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Day 16

Well today has been a lovely day!


Had a great morning and work, and then in the afternoon we ran (my lovely colleague and I) our teenage parenting course.  It is especially lovely as 4 of the ladies on the course are dear friends of ours and today was just lovely because as a group we bonded so much and shared emotions and lovely comments as sometimes only women can.  It was truly lovely! 


Then I came home to my gorgeous daughter, who the course always reminds…


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Day 15

Well I realise it's not exactly day 15, but it's the 15th day I've been coming here, just had a little break in between lol


I've been really thinking that I don't know why I don't stick with doing this.  I think part of it is because I'm generally pretty happy, it's not like I have massive changes to make in my life.  Sure there are things I want, but for the most part I'm a pretty contented bunny.  But I'm gonna try and stick with it, I want to go for not just a "good life"…


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Day 14

Just a quick one!


Was awake super early but my bed was just so warm and comfy there was no way I was moving!


So today I just choose to enjoy my day, have brilliant health, wonderful abundance, amazing friends, special experiences, powerful moments and just generally be awesome!


I think that just about covers it lol, should be a good day right????




Wishing the same for each and every one of…


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Day 13

Well I missed a few days, and now I'm super tired ............but I am back!  Have been absolutely fine for the few days that I've been missing but I had a bit of a "snow" incident on Saturday night.  Basically spent the night on the A127 (a fairly major road) near by.  Honestly, a bit of snow and the uk comes to a total standstill!  Still, we got back safely and it really helped me put a lot into perspective, so it's all good.  But needless to say have been quite tired since.  Still am, but…


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Day 11

Morning world!!!


Well I slept like a log last night!!! What a delicious night sleep it was!!!


Woken feeling pretty good today but with some choice and focus should feel even better!!!


So today I choose the following:


I choose for it to be a beautiful day!   Snow, snow, snow!!!

I choose to have a lovely warm shower and feel fully awake with every passing second.

I choose for the house to be lovely warm and feel…


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Day 11 part 2

Well even though I wasn't feeling awesome when I woke I generally had a good day!  Work was challenging, but great and I felt pretty good all day. I was very aware of how I was feeling which his great cos then I make a deliberate effort to choose.


Right now though I'm exhausted so I'm very grateful to be in bed right now.  Going to run through things I'm grateful for in my head as I sleep!


Night all


Jensine x

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Day 11

Well I've not woken up feeling as good as i usually do due to too much rubbish entereing my body last night I'm sure!!! But I feel ok.


I can hear my little Eiger running around her house, she always sounds like she's crying, but she's meowing and I think just likes the sound of her own voice a bit too much!!!  lol That said, my bigger cat is chasing her round the house which is quite funny.  I love their little antics.


I'm awake a little later today, so I'm…


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Day 10 part 2

So I had a really good day in the end!!!  Which is awesome, but I'm a little dissappointed cos when I picked Lucy up at the end of the day I got the urge to just binge!!!  So we got a take away, I drunk most of the wine that someone had very nicely gave me as a gift and had a hot bath.  The hot bath was no problem lol obviously! 


I'm not beating myself up, but I know I feel so much better when I eat and drink right.  That said, I don't eat and drink badly most of the time or…


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Day 10

Well today I'm trying to bat away negative thoughts about money.  I'm aware of what's happening here though which is good.  I've been listening to the "I am a magnet to money" every day for the past few days, over and over and it goes round my head constantly.  And I think part of me always thinks change should happen really fast.  Then I check my bank account and it tells me change has not happened yet and my feelings are "argggggh, come on, I was feeling so good about…


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Day 9 part 2

Well I'm blogging early tonight as I'm looking forward to getting into my bed real early and reading my kindle for a bit, either way wanting lots of sleep tonight!!!  Lovely!  Love my sleep! 


So I'm finding that setting my intentions, however wooly (yeap, some of them feel quite wooly!!!) is really helping.  Nothing majorily specific but I'm finding my days just work better.  I feel better able to cope with things, stronger, more confident, and my days just whiz by.  I think…


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Day 9 - morning!

