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The Dawning of a New Age in Real Estate --- We must Celebrate our Lives - Focus On the Present !

I'll lead by a quote from Douglas MacArthur, “There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.”

In the dawning of this new age in real estate, I have found many homeowners, real estate professionals, and the general business community finding themselves in tough times or at the very least yearning for a better environment to work or look for work. Most people don’t like to establish themselves around negative… Continue

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Paying it forward.....looking through my gifts I had stored from last year for xmas this year....look what I found :)

Somewhere in this childrens book........well I think it hits home......hits some core mistaken belief or maybe an always brings a tear to my I'm sure this belief has something to do with some of my projections and charges.

The Peter Reynolds....

Art class was over, but vashti sat glued to her chair. Her paper was empty. Vashti's teacher leaned over the blank paper. "ah! A…


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I'm nearing completion and seeing the need for more weekly focus. Success is in the air :)

I know that my goals have helped me create a better home, work productivity, focus on friends, family and I have gotten so much more organized.

I have a handful of things to do over the next few days. And then its a refocus on centering myself, expecting the best for myself, time management, deciding what volunteer or Charity I want to work with, and finally remaining at my ideal weight and getting more healthy by working out more.

I want to focus on continuing to meet…


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June 4th is my 100 day goal.....yikes its going fast!!

I was really good at blogging and it helped me through the beginning of my 100 Challenge. As time progressed, I noticed I did not do my daily activities. But I did weekly activities and did focus on the positive. Thanks Carol for your group as well. Thanks Lilou to being a great help and lots of fun!!!

Things I did great with over the last 79 days: Organization. I hired clutter coach. Organized my closets, gave away many items to charity, organized my car a bit more, organized my… Continue

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Chicago members: April 27th; Real Estate tour: Graceland West / Southport Corridor

A Walking tour of our Chicago Neighborhood: Graceland West / Southport Corridor.

Come join us April 27th from 1-4. I recently got a listing in this neighborhood and found it to be a great walking neighborhood. So began the organization of our tour. There will be a collection of other owners, real estate agents, and local shops who are involved. You will find 7-8 open houses, a beautifully manicured neighborhood, just steps from shopping,… Continue

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Reviewing this season's intentions: Focus on career and Chicago real estate sales

I met with a great group of ladies and they are just beginning their first season of the 100 Reality Challenge. After attending the meet up and discussing things ....I felt a bit more accountable to really state more focused intentions. I'll do my part and let the universe handle the details! My affirmation to begin: I am perfect power, ability, and success!

So this blog is going to be about my Real Estate Career. I am readjusting my…


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Yes, I know....I will try video blog next week. For now, anyone got some friendly reminders?

I need reminders : Quotes, affirmations, inspirations, reminders of progress.

For some reason today I noticed a couple urges to judge, to feel jealously, and to focus on less than positive. Also, I'm falling into a couple bad habits again eating a bit too late or too much. It is more healthy food and caffeine is still not in my diet......

I would love to hear your words of wisdom after a day of taking the moving path… Continue

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After the meet up last Sunday at East bank club ....I will be implementing these strategies

"Creating a new life in your mind is a great beginning. Taking action is the key that makes it happen. Every day you are given 24 hours. The results you receive in life will be based on the way you spend your time. In order to build your new life, you have to build new habits that lead to the results you desire. The new habits you form will move through a series of stages. Initially, you’ll define tasks that get you on a new track to achieve your… Continue

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My vocab vitamins reminded me of my current work: abnegation and letting go

I have been reading both the Eckhart and Walsch books lately as my search for clarity moves along. As usual, I have two signs from the last 24 hours that is proof of what I read.

My first issue was yesterday late afternoon and my computer DSL system went down. So funny.....I was focused on fixing it and getting agrevated by its indifference to my need to get some work done.

So I spent 2 hours (one with my brother who is typically my… Continue

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Nearly day 30 and my review of goal attainment

A quick review of how things are going. All good and positive things!

LOVE: I am open to both giving and receiving love. I work to accomplish my goal to enhance my boundaries within my relationships. I work to accomplish my goal of clarity about the type of person I am meant to spend my time and energy.

