe).  i was very proud.  of course i had temptations but it was smaller today and i stuck to what i needed to.  

i ended up doing my exercise which i'm very happy and very proud of myself.  i ended up getting my mum to come over and look after the little one, and i was able to…


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S4 D65 - very proud of myself today!

i stuck to my eating plan today and i'm so proud of myself.  i didn't yesterday and i made some realisations last night.

1 - it's about right now.  you can change right now so work on right now.  don't think about the future or the past.  it's just right now.

2 - as soon as i pull myself out of pigging out, then i can get right back into it.  all i have to do is just stop.  stop.  drink water.  realise that i'm now over the pigout and start from right now.  

3 - remember…


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S4 D63 - pretty good day

today has been a pretty good day.  i am finally over the sugar craving stage so i only need to watch water consumption and i'm all fine.  it was the positive self dialogue that really helped me this time around so that's a learning curve.

it was an exercise free day.  my eating plan has been good although i did have some extra food around 3pm.  i hadn't had water and didn't realise i was doing that.  my self talk has been good but i'm going through such a good stage that it almost…


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S4 D62 - great day ... yahoo!!

Today was another great day.  i stuck to my eating plan.  it was day 2 of sticking to it, so it means that i'm finally over that sugar graving / eating stage.  i am soo happy and so grateful!  

things were not tempting for me today.  i took my little one to playgroup and we made muffin pizza's and it wasn't tempting.  i was fine to not eat or sneak in a bite here or there.  i then had to wait until about 4pm to have my lunch (i wanted to do my run, which meant i needed my mum to look…


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S4 D61 - fantastic day!!

today has been an absolutely brilliant day!! 

i did amazingly!!!  i stuck to my eating plan so well!  i kept to my water consumption and did a lot of self talk when temptation is in my way.  like last season, it seemed i was dehydrated not hungry, because all temptation when away when i had water instead.  I love that I stuck to my eating plan.  I am so grateful i successfully completed my first day of sticking to my eating plan.  from last season, i learnt that i require 2…


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S4 D60 - another great day

today has been excellent.  i have done really well with my intentions.  

i've watched my internal dialogue, i've shifted my thinking so that i'm in a 'i've received' mindframe.  it's been really good.  i've noticed how my body is trimming and sculpting.  

so i've done my exercise, i've been very good with my eating plan (not perfect but very very good).  my water consumption has been great and my internal dialogue and self image has been great.  i've really done well today and…


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S4 D59 - doing sooo well

i am so proud of myself.  i did so well today.  it was almost a perfect day... almost.  but still, very proud for getting so close.  

i was really trying to watch my internal dialogue and 'i want to be one of those people that just don't eat extra food unnecessarily'' has really worked today.  yes, there was a couple of times when i wasn't mindful and realised i had 'food' in my mouth, without even realising.  but, it's been a fantastic day.  i have done really well.  i feel so much…


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S4 D58 - changing internal dialogue

it's really been hard this season to manifest my intentions.  In a way, i'm glad it's moving along so fast, i can't wait for this season to be over.  but then again, every moment counts for me so i'm desperate to get myself back on track.  

i realised today that i have changed my internal dialogue.  the things i'm telling myself, or the convo's i'm having are describing someone that isn't handling their eating habit.  my internal dialogue was completely different last season.  i…


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S4 D54 - starting to feel like myself again

 today has been an interesting sort of day.  I feel like myself again, that's so good.  I felt calmer and less emotional.  i've been very happy about that.  i've been observing my bodies' sculpting.  i've noticed my neck has trimmed down.  my arms, legs, neck have a leaner and toned/lengthy look about them.  I like it.   My neck and chest are the parts that look most like the sculpting look i am aiming for.  

i'm grateful i'm observing these changes.  it's the point of these…


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S4 D53 - good day :)

today has been a good sort of day.  

