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Conferences, Radio, Good things OH MY! Day 21

This was at Friday night's lecture/conference (I don't even care that the reporter is a skeptic):

And in more good news, ParaWomen Radio has gotten picked up by another station:


They said they have been wanting to add a paranormal show for

awhile now. YAY! And I think they are going to link from blogtalk

so I may not have to edit and send the show to them.

Kristy and I are busy getting things together for this… Continue

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Living the Paranormal Dream... Day 20

This weekend was a whirlwind of travel and lecturing. It went much smoother in actuality then it went in my mind the week before (when I was so overwhelmed)!

Last weekend I had the taping of the TV show and the week after that I had a really hard time getting back into the swing of living a mundane life. While life on the TV set was not posh and luxurious, I did enjoy being on film and having things work around moi (and of course Lauren). So going back to a desk job was really really… Continue

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This just in... Money melt down... Turns into a Money windfall!

Monday my husband had a melt down regarding money. I refused to join him in his meltdown. I dunno if it was due to the migraine, or me just being exhausted, or if I really did know that money was coming but I just didn't bite. Today unexpected money showed up and we are all good (it was an Anniversary gift, my husband and I have been married 3 whopping years, 3 is my fav number btw)!

Money comes to me in unexpected and expected ways!!!

I am a magnet to money!!!

Money Money… Continue

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Not earth shattering, just a gentle peace (day 6)

Today I found that my level of stress lessened. It wasn't an earth shattering moment it was just like a gentle breeze that blew through my hair and caused me to breathe in a deep breath of peace. I've been working the program for 6 days now and I must say the first 5 days were rocky. AND it had nothing to do with the challenge it was more planetary affects going on I THINK.

Yes today I felt a lift. I did something I would not normally have done. I went in front of my town council and… Continue

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Day 4, 1st season, Affirmations

I find that I'm going through some self doubts. I know it is my ego trying to get involved in the whole matter. The what ifs are popping up. The yeah buts. And the the endless questions in my ear asking if i'm good enough.

What does this all mean? Why it's affirmation time of course!

"My income is constantly increasing"!!!

"Abundance is mine"!!!

"I deserve all good in my life and that includes prosperity"!!!

"I am a money magnet, and… Continue

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Day one for October 1st, 2008- Take THAT Mercury Retro!

Today I reviewed my list, checked it twice... Added a few things, deleted a few things. And I'm pleased with what I see!!

Mercury Retro has been beating my butt as of late. But today my 100 day Challenge begins and it is I who creates some wonderful WONDERFUL things!! My communication with others is clear. I am able to handle all communication with others in a positive manner and I only communicate with and by positive beings and all is well I will video blog… Continue

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