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I really like these... They ring true to my soul and my hearts desires!

I post daily in the 3 basics group and today I really liked my gratitude and Affirmation list (I'm leaving out my intent because that will change every day). I want to save them so that I can read them over and over. So this blog is basically for my records. However, I hope anyone reading it also enjoys them. If you wish to post your daily Gratitude, Affirmations and Intent in one place,… Continue

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Summer Solstice ~ Dance with the Fae tonight!

Happy Summer Solstice! Last week on ParaWomen Radio we had a guest on that described a summer solstice ritual that will help you see the Fae (Marla Brooks was the guest).

Fae Ritual:

At midnight on the night of the summer solstice (June 21) go outside and rub fern froms on the outside of your eyelids. Be sure to carry rue in your pocket as not to be taken by the Fae. And if you do not have rue, wear your jacket inside out so… Continue

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Day sumthing sumthin... I'm cleaning!!

Hi everyone, I'm cleaning! And it feels great. I'm not a cleaner (if anyone knows me). But my house is just looking spiffy. I'm working my way room to room. I started in the living room and I'm working in the Dining room and will move to the kitchen area next. My husband joined in (though he declared we would not haha). In the past this would have honked me off that he declared he was not helping. I simply said OK. And began the cleaning. Now I… Continue

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Day 37, A stitch in time (season 3)

Prepping for the future...

Ahhhh today. Today I had this urge during a very boring meeting (that I drove 2 hours to get to) to just get up and leave. I think I'm building up to something new (no, wait, I know) and I just have this urge to just STOP doing what I don't enjoy. As I drove to this meeting I affirmed over and over "I earn a living doing what I love in radio, TV, movies and speaking"... It helped. It didn't help the urge to bolt during the… Continue

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