My hubby is back and it's great to have him here.  it's been a few hours now and everything feels back to normal again. I love having him back.  The only down side is that i didn't get or make him a 'welcome back' card.  I've managed to do it for all his big trips but this is the first i've forgotten.  i was just so carried away with looking after our little one that i didn't get my act together.  my hubby wouldn't notice because these 2 in a row…


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S4 D52 - more than half way past

Wow, I can't believe i'm more than half way through this season!  It's been over a week since i've last written a blog, and it feels like time has slipped away.  I'm just blown away!  I feel like i still haven't settled into this season.... that's funny isn't it, esp now that I realise i'm more than half way through it.  


well, it hasn't been the best week for me.  I've been pretty emotional (don't you hate being a women n our hormones sometimes?).  My hubby has been…


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S4 D44 - missed a couple of days

I realised today that I need to drink water (quantity) the level i use to when I first started drinking it.  I've been unintentionally cutting the quantity.  

My body is sculpting.  I love the look of it :)  

summary of my intentions

- eating plan = not great.  I had a friend over and ended up eating my little ones' sweets because she kept reaching for them but not finishing them.  My motto is to throw out her leftover food!  

- water consumption = pretty good.…


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S4 D42 - ok day

today has been an ok sort of day.  i've been very tired so i had a broken hr nap. i felt more tired when i woke up but i know that's just my body reacting to the sleep debt.  at least it's not as bad as it was.  

with regards to my intentions...

- exercise  = it was an exercise free day

- eating plan = i mostly stuck to it but i had a couple of nibbles of my little one's snacks.  so not the best (before, i didnt' do that so i know it doesn't have to be that way)



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S4 D41 - love the new generic colours!

I was so surprised this evening when I jumped on to discover that the colour scheme has changed... but i love it :) 

ok, about my day.  it's been a fairly good day.  it was moment of truth, weigh in day.  I had lost 0.6kg.  that's fantastic for me.  I seem to be able to gain weight easily but loosing it is a slower process.  no matter though.  my focus is on sculpting not my weight so i'm still doing ok.  i lost focus around midday so i had food i didn't need, but then i regained…


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S4 D40 - reconnecting ... continued

I made some further realisations today, mainly that i'm focusing on the wrong things.  I've been worried about 'not pigging out or snacking' and 'not loosing my focus'.   Last season (which was very successful) my focus was different.  I use to focus on my water consumptions (ie, drinking enough throughout the day, making sure i drink water etc) and watching my body sculpt.  I use to say something along the lines of 'i've done my exercise, so excited, time to watch my body sculpt'.  i use to…


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S4 D39 - reassessing

I've noticed that i'm not making progress this season, not like last season.  I'm not sticking to my eating plan properly.  I'm just sticking to it in a 'kind of' sort of way.  It's not working.  I'm already at day 39 which is a fair bit into this season.  I'm heavier than i started this season so it's not working.  Yes, i've been very understanding with myself until now but i think that's what has caused it to go on for this long.  I'm not plateauing.  I'm just over eating and adding things…


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S4 D38 - in a better mood

today was a pretty good day and my mood was much better than yesterdays.  I've been myself :) 

with regards to my intentions, it's been great.

- eating plan = i stuck to my eating plan right up until after dinner.  I had a mini muffin I made for my little one.  I'm not concerned that I ate a mini muffin, but what concerns me is my reason.  I had it out of nervous/anxious energy.  I don't want that.  I want to find a way to disassociate eating with revealing those negative…


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S4 D37 - moody day

It's been a good day, with regards to most of my intentions, but a not so good day with regards to me as an individual.  I've been really moody, and so haven't coped so well with our little one towards the end of the day.  I wasn't totally horrible, just not my usual soft spoken self.  I've been home all day, and I usually like to get out for part of the day, so I believe that has a bit to do with it too.  

that being said, here's the summary of today's track against my…


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S4 D36 - belated post

I didn't get a chance to blog last night so i thought i'd do it today. 

It was a good day yesterday.  I did my intentions and was doing pretty well.  Dinner was a little funny to judge because we went out and i had wine, garlic bread and a desert.... these are extras.  I'm not too fussed though because i did it knowingly.  I wanted to, so i did.  It's ok once in a while.    we had a date night, which we never seem to do any more, so it was nice.  

It was exercise day and i did…


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