Brrrrl it's cold today!!!!!  I keep waking up at around 5.30 which is good as I've listened to three abraham hicks meditations and I'm not even up yet!  What a way to start the day.  Unfortunately I'm still not wanting to get out of bed as it's so chilly, but that's the worst of it.  Wonder if I can work from my bed today??? lol


It's choosing my day time!!!!  Whoop whoop!  I'm noticing that things are going smoother, I'm better equiped to handle things right now.  Definitely…


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Day 8 part 2

Crazy but wonderful day at work!  Totally full on, but days like that fill me with confidence in a job that I've only had a short time.  So it feels good. Am pleasantly tired though!


So I've been listening to "Magnet to money" song, over and over.  I can already feel I've relaxed about money and I know that's absolutely the first step, so that's good.  It goes round my head constantly LOL  Will not be going to sleep to it tonight though, a little abraham meditation…


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Day 8

So I'm finding that I'm waking up nicely early these days.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not having the "odd" glass of wine in the evenings.  lol makes me sound like an alcoholic, I'm not but I have found over the years it's very easy to slip into the habbit of having a glass most nights. 


Being sick stopped that and even now, my body feels like it's on such a fine balancing line that I don't do anything that will push it in the direction of ill health. …


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Day seven part 2

So this afternoon I downloaded the book "the game of life and how to play it".  It's very much like The Power of the Subconscious mind, int eh way it's written and there are some bits "godly" bits that don't sit altogether right with me, but if I change god to universe or source it feels better.  Either way, it's been great for just reminding me yet again, YOU GOTTA JUST TRUST that you can have what your asking for!!!!!  You got to focus on where you want to go, what you want to have, etc.…


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Day seven

Well I'm not particularly doing anything major with this but I like the fact that I'm blogging something every day.  It helps keep me focused on what I want to be doing even if I'm not doing it.  lol


So I said last night about the 3 steps that I feel really help me, when I do them.  So today is the day i start again.  Wouldn't it be great if I could do them all every day for the next 93 days!!!  That would be something.


When i say visualise, I find this quite…


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Day 6 part 2

Feeling a lot better about everything which is great.  I want to get back to really practising the things that I know bring me peace of mind, and all good stuff.


For a while I had a book in which I had a tick list of the three things I thought I should do every day to create a wonderful life.  The three things were meditation, gratitude and visualising.  I did them all for a long time, but then I guess I just stopped.  But that's ok, cos I can start again.  I know it made a…


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Day 6

So today has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions! 


I'm currently looking into fostering and have been on and off for some time, but recently there is a certain child that I got stuck on "being able to help", and thankfully my lovely, lovely friend Carrie reminded me of their place in this wonderful co creation too, which has helped me step back and get some perspective on it.  But it's still shaken me up a little. 


I've been on my own with Lucy for…


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Day 5

Do we create our realty or not?  That is the question!


I know the anaswer!!!  We do!  I've always known it, it's the same idea that's been swirling round my head for as long as I can remember, and I can remember my cot as a baby, so that's a really long time.


So what's stopping me from having all I want???  Take money, I know it's a bit of a lame topic and doesn't really mean anything deep but why am I still not rich?  I want to be, I want to be able to make…


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Day 4

Well it's been a day full of contrasting emotions, none of which I particularly want to dwell on, but I'm having to make myself write anything today.  I know if I miss a day, it's the start of "missing" days!  I want to be focused, positive and creating my life deliberately so I'm busting through this brief hiccough and know that it will get me back into alignment.


So maybe I do a gratitude list, I know there are certainly things that I can feel grateful for and if I can't…


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Day 3 part deux

Today was a good day.  The child I was most focused on yesterday just handled everything brilliantly, came in with tales of how everything had gone her way and I couldn't be prouder


My health is still improving and I'm continuing to really look after myself which is great, I want to carry on and not take this wonderful body for granted, on which note, I'm very tired so going to write a quick gratitude list and then go to sleep. 


Today I'm most grateful for my…


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