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Very Cool Video Series to Help Manifest What You Want. :)

This is part 1 of the series. Part 2 talks about the planning aspect of the Law of Attraction.. it's very cool. But this one is about vision.

It's by Michael Mackintosh and Walker Traylor. You all should check it's helping me out alot!


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Uploaded videos on YouTube.. it's a productive day again! :) Day 2, Season 2 (Dec. 2nd, 09)

Hey everyone! I'm back, once again, to update.

Last night I did a Manifestation visualization that I learned. I thought about what my perfect life would be, for 20 mins. The more I do it.. the more passion I will fill. Thus, creating what I want.

I also uploaded two videos on YouTube. I usually talk about consciousness, attraction, reality, and love. If you would like to check it out it's at:… Continue

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Day ONE of my 100 Day Challange! Woohoo! (Dec. 1, 2009)

This is a great day to start too, because I've just been approved to put AdSense on my site and the adds are showing up today. This will be an awesome way to create revenue and I feel like I can visualize getting 'checks in the mail' as mentioned in 'The Secret' and actually believe it now! lol

A few days ago, I also received my official certificate from the Board of Massage Therapy that says I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist. So I'm now Latasia L.M.T.

I can feel great… Continue

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Aug. 04, 2008(Birthday, "Waking Life", and Solfeggio Frequencys)

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure what day I'm on in the challenge because it's been so long since I've posted anything. So I guess you can consider this a little filler blog.

Some new things that have happened lately are.

1. My birthday on Aug 2nd. It was fun. Instead of cake I had a fruit salad with vegan 'whipped' cream on top.. very good. Now that I'm making my room over, I got some decor items and some paint so I can get started on it. I realized this year that… Continue

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13th day

Yesterday was a fun and busy day. I went shopping and bought a new wardrobe with the $3,000 I got. I didn't even spend half of it. I decided not to focus on price so I could get what I want. Everything just worked out.. it's turns out, a lot of the things I liked where on sale.

Here are some updates:

1. Shopping was a big deal because I never used to do it that much. I get anxiety when I'm around alot of people (and when I try on clothes). But this time I worked through it and… Continue

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Progress - 3rd Day (June 27, 2008)

Since I've joined this group, I have noticed more amazing things happening.. and it's only the 3rd day.

1. I've seen 2 movies that have helped me. "Metaphysical Healing" and "What the Bleep do we Know".

2. Visited some family

3. Noticed I need to prioritize my goals better so I can get them done.

4. Updated my YouTube channel with more favorites and playlists.

5. Found out I am getting $3,000 for a settlement from a wreak I had.

I know more good things are going to… Continue

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Progress - 11th Day (July 4, 2008)

Hi everyone.. I thought I would update on my progress alittle.

1. I've received the $3,000.

2. I discovered a type of trance music I really like that is all about quantum physics and positivity.

3. I got contacts (which I've wanted for a few years)

4. I started saying positive affirmations in the mirror yesterday.

5. I watched deleted scene from the movie "The Secret" and "What the Bleep".

6. Since I'm aware of the Grace Light that changes consciousness, that… Continue

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