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Dear Oprah,

Iles School is an urban, inner city school with 21 different nationalities represented in our student population. One of the best things about our school is our service learning projects. We used to be an O Ambassador School. Now... we are a Free the Children Youth In Action School. This means Iles students support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for children.

Clean water


Medical care


Sustainable Development

With… Continue

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For Aleta

".....learning achieved by students is generally superficial and largely decontextual from student experience and,life of the community. In other words, it is inauthentic learning, superficial learning, fake learning, make believe learning, rather than something that intrinsically adds value to students' lives and prepares them for responsible adulthood. Schools continue to go about the business of learning-the primary work of the school- as though it was simple or primarily an intellectual… Continue

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Extreme Home Makeover / The Adventure Continues/ My Day 34 / Season 4

Dear CCOR,

The producer I have been talking with asked me to write a summary for him. So I wrote this and sent antoher vid. (of the school and the family) Let me know what you think!


Sherry 6-3-09

I wanted to weave this story for you like a beautiful tapestry, because it has so many interesting threads, any of which perhaps would make an interesting angle for the show. There is so much to say, so I will try to keep it as brief as possible. This has been such a… Continue

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Extreme Home Make Over's (Ty Pennington) The Art of Allowing

OK, this is just weird. I was asked to talk to a student who might be homeless because his roof collapsed during a recent storm. Right before I went to talk with him, I got an email from a friend asking for nominations for Extreme Home Make Overs. I nominated the an email from a producer today!!! I hope they are chosen!! I love allowing! So surprising and fun!

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Another TED Talk...check it out....

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Check Out Laura Duksta at our Writer's Conference!

cut and paste into your browser... this video was featured on our district web site for a week....

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SIxth Annual Iles Writer's Conference/ Opening Remarks

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” As we celebrate all we are learning about reading and writing, we are also joining our imaginations together to create something beautiful.

“IMAGINE: What Kind of World Do You Want?” is about coming together to dream a dream using our thoughts, words, actions, and most importantly our imaginations to help our dreams come true. Thoughts are powerful. Words are powerful. Actions are powerful. Dreams are powerful. And… Continue

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Boiling Bones and Toilet Stories

Boiling Bones and Toilet Stories

Chapter One

Please allow me to introduce myself, dear reader. This is my story and my truth, of which many people are not aware. How does one’s story begin? The story of Sherry. Before birth? In the womb? In the nursery, grade school, high school? How does one define oneself? As a daughter, wife, mother? What happens when it is all stripped away? Is there anyone left to describe?

This particular story begins when everything by which I… Continue

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Letter to Yoko

Dear Yoko,

Thanks for the message this weekend! You are introducing me to many new and wonderful things! I must admit I loved your list of 25, and I relate to many of them. I sent you a birthday package and Valentine that says, "Remember Love". Sound familiar? @>---- Hope you like the handmade sculpture from Lake Michigan. Dan did it for you. You 2 have the same birthday! Serendipity, psychokenisis........

Below is a video posted on our school district home page about our school's… Continue

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An Open to President Obama

Dear Sir:

You will be coming to our town on February 12, 2009 to pay tribute to our "first citizen", Abraham Lincoln. It is so fitting and right.

I am a teacher at Iles Elementary School who totally believes in this President. I believe in your plan to call people into service. I believe in your ability to mobilize people on a soul level to reach out to one another. I believe you wear that mantle of greatness shared by Lincoln, Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And I… Continue

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Source Energy Everywhere! Day 58 Season 2/ 2-1-09

Hi Everyone,

I went to a retreat this weekend at the Chiara Center, a beautiful Catholic country/wooded retreat center. Chiara means "Clare", friend of St. Fransis of Assisi, which is my husband's patron.

Ever since I have had these recurring amazing mystical experiences, and joined CCOR, I have wondered anxiously about the place of organized religion in my life. I appreciate everyone with other points of view, but I have always cherished my church involvement as an important… Continue

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Thank you, everyone!

A mountain of thanks to everyone who sent prayers and good intentions for my niece, Anna. She miscarried her little boy, but is physically recovering and out of the hospital. It was OVERWHELMING (in a great way!) that so many of you responded. I really believe this group can move mountains. Together, we have such an enormous synergy.

Thank you to all of you! And thanks to those who read my blog and prayed, even if you didn't physically respond. I can feel that, too.

Tomorrow I… Continue

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Extreme gratitude

Hi All,
It is a testament to the love shared in this group, how many of you have written and sent love and prayers. My niece's condition is stable, and they will have to take the baby since she is not responding to the inducement. I believe that the angels are guiding and protecting she and the family, thanks to your loving intentions.
Thank you so much!
p.s.vlog post to come about my winter adventures in Kansas! ; > )

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My niece, Anna

My friends,
My niece Anna Rothman has miscarried her baby and is having complications due to excessive bleeding.
I know from my recent horse experience that the power of prayer and positive intention can mean the difference between life and death. Please remember Anna in your prayers and meditation tonight. She needs our support.
Thank you so much!

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Day 56 Surprised by Joy

Dear Co-Creators,

Isn't this adventure exciting and surprising? I was contacted this week by John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting. Check out his site

Our Writer's Conference for our students this year will have the theme, 'What Kind of World Do You Want?", which is from John's song "World". He wrote and gave permission to use it. This is an amazing manifestation for me. I am hoping he might come.

Last year, our theme was "Become the Change… Continue

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letters from indigos 9-3-08

hi all,

here is the blog in case the browser didn't connect....really sweet sentiments

especially check out 10 and 19...... : > )

We know that Mrs. Frachey is sad to miss the start of school. We certainly miss her. What would you like to say to Mrs. Frachey to ease her mind and let her know we are thinking of her?


Hey Mrs. Frachey how are you doing? I hope you doing will get better really soon. I will be thinking of you all the time!… Continue

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gratitude x 100!!

i am sooo grateful for all of my friends at Iles School. i have been telling you all how cool these kids are....
check out their get well notes on their classroom blog!!

cut and paste this into your browser

i especially liked rafi's comment about life being a mystery...these are 5th graders! indigos to be sure!

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Day 75/100 Season 1/July 14

Hi All,

Another text post, but it was a blessing to take my laptop in because they will install all the latest toys so I can do a keynote for a conference in Chicago in August. Love those "bells and whistles""!!

I have been asked to present at several national conferences, the upcoming one is in Chicago on August 10th. Later ones will be in Texas. So when I get my computers back, they will be ready to go for the presentations.

I took my GRE and did well! Not too well on the… Continue

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Gratitude and Technical Difficulties (smiles)

Hi Co-Creators,

As I type this on my husband's computer, my poor laptop sits frozen and waiting for a tune up! I am not sure how to load vids on this machine, but I'm sure I will figure it out so we can stay in touch. But, I am not receiving e-mail notices until I get my iBook back from the shop..

Today is my day 73! I am almost in the home stretch, and I must say that even as I post intentions, they somehow manifest. I believe that this gives me power to take right action and… Continue

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For Andie! The Illuminated Journey in Action

Hey Andie...

After I watched your Illuminted Journey vlog, this opportunity presented itself to me. Because the New Moon stage encourages us to step out, and what you mentioned that in your comments to me, I sent this in. Let's see what the Universe is cooking up!! I will look forward to co-creator's feedback on this one!

I recently saw Dr. Bolte Taylor on Oprah's "Soul Series" and listened to her on "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross. I am an elementary school teacher, specifically a… Continue

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