I will meet my future 'significant other within the next 100 day challenge. I will reliquish attachment to my goal and watch it… Continue

Added by Lynn Reidl on March 24, 2008 at 5:30am — 3 Comments

Change or Expand your beliefs! The answer came to me: Today my higher self came in the form of words through an audiobook

My question: How do I overcome the same patterns in my life? How do I work to mend my love life and attract the right significant other?

I did a meditation today that was previously learned from a book about Edgar Cayce. During my mediation, I visualize writing my question on a piece of paper, placing it in an envelope, climbing a mountain to an all white castle, meeting a familar and comfortable person who…


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Build it and they will come.....

I thought you would all think this was cool. I got an email which came to my blackberry. This email was sent from my website.

It came from a person who was looking to reconnect with a previous co-worker, who happened to be on my directory of likeminded business associates.

Guess what; I forwarded the email on to my referral business partner only to…


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Take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves ! (- L. Chesterfield)

The past two days have been great! I think you will all laugh. Guess what I forgot to do today? Yep, forgot that the time changed. I am on day 4 of my fast and have been working on my goals; health, harmony in relationships, and career. I've been working on focusing on the moment, the now, to keep positive and enjoy the experiences as they happen. Funny how focus on the present moment or "taking care of the minutes" ....really can make you…


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Negativity is not intelligent....

I am reading the Oprah recommended book along with many others in our group: A New Earth; Awakening to your Life's Purpose. Most of the book is showing me or causing me to be aware of how my ego identifies with situations, people, and things.

Today I wrote a final letter to my ex-boyfriend and left it with some items that I needed to return to him. I realize now .........I have forgiven him and… Continue

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Plan, Plan, Plan is much like real estate rule; Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location. It means identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location. It's repeated three times for emphasis, and so you will remember the phrase. It's the number one rule in real estate, and it's often the most overlooked rule.

I find similarity in importance that Planning is the number one rule for a positive life to stay focused and successful.

I woke to find a wonderful day full of… Continue

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Day 6 / Season 1 :) my best friends baby is standing and other good happenings!

Here are the good things that happened today: Genevra Lynn is now standing on her own, my clients from Arizona who just listed their place today already have an offer, my clients found a great Chicago Lakeview condo deal and are submitting an offer, my first visit to my friend Kristens to see her new poochie, and my good friend Mindy gave me a gift...............yep I manifested the book "A new Earth, awakening to your life's… Continue

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Manifesting and in my mail box what do I find....

A friend sent me a book: The Master Cleaner by Stanley Burroughs.

I'll let you know a bit more once I complete reading the text. Once I determine the benefits, wish me well in adding a new way to improve my health.

I've heard it called the lemonade diet :) A fast of sorts. Any feedback from others on its usefulness......let me… Continue

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A little forgetfulness goes a long way.....

Day 5 ish ;)

So last night I met with a good group of people at a cool venue, Paramount Room, in Chicago's Fulton River District neighborhood.

Good night and full of positive conversations, some drinks, then some singing / dancing ;)

I happened to pay for a round of drinks and misplaced my credit I have the taxi driver drop me off........I realize I have $3 in cash and misplaced my card. How cool is my cab… Continue

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Day 3 ..........would you believe.....



Already good things happening! Last Saturday, I felt a switch turned in my consciousness.....I awoke and took notice of my life. There was a need for change and ending my relationship with my previous boyfriend was on the forfront of my mind. Realistically I had ended it with him due to my actions and reactions 2-4 days prior. There were too many misunderstandings for too long. Too many break-up and retry's. His neglect to…


Added by Lynn Reidl on February 28, 2008 at 2:00am — 3 Comments

Where to begin ....100 day plan of action starts slowly but starts today...

First, congrats to the group for working so hard to keep this energy circulating and achieving an inspirational platform and a shelter of sorts, for all to read, see, experience.

Now, I am putting in written form, my 100 day beginning: I have seen this before..........I am at the beginning of the path. Recently I had a realization that occurred ( in my day dream ) , that I was not living the way I was suppose to and things… Continue

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