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Finding Divine

my bigget longing is to have a deep, alive, loving and powerful relationship with, connection to, and experience of the Divine.

a big struggle for me is to understand who i am in relationship with - i.e. Who is the Divine?

yet the Divine finds ways to show up in my life in truly moving ways. Today it looked like this:

* When i looked for the Divine today I drew a card with the message of scheduling god - this makes perfect sense! If I want a relationship…


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New Year, New Month, New Week, New Day, New Beginning

Today I am SO grateful for:

1. Alexander and how much he has developed, how chatty he is, and how he tells me every day that he loves me.

2. Naomi and how amazing her development has been, how she loves hats and shoes, and how she tells me "Mama, hier bin ich."

3. Cooling bath I got to take after a hot and long walk at the zoo.

4. Cleaning up after New Year's eve party.

5. Having watched The Secret and being reinspired to use creation…


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Day 9 ~ Negative to Positive

This is how I feel:

Overwhelmed by all the things I want and need to achieve.

Stuck and Trapped in myself, my habits, my mind, my negativity.

Paralyzed by a lack of clarity, vision, faith and hope.

Disappointed and Dissatisfied about my lack of commitment to myself and this challenge, which is my life.

Saddened and Frustrated because I am so scared and afraid and confused and all of the above.


This is how I want to feel:

I feel… Continue

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Day 6 - Reality Check!!!

Oh my goodness, this week has just rushed by and I feel like I have been caught in a whirl-wind! My life is rather chaotic and unstructured, which hasn't lent itself to supporting this challange. But this week has been an eye-opener... clearly I need to be more disciplined about how I spend my time!

I have had wonderful blessings this week non-the-less:

~ Wonderfully focussed and relaxing Sunday

~ Quiet Monday evening (a rarety)

~ A clean flat due the cleaning lady… Continue

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