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Season 11 - Day 1 - Starts today 11-11-11 at 11:11am GMT - The Gateway To My Dream Life!

I can't even start to explain all that has gone on over the past 2 years. I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but I have also undergone the most amazing shifts and transformations. I may not have communicated and shared the road I have been on, but I always felt the anchor of love and support that this tremendous group has and holds for us all. When an amazing group of like minded people come together with the intention of being of service to others and supporting one…


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Day 1, Season 8 Time to shift into a higher vibration!

Hi All

Welcome to Day 1 of Season 8. I am so looking forward to the fabulous new experiences and opportunities that will be coming to me. I feel my energy shift with each passing moment. The doorway has been opened to Season 8 and I am walking through into my new future now. Namaste Carol

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Day100, Season 7 - The end of Season 7

Hi All

It has been a true learning and shifting experience this last 100 days. It amazes me how much I have shifted this last season in ways I never expected or even thought I needed to shift. But nontheless the shift has been completed. I am looking forward to Season 8 and the new experiences and opportunities it will bring. Thank you all for being the lighthouse in the storm. I may not always be here daily, but the beacon you shine guides my way home. Thank you Season 7 and thank…


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Day 2 of My Massive Change Challenge

Hi All,

Well yesterday went well. I managed to get the carpeting removed from my second bedroom so I can start painting the trim. Have cleared out the 3rd bedroom into the 2nd bedroom so I can start painting today and hopefully get it finished by tomorrow. 5 Bags of items have gone to a local charity. A full carload ready to go to the tip to get it out of the house, planned on taking it this morning but it is pouring rain outside. Carpeting being shipped next week. Put out to the…


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Day 1 of My Massive Change Challenge

Hi All,

I missed the original start, so I am making today Sepetember 9 the start of my 30 Day Massive Change Challenge. So here goes:

1. I want to all the necessary painting and decorating work done on my house to get it listed for sale by the end of the challenge. Along the way I will uncover and become aware of my self sabotage and procrastination that has prolonged the completion of the work the past 8 weeks.

2. To finally get my website up and running once and…


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The Continuation and Manifestation of My Dream

Hi All,

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has been on fast forward. I am finally standing tall and putting out the work that I do. So please support me in my creation. I am a host on Blogtalkradio and tonight I am hosting my first show with a Special Guest. Please join me. Namaste Carol x

Please Join Our Show Tonight for our Special Guest…

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Day 6, Season 6 - Slowly getting back on track.

Hi all:

It has been way tooo long. Season 5 was a major wake up call in all areas of my life. Nothing bad, just aha moments in all areas. I had a few really amazing surprises that came out of the blue and I am so very grateful for these experiences. My clarity and focus is improving day by day and for that I am truly thankful. So we shall see what Season 6 has in store for me. Third time lucky in setting my Season start date. March 28 being the ultimate start date and…


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Day 1, Season 5 - It is my time to Blossom!

Hi all,

I have been scarce the last while digesting season 4 and preparing for season 5. Season 4 was a wild ride to say the least. I experienced my highest highs and my lowest of lows and it brought me to the realisation that I don't know myself. I don't truly know my true authentic self and for that gift I am truly thankful. I have manifested some fantastic things, experiences and blessings in my life, but they never truly satisfied me or filled me. I now know that what I have been… Continue

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Day 100, Season 4 - Not what I expected.

Hi All,

I have been mia the last bit. Things kicked into overdrive and changed sooooo much. Not at all in the way I expected, but I definitely created it with worrying and focusing on what I didn't want. So I am a fantastic creator to be sure. Still surprisingly, I am happy with the results that I have manifested. It has been a major purging of old thoughtforms, old ideas, beliefs and greater clarity of what more important to me. Still have fine tuning, but nonetheless, it is becoming more… Continue

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Day 13, Season 4 - Everything is finally falling into place!

Hi All:

Things are finally falling into place. I am doing more massage with great results. Working less hours at the pub for a higher hourly rate. Making the same money for half the hours, I am liking this more and more. My shifts are much more enjoyable, I even finished early last night and shared a pint with my friend for a few hours. Haven't had the chance to do that on a Saturday night in months! I have a new massage client this week and had a new massage client on Friday that… Continue

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Day 1, Season 4 - Now that I know what I want! Bring it to me!!!! This season is going to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Okay, here is my first blog for Season 4! I had had soo much contrast over the past 3 seasons I am really clear on what I want and most of all what is most important to me. So, I have made several significant decisions this past weekend!

