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Day 2

I have been feeling really motivated. I have been up to lots today.

I weighed in at 192.2 lbs. I did 50 bicep curls. I ran 3 miles at 8:50 minute mile pace. I did 30 minutes on the fakebike. 

I've been cooking a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognese from scratch (except the pasta!) for my wife. I am on holiday this week so I'm able to do lots of fun stuff away from work. 

So, I'm sat here in front of our coal fire enjoying feeling warm and toasty with a lovely glass of…


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Season 10: I am back and looking forward to it - Intentions - Day 1

Hi everyone. It is great to be back here. I found this really supportive back when I was here before when I achieved great things with the support from all of you here.

I have a number of intentions for this season.

1. I will be lighter and even healthier. I lost a lot of weight back in 2008 (77 pounds). I did that through cycling, and doing things about food I was eating. I am now an Ultra runner - and oddly some of the weight has crept back on -…


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Day 3: living my life how I want it to be

I had a good journey in - the train was delayed - and so that meant that I spent more time with my lovely partner on the way to work. 


I had a lovely walk across the park in the morning. That was nice. 


I had a good day at work. I was able to get plenty of things done. I am feeling a bit more positive about things there. It is getting better. 


I ate healthily today. That was really good. I had three bananas. Egg sandwiches and some wasabi peas.…


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Day 3: intentions

I am relaxed and take everything in my stride. I run in the morning. Eat healthily all day, and am so incredibly productive at work. It is all absolutely marvellous.


What else? Well my and my partner have a lovely cuddle on the train. We have a lovely breakfast in the morning together to start the day. 


What is also brilliant is that I am able to feel really super positive and really engage with life once again. Its going to be amazing.

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Day 2: Fab day

Today is a brilliant day. 

I have done a great race this morning. A 10 mile run locally. I achieved a personal best by doing it in 1:19:31. Well happy with that. I have a lovely medal. Great memories from that to keep. And a lovely picture with friends. Marvellous


I had a really relaxing day with my partner and a walk around the lovely gardens in Sissinghurst. That's a lovely national trust house nearby. We went along there and had a really relaxing walk around the…


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A new start

Getting back to my seasons. I'm starting a new one. I need to reestablish direction in my life. 


My intentions are:


To enjoy the countryside

Enjoy every minute with my partner 

Appreciate everything in my life 100%

Be a great son and fiance and brother and uncle

Make the most of every minute

To be centred and enjoy my working life

To enjoy fabulous achievements in my running

to be fit and…


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Improving work...

I am thinking about how i can make work better. I am sure that i will be able to get more into it and make it better and do a better job. It is a new one - which is really great. But very much hard work, and new people to build relationships with. I think it is getting easier - and I know I could be enjoying it more. 


Please will you give me tips and support? I have my first appraisal after 4 months on Thursday!

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5 great things - 23 May 2010

First - five great things:

* sunday roast at mundy bois in pluckley

* conquered a hilly and challenging half marathon in canterbury

* relaxing in the conservatory reading the papers

* vegetables are doing really really well.

* susie giving me lots of cuddles!!

Really enjoyed today. I did a local half marathon. That was marvellous fun. I did it pretty ok time too - given it was so hilly and challenging. It was really very hot too!!

Went to the… Continue

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Day 40: Season 7: Settled in to our village life

Having a great time. Over the last few weeks we have moved to the countryside. We are now living in a small village in Kent. We are loving it. It is a great place and some great neighbours too.

The local pub is an old hunting lodge. It is a lovely place. Good beer and great food. We went there last night for a lovely meal.

I am becoming quite the expert when it comes to lighting fires in our wood burning stove. It is lots of fun and very countryside!

I have only… Continue

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15 December 2009 - Day 15 - Season 7: More.... packing!

Done more packing today. Think we have most of it sorted out. Great news. It is getting close to Friday now when we will move.

Once we have moved I will be going running more. I will be more settled. We have so much stuff around - boxes, rubbish and all kinds just now.

