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De-Clutter affirmations

Limiting belief: I might need it one day.

De-cluttering affirmation: I am able to manifest all that I desire.

Limiting belief: It’s worth too much…

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My recommendations

Hi Co-Creators!!!
I have a few items to recommend to you that have had a HUGE impact on my life! I've had some amazing transformations as I've been completing seasons of co-creating. The first one is Chakra Balancing by Anodea Judith. It includes a book about the chakra system and yoga positions that help bring balance to those chakras. And it includes a cd with meditations. AMAZING how different I feel. How much calmer I am. How much more compassionate I am. I am lovin' this! The second…

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Day 9, Season 6

Praise be to God for so many blessings!!! They just keep coming and coming!
We went to see the movie Knight and Day this evening. Great flick! I recommend it. Although, I had to close my eyes a couple of times - VERY action packed! But the theme song is "Someday" by the Black Eyed Peas. What a GREAT song! It is now my theme song! Someday... I don't want to spoil the ending, so go see the movie - and you'll get what I'm talking about!

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Season 4, Day 23

Synchronicity is my theme of this season! Things are really coming together. And you have to understand, I am just an ordinary person - no super special talents - no super human feats - just me. Just being the best me I can be. And boy are things happening! I was told by 2 people last week, that I should meet a certain person - and BAM! I met her last Sunday at a church that I don't attend. It so happened that my friend took my son overnight to play with her son - and the plan was to switch… Continue

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Be Open to Receiving

Here is a message that came to my inbox today. Enjoy!

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'
When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... ' The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you, ' Something good will happen to you today; something that you have been waiting to hear.

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Season 4, Day 2

I'm Back!!! Looking forward to another exciting - dream -fun filled - joyous - manifesting 100 day challenge! The previous 100 day challenge was amazing! I have had some amazing transformations while being a part of this group and while practicing Reiki. One of the most amazing to me is a realization of my purpose in life: to be happy and to let my light shine. You know the song - come on - sing it with me - "this lil' light of mine, I'm goin' let it shine, this lil' light of mine, I'm goin'… Continue

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"energy surges" lightbulbs popping, etc...

Well, I know some of you have been experiencing "power surges" within your body. Lightbulbs burning out as soon as you flick the switch, computer malfunctions, microwaves short circuiting, etc... Well, I have emailed a friend of a friend: the Unity minister named Kyra Baehr. "Kyra Baehr is a Unity minister with diverse interests in spiritual and metaphysical interpretations of life, esoteric teachings, transformational leadership and mystical experiences. She pioneered Unity of Divine Love in… Continue

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End of Season 3

Well I have had a wonderful 100 days in Season 3!

My most significant manifestation was the blessing of meeting an acupuncturist that traded treatment time for Reiki treatments. We have reduced my thyroid medication by half! On the road to abundant health!

I have also had major "shifts." I am much calmer, kinder, joyful, & happy person. The love I feel inside is naturally overflowing to all I meet. I also feel more of a connectedness with others. I am listening more closely to… Continue

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S3 Day 71

Hit a little bump in the road of the path of life, but now moving forward again. I feel so much lighter and joy-filled. I have been practicing Reiki and rec'ving acupuncture and have noticed a significant "shift" in my attitude and reactions. I wonder if anyone else notices?

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self observation

Our failings can be easily observed by others but only with great difficulty can we see them ourselves. That's why embracing criticism and asking for feedback is a true sign of greatness.

Today, see yourself from someone else's point of view. -by Yehuda Berg; daily kabbalah tune up

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I have such a strong desire to be "rich". Last night I was watching the travel channel as they featured yachts - some cost $21 million to build. I have difficulty even imagining that amount wealth. Today, I've had some strange coincidences - or as I call them, God-incidences.

While doing my Bible Study - I randomly flipped to Psalms. The page opened to Psalms 49:16 - Do not be overawed when a man grows rich, when the splendor of his house increases; for he will take nothing with him… Continue

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Our new iphone app is online now!

We are manifesting here! My husband has written an iphone app and it got accepted!! We are so excited! He has worked so hard on this project. I am so proud of him! And I am thrilled that he hit a "home run!" Check it out - it's called lottofetch - one word.
Dreams do come true!

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S3, Day 27

CREATIVITY - that is the word that keeps coming to me - over and over - CREATIVITY. Hmmm.... guess I should listen. What am I meant to create? How am I meant to be creative? I am open to receiving the answer. And I am assured if there is any monetary requirements to fulfill my creative flow - that the finances will come easily to me from expected and unexpected places.

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Season 3, Day 20

Well, I am so proud of myself. I always intend to put money in my savings account - but for some reason I use to procrastinate. Well, today, I made a deposit. Yea! Me! That is a BIG step for me!

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Manifested today!

Hello all! I just wanted to share. I had joined the 4 day marathon LOA challenge and I manifested my goal!!! Here is what I posted there:

It worked!!! Today - May 18th - I manifested my goal!!!! I now have a licensed acupuncturist that will trade Reiki treatments for acupuncture! WOO-HOO!!!!

Here's a recap of this manifestation:

1.)On May 13th I signed up for the 4 day challenge - and since it included the weekend - I added a day and gave myself until Monday, May 18th. My… Continue

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Season 3, Day 13

WOW! All I can say is WOW! This law of attraction stuff is really working in my life! 2 issues that I've been working on and blogged about earlier, are changing! It was amazing, just putting the blog out there - asking for answers to my questions - 3 books have come into my life - one I've had for a while and 2 new ones. Simply by asking for the answers - they have been delivered!

Relationship issues - "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer - my first time to read his work - amazing… Continue

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Season 3, Day 3

Oh my goodness!! I found the answer to my question. I love this law of attraction thing!! Here i was wondering how to make TRUE changes. I've tried before, but I feel it is deep within me that needs changing - subconcious level. and guess what?!? - I was handed a book called "The Answer." And it totally deals with this issue. It is mostly about business, but also relevant for life in general too. Thanks, God, for bringing this material to me!

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Season 3, Day 2

I can't wait to create some changes in my life!!!

My hubby and I went and toured new homes today. We fell in love with a beautiful home. Only one stepping stone to achieve - the price tag was $825,000.00 Hmm... then all the self talk started. Do I even want this house? What would I do with a 5000 sq ft house? How would I pay the utilities when I am stressing paying $75 for cosmetics this week?!? Why do I feel I don't deserve this house? Someone will move into this home - why not me??? How… Continue

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Season 3, Day 1!! Starting a new season!

Hello Co-Creators - Well I have very good news! My business has had lift off!!! At the beginning of last season I just wanted a client! Now I have several clients and I've even taught 2 classes! I am so thrilled! I am an official business owner! Here's to a successful next 100 days! Good luck to all and God bless!

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God is so good!

Look what scripture I stumbled across today:

Psalm 145:16
You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.

Don't you love that conformation from the word from God! Thanks be to God!

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