1. I have contacted clients, friends and customers to help me get my chair massage business going full-time! I have created 20 hours of paid chair massage every week locally with great clients, companies and people. They love the… Continue

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Day 100, Season 3 - Thank you so much Universe for giving me a kick in the butt!

Hi all,

It has truly been a wild ride this season. Soooo many changes, some great others a learning experience. But I have definitely moved forward. So let's see, the main points this season:

1. I finally made a huge change and quit my job and moved to another company one month ago. More money, more prestige and more opportunities. Actually, I have had a huge does of contrast with this change so thank you for showing me what I really want!

2. I finally figured… Continue

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Day 80, Season 3 - July 11, 2009 Tomorrow is my first day at my new job!

Hi Everyone:

The day has finally arrived, my first day at my new job starts at 9am with our Wedding Fayre. I am looking forward to the wonderful opportunities that it will bring to me. The people are really nice and everyone supports each other. I have the opportunity to learn all about large events and functions. Helping people to plan their weddings and large events at our facility. A new area opens for me to be creative and shine! I am so excited.

Today I attended a… Continue

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Day 72, Season 3 - July 3, 2009 - It keeps on getting better!

Hi Everyone:

Thank you all for being here for me. I have been offered several new jobs and have accepted a job up the hill from where I live. It is an £80.00 a week increase for the next 3 months, increasing from there. Thank you for my severance that was over £300.00 more than expected. Sorry I haven't added more recently, but it has been so hectic. I have been playing with the 4 Day LOA and have had fabulous results as you can see. There has been so much that I don't even know where to… Continue

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Day 6, Season 3 - It has already taken off to a great start!

Hi All:

I am thrilled to bits! Finally after 18 months of visualising my bedroom to be re-decorated, plastered, painted the lot it is finally DONE!!!!! I manifested the cash to pay for it, found a fabulous contractor who re-boarded the ceiling, skimmed the ceilings and walls, primed and painted the lot! Put up curtain rods, moved beds around, light fixtures and other electrical work PLUS!!!! He did the same in my bathroom! I am so thrilled and grateful. I love my new room! New bedding and… Continue

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Day 1, Season 3 - Today is the Best day of my Life!

Hi All:

Today is the perfect start to my New Season! I have a wonderful networking event to attend with over 250 local companies represented. I manifested this free event at the end of my Season 2. The next networking event is next week Thursday and I manifested a free booth to promote and showcaswe my business! Tonight I will be doing mini massages and demonstrating the great work that I do. I will manifest 5 regular contracts doing chair massage tonight and I am so excited. I love the… Continue

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Day 100, Season 2 - I have learned sooo much!

Hi Everyone:
Another season comes to an end today. It has been so different than the first season. Lots lots of little bits and pieces, but a lot more clarity this time around. I want to thank you all for being there and showing your support. This is a journey of many, and each one helps each person to move along. Thank you for holding a great space to manifest my deepest desires and wishes. I am so thankful to you all. I can't wait to start season 3. Have a fabulous day! Carol x

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Day 98, Season 2 - The Big Finish

Hi All:
Only 2 Days to go for the big finish. Things are finally coming together. The dental work I had hoped for is in process. My plaster starts this coming Thursday and Friday to start on my ceilings and walls. I have waited for over a year and everything came together. I have almost 50% of my cash for my upcoming vacation to Portugal. I am thrilled to bits. I am already starting on my Season 3 list. Thank you all for being there for me.
Carol xx

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Day 88, Season 2 - Bits and pieces finally come together!

Hi All,

It has been rather manic the last few days, but things are proceeding slowly but surely. I have been given another booth to advertise my company for free at the end of the month. I also have another networking event to attend and do mini massages the week before the big show so my exposure is slowly but surely increasing. This season has been very different than my first season. I find that I am challenging the decisions and choices I made last season and seriously fine tuning all… Continue

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Day 77, Season 2 - A surprise offer out of the blue!

Hi All:

So glad that I am finally back on track with my life and intentions. My friend called me over the weekend and blew my mind by asking me to join her and start a company to provide all of the services I always wanted to do. We have different abilities but together we would make a fabulous team. I never knew she was longing to create the same dream and now it is on the table and we have started to put it all together. An amazing creation has started. Here's to a fabulous new future… Continue

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