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What a wonderful day :)

Today started a little rocky I have to admit. Once I decided that I was going to choose not having a grumpy day its as though a light switch was turned on and all was great again :)


I have been sticking with working out at least 3 times a week. Today I did miss my xfit workout but I did crunches, push ups and lunges to make up a mini workout. Then this evening went to aquafit with my sister in law and did both the shallow water class and the deep water class. Hopefully I can…


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Day 2 of actually doing this :)

Hello everyone! Today I am going to work really hard on not yelling. It doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have a 6yr old, a 4 yr old, and a 1 yr old sometimes my brain I'm sure tells me that if I yell it they'll listen. Not today :) Wish me luck, I have lots of Christmas paper for them to paint today so that should keep them all busy and its meant to be messy so they don't have to worry too much. Thats what the bath tub is for.

I hope that everyone is doing great. I have…


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Starting a new season! I really have no clue which season I'm on :)

Hello everyone! I know that it has been such a long time since I have written a blog. I really need to get things back on track and what better way then to start a new challenge!

Today I began my day by letting my feelings and dillusionment get in the way of an important friendship. I truley acted like a child in the situation and surprise.... alot of people are angry. Really I'm angry as well. Now I have to try and fix or at least pick up as many peices as I can. Really give…


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Day 75 Season 3

Only 25 days left of this season. I can't believe how fast time flies once theres a little warm weather :)

So today I found out from my ultrasound that I'm 24 weeks pregnant and it's a little girl. It still looks like the due date if for the first week of November, I'm hoping that I'll be able to take the boys out trick or treating before I pop.

I hope that you are all doing well, I'll write more soon. I just wanted to do a quick update with the good news!!!

Talk to… Continue

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Day 61 Season 3

Its about time that I write another blog. I'd like to start today off though by doing a quick gratitude list :) Blog to follow later.

I am truley greatful that I was given this day to live, to enjoy my boys, to be able to cuddle them whenever I want.

-for having healthy food for us all to eat

-for my family

-for my husband taking another job that he doesn't seem to crazy about to make sure that we're provided for

-that I can feel the baby kicking around inside my… Continue

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Day 55 Season 3

Hello everyone! Today we had the chance to go out and get some more flowers for pretty much everywhere in my yard. Its funny but just planting out the flowers and trying to plan where to put them all really kept me nice and calm. I quite enjoyed myself I must say :)

I still have alot of things that I wanted to accomplish today though. At least its only 6:16 so I have some time. I wanted to up my water consumption and also try and fit in at least some yoga in today. I may have to cut… Continue

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Day 54 Season 3

Yikes I can't believe I haven't blogged in sooo long. Where did the time go :) I'm having alot of trouble focusing this challenge. I really am starting to get into it now but I have alot of making up to do!

One of the things that I really want to focus on this and the next challenge is excercise and health. I want to be as healthy and fit as possible to help this pregnancy be as nice and smooth as possible and with any luck after pushing out number three be able to get somewhat of a… Continue

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Season 3 Day 26

Oh its getting late here, one quick blog post and then off to bed before the kids get up :)

I need to figure out a way to make money to help our family income. Right now my husband is the only one working and I'm staying at home with our 2 boys. Child care for us far outweighs what I would be making so it was our decision for us to save money and keep me home.

Well that was alright before but now we're starting to struggle again. I need to figure out something, anything to… Continue

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Season 3 Day 24

My goal today really is to try harder to write blogs. I want to be able to see some sort of progress without such a significant time passing in between each ;)

Hello everyone. It has been a while since Ive decided to write a blog. Things have been a little crazy. I think that just comes with the warmer weather finally coming. This week I'm going to put in my garden, I love seeing the plants coming up.

I think that this 100 days is going to be quite a big one for me. There… Continue

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Season 2 Day 11

Hello everyone!!! Well things are finally looking up. First I would like to say a big happy mothers day to all of you that have little ones, or maybe big ones about :) I looked at what I wanted to have a great weekend, I could have just sat at the house and cleaned or moped around and thought about all the problems that we were having but I had to figure out when I am my happiest. For me it's usually when I'm outside, playing with my kids or just having a positive fun conversation with family… Continue

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Day 5 Season 3

Well I most definately know what not to do with the law of attraction. In 2 days I have managed to make my nice little life into a horrible hell. Really do not focus on the negative, not only will it bring itself onto you but it will bring a whole bunch of negetive friends.

