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Season 3-Day 35. I had an amazing weekend and feel I've made leaps and strides towards my season 3 goals!

I've been thinking. I've been affirming that I am photogenic in a lot of my affirmations as of late in the 3 basics group. Really focusing on working on creating wonderful headshots and PR shots (which I manifested btw out of the blue with a photographer I've been wanting to work with for a loooong time). I have this weird thing happen to me when I take photos, where to the naked eye I look like I could take an awesome shot. However, when the shot happens it just doesn't look right. So hence my… Continue

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4 Day LOA Marathon Results. Thank you Lilou, I honestly had no Idea what 4 days could do for a journey!

I recently participated in a 4 day Law of Abundance Marathon in the 4 day LOA Marathon Group. I wanted to share my journey here in my blogs...

This was my original 4 day LOA declaration:

Ok, I've been toying with this.... Joining and doing my LOA Marathon. Awhile back I manifested Acting Classes as well as a headshot photo shoot.

What I am Declaring Powerfully in the next 4 days is that I will eat healthy, work out 1-2x per day, take…

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New Moon Blooms 2009

Today I decided to plant my summer flowers. And what better a day then on the New Moon! I wanted to take you through a picture journey of my new blooms:)

This is my Summer 2009 Porch! Take the old and burn it, Burn it let it go. Fire starts within our hearts And gives us room to grow.

Right side of my porch. Notice the Cat Planter, I wouldn't be a crazy cat lady if I didn't have a cat… Continue

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I love my radio show:)

I really enjoy doing radio. Almost 2 years ago a radio show that I am proud to be a part of was created, ParaWomen Radio. June is shaping up to be an amazing month and I wanted to share the show line up:) ParaWomen Radio is a part of my 100 Day Reality Challenge. I think I will always want to see Parawomen grow and expand, therefore it probably will always be a part of my Seasons, Hugs A

Your ears will be… Continue

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The Power of Peppermint and the He** of Stress!

SooooOOo I get this stitch in my side around 3-4pm each day and it goes throughout the night. I couldn't describe it to my doctor but today I did some research and I think I have IBS. I found if I take a muscle relaxer it makes the spasms go away. But I can't live on muscle relaxers (plus I need them for migraine days) so I decided to see what else might help the pain. In doing some web searching I found one person describe the pain as if your intestine is being twisted. YES, that's what it… Continue

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I am where I am and thats OK

I had a really rough day on Thursday at work. Actually it was a rough week. Perhaps even a rough month at work haha I dunno. I know I've been struggling with reaching for the "Next Best Feeling". Thursday I became very overwhelmed, some things have been going wrong and even though I did my work I did not get paid (long story that I won't go in). So Thursday I came home overwhelmed. I couldn't think. I really couldn't talk. And when I searched for… Continue

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Good Vibrations

*The post below was Posted Originally by Mari Freesialove. I find this to be so true and I guess that's why I love Abraham/Hicks so much. In Mari's blog someone commented that it's so true, but very hard to practice. Yes I agree, for those of us that are new to controlling our thoughts and emotions it is. It takes practice, however, I think it's worth the practice because seeing that which is pleasing and that which will bring forth harmony in your life is sooOOOooo Freeing and Liberating!… Continue

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So strange, this feeling thing... Day 9 Season 3

I find it odd how some days you can wake up and feel happy and the day just flows with that joy. And then other days you wake up and feel a tinge of grumpiness. I always think ut-oh on those days because I know it will be a day that I have to have constant awareness of my Vibrations to keep it up.

Yesterday was a day that I thought Ut-Oh. Today is a day that I feel happy and am sure to go with that Vibration and not have to keep as… Continue

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Ahhh the reoccurring dreams

I have a few reoccurring dreams and one of them is that I did not complete college. I'm always one year away. In this dream I was back in my college town living in an apartment not doing much. I may have had a baby that I was trying to protect...that part of the dream isn't clear. Anyway I went out to walk around the block and had a snow shovel with me. I began to go by the sorority and fraternity house and began approaching the one I belonged to. And… Continue

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May Day and feelings of growth

Happy May Day!!

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”

Irish Blessings quotes

I'm going through an uncomfortable situation. While I am helping someone, it is bringing up past ick for myself. I know this is an opportunity to heal… Continue

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