Most of the kitchen stuff is packed away. That means that it is quite difficult to make any food. I am still trying to eat really healthily - though have been enjoying some chocolate today :-) Had KFC - was… Continue

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14 December 2009 - Day 14 - Season 7: Packing our stuff

Did an absolute tonne of packing up during the day. Mostly focused on the garage. We have sooo much stuff. I also went to the tip.

Waking up every morning and feeling like I am a kid at christmas. It is sooo cool. I am really looking forward to moving to our new home.

I received the final statement from the solicitors. We need to send through about £5k to complete on the purchase of our new home.

Had a pizza in the evening. A little naughty - but I am so excited… Continue

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11 December 2009 - day 11 - season 7: My intentions brochure

Here is my intentions brochure. Click on it - you WILL love it - I promise. It is written from the point of view of day 100!

I had a great day today. I have finished for Christmas. Great, Now I just have to pack up our stuff for our house move.

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9 December 2009 - Day 9 - Season 7: Toastmasters Christmas Dinner

I took my partner to the Toastmasters dinner last night. She enjoyed it. I really enjoyed all the guys meeting her too - particularly after I did my speech about Susie a few weeks ago. Susie had a good time and really enjoyed the speech from Frankie. I really like those guys at Kent Speakers. They are great. Everyone is really good fun, it is a really supportive group, and whats more - people are fabulous speakers!

What is so great about today? Well - I woke up this morning and… Continue

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8 December 2009 - Day 8 - Season 7: The Day of Reckoning

Read the blog and then watch the video!

So, this morning is the day that we exchange, as planned, smoothly, and precisely. I get a phone call very shortly after 9am this morning which confirms from our solicitors that we have exchanged both with our buyer and our seller. We will be moving in well before Christmas. The completion date will be at the latest on 18 December. We agree an even earlier date for completion just following confirmation that we have… Continue

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7 December 2009 - Day 7 - Season 7: Imminent!

That was a good day for getting things sorted out. I had a number of phone calls with the agents and solicitors. In the end I agreed to pay £400 to the buyers as a contribution to them moving house before Christmas. Was good to get things moving. I am expecting exchange very very early tomorrow morning. After which I will activate the house insurance. I will also be able to confirm with the removals people that they will definitely be able to move us on Friday 18 December. That really would be… Continue

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6 December 2009 - Day 6 - Season 7 - A personal Best

The big news for today is that I achieved a personal best 10 mile running race. It was in Margate in Kent - and the route went along the coast before doubling back. It was wet and wild on the front!

Here is the film

My rapid 10 mile race in Kent from phil bradburn on Vimeo.

Weighed in after the race at 12 stone 2lbs. I always temporarily gain… Continue

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5 December 2009 - Day 5 - Season 7 : Good progress

This is great. I have got down to 12stone. Exactly! I just wanted to post early because I had to tell someone because I was so pleased!!! :-)

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4 December 2009 - Day 4 -Season 7 : Packing up the house

Got a few more things sorted out. Heard back from the estate agent who are trying to find a place for the family to rent whose house we are buying. I am sure that it will be sorted tomorrow so that we can buy and move into the new house. Can't wait!!

Got a few things done yesterday at work. I was a little distracted by the house. Buy nevertheless I got lots of things sorted out.

In the evening I did a bit of packing up for when we move. It is amazing quite how many boxes… Continue

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3 December 2009 - Day 3 - Season 7: Preparing for the future

Hey guys. I had a really great day. It was amazing.

I got things shifting on the house front. That was good news. I was able to unlocking things and by standing firm I was able to get what I wanted so that we could all exchange and move house. I will hear tomorrow from the agent confirming that we are able to exchange tomorrow and then to complete on the deal well before xmas. Looking forward to it.

Great news is that all of the money that we need to buy the house in… Continue

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2 December 2009 - Day 2 - Season 7: Toastmasters

2 December 2009

Went to Toastmasters last night. My role was as general evaluator. Which more or less I can do what I like as long as I get across what was great and what could be improved about the evening. Its a fun role too because it is not possible to prepare in advance, you simply have to find something clever to say and boil down the whole evening.

Had a great chat with some people at the club. That was fun afterwards. We had an interesting discussion about goals… Continue

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