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The Financial Markets and LOA

Many have asked about the recent events in the financial markets and I would like to give my LOA perspective.

Everything that comes to us is a direct result of LOA at work. Everything!! Everything that happens is an indicator for us of our connection or not, as an individual or as a group to our Soul, Higher Self, Inner-Being or whatever you want to call the Eternal part of who we really are. This current situation is no different. LOA always manifests to us things, relationships,… Continue

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The Vibrational Diet!

The Vibrational Diet!

Or you could call it The Thought Diet or Spiritual Diet. What??

I received this today during my meditation. Thoughts, as you probably know, are things. Some people can actually see thoughts. And thoughts are vibration that move at different speeds. Thoughts of love and appreciation move faster and are lighter than negative thoughts like rage and anger. Remember what it felt like to walk into a room after a couple had an argument? Didn’t it feel like… Continue

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Manifestation Management

What do you do when your desires are not manifesting or not manifesting as quickly as you wish? Stop deliberate creating, stop visualizing your desires and stop focusing on your desires! WHAT!!!! Doesn’t that seem opposite of what you want? On the surface it does. But if your desires are not manifesting then your beliefs are not inline with your desires and you are subtly focused on the lack side of your desires. You are creating from your past lack or future worry, not the present. So,… Continue

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Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer.

Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer.

Spiritual practices, ceremonies and prayer all are effective if, when you do them you feel the emotion of relief. Because then they are Spiritual…moving you towards your Spirit. However, if you are doing them as a chore and can’t wait for it to end, then you do not feel relief and you will receive very limited results. Here is something to ponder…which do you think is more spiritual…dragging yourself to church on Sunday because you are… Continue

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How do I know whether my current emotion is pointing me upstream or downstream?

How do I know whether my current emotion is pointing me upstream or downstream?

First of all, it really doesn’t matter whether your current emotion is taking you upstream or downstream because the process is the same no matter which direction you are pointing towards. The process is to find thoughts that bring you relief from wherever you are. For example, if you are angry, finding thoughts of frustration will bring you relief and thus move you downstream. And if you are depressed,… Continue

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Master Cleanser Update

I finished the cleanse last Tuesday. I completed 14 days this time which was the longest that I have done it for. It was the easiest of my cleanses. I know I could have gone longer, but I was getting a bit tired of the lemonade! Plus, my metabolism had slowed down and I was feeling cold all the time which is so opposite of my usual temperature.

So, I am back eating now and am thinking about going back on the cleanse soon in some modified fashion! I may do an every other day cleanse or just… Continue

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Master Cleanse

I do the Master Cleanse once or twice a year. I have been doing this for the past 8 years. Some of those cleanses have been easier than others on many levels. Sometimes it's the cravings, sometimes it's the hunger and sometimes it's the emotions that come up during the cleanse.

I am on day 9 of my cleanse and have to say that this one has been the easiest of all of them. The cravings have been very minimal and I feel great physically and mentally. I don't think as much weight has come off… Continue

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The new... Just Allow It Wellness Center

It all starts with intention!

Right now I operate my Wellness Practice from my home office. It is a wonderful tranquil location right on Lake Michigan. Lately, for a number of reasons, I have been feeling that I would like to separate home and office. So I am lovingly calling out to The Universe my desire for a location that will provide a similar feeling experience for myself and those who come for a session. I also would like a space large enough to hold talks and workshops and be… Continue

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