Today is my 6th year wedding anniversary and honestly my husband had to work, said it was nothing special and I really don't know if he even wants to make it to 7. Everything seems pretty sad right now but for the… Continue

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Season 3 Day 1

Hello everyone!!! Another season up and ready to go. I'm really excited about this season, I have been working on my intentions and goals today, I'm not quite finished but I thought I would get in a blog post before the boys got up from their nap

I really want to focus on keeping positive and stressfree during this challenge. Not only for me but for the baby in the belly. Of course also for the 2 out of the belly :) My hormones seem a little wonky this time round and what better way… Continue

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Day 97 Season 2

Yikes. I have really fallen behind with keeping up with my blogs. Well this challenge has been really trying for me. I have already started my new goals list for the new challenge that is coming up in just a couple of days. I'm going to start my season 3 on the 28th though its my champagne birthday :)

So I miss all of you that I was keeping touch with. Lets see if I can catch up everyone with whats new without boring you all to death. First off I'm pregnant with number 3. I'm due Nov… Continue

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Day turning around :)

I'm not sure if any of you were able to read the last post, just a couple of hours ago but things were slowly falling apart and I was starting to feel desperate... I went and took care of myself, a nice pepermint tea and just sat and calmed my mind. I had to clear all of the negative thoughts and change the situation to positive. By the end though I fealt and feel so much calmer and relaxed. So now with a nice open mind my husband called me and said that out of the blue his employer changed… Continue

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What am I doing wrong ??? This second season has been going horribly for me. My husband needs to go to another city for work and wants to uproot my family to go with him for an entire month (Feb) My …

What am I doing wrong ??? This second season has been going horribly for me. My husband needs to go to another city for work and wants to uproot my family to go with him for an entire month (Feb) My sister is due in the beginning of Febuary, I have appointments for the kids and I'm part of our community league doing crafts with the kids. It just seems that when things seem to be going fantastic life has to throw in a monkey wrench. Our house is sick with the flu today. Its so hard to even begin… Continue

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Day 1 Season 2 For Real this time Honest !!! :)

Hello everyone! I'm finally taking this seriously and doing the challenge right this time. I had so much fun with the first season and manifested alot I can't believe I let season 2 kind of go... really though now I get to do it along with sooo many amazing people all at the same time.

I'm still working on all of my intentions for this season. This year I'm focusing on total self care, I will focus on being a better mom, working on my patience and really just enjoying my kids. I will… Continue

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Season 2 to start again Jan 15 :)

Hello everyone I thought that I would just check in with you all and see how everyone is doing. Here we're doing fantastic. Tomorrow is my oldest sons 4th birthday. He's so excited. He requested swimming for his birthday so I said yes of course but now had to go on the dreaded swimsuit search. When I got to the mall though I decided to look at it differentely and made it fun. No matter what I needed to find a suit. I went in and tried on some of the most crazy things just to get me in a good… Continue

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Season 2

Hello everyone I thought that I would share with you all a poem that I just read off of

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years. I will be posting some new things about the challenge soon. Here it is.

Happy 2009!

To help that dream come true, here is a poem by Christian D Larson “I Promise Myself”

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person… Continue

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Season 2 Day ???

Hello everyone!!! So Christmas is almost here, such an exciting time of year. The trick though is to not let into the possible stress of the season. As some of you know we have been blasted with quite a few stressfull situations, and they just keep on coming but I've realized that things may happen that have to be dealt with, but I'm going to stay happy and focused. I have to go through it anyways and I would rather be happy then miserable. It's soooo easy to get into the why does this have to… Continue

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Finally Season 2 Day 1

For all of you that read my last blog you all know what a stressful time that this last week has been on our family. Yesterday we met with the owner of the mall and he helped us out so that we didn't completely get blind sided and that we didn't have to sell our house. They initially told us tough luck. It just goes to show that things can fall apart in just seconds but they also can solve themselves in seconds as well. I'm soooo lucky and thankful for all of my friends and family that helped… Continue

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