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day 7, wellspring

Grounded and centered, I recharge myself from the wellspring, the source of all nourishment, the infinite creative power that is Spirit. I let my heart of hearts navigate my path.... gather your forces and rein in your horses and feel your heart beating like thunder, then listen until the spring becomes filled, and drink from the well in wonder..

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day 6 - i can see

well i can see

through the sparkling radiance that casts a spell on me

like crystal liquid space, it shines through everyone

waves in an infinite sea

even in our desolate embrace, i see it in your face

in you there's no disgrace

you see yourself so small, but that's not what I see at all

you are the power in my joy

your smile anoints my fear away

your touch is fire to my soul

oh what a lucky day

that i can see this… Continue

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day 5 - monsters, inc. and the law of resonance

although something may present as a monster, tries to frighten us into giving our power away to fear, be steadfast.

we can hold tight to the hands of our sacred circle of angels who surround the "monster", and draw upon the strength of our connection to see through the illusion of what scares us;

for it is by being bathed in the light of compassion for it's underlying pain and loneliness that the monster finally can have the chance to choose to release its game of… Continue

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day 4, prayers

may all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness

may all beings have no suffering nor the causes of suffering

May all beings dwell in supreme bliss free from all sorrow and suffering.

And may all being rest in great equanimity free from all attachment, addiction, indifference and aversion.

And may all beings wake up to recognize their true self-nature.


Money is one expression of my spirituality and my love for God, myself, and… Continue

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day 3, reading

flower essences:

prarie larkspur - for singing the praises of life.

mock orange - loosening stuck old emotional patterns often relating to anger, self-esteem or being inflexible and often from traumatic or abusive situations. Releases cellular emotions and allows old patterns to change.

mother peace card: 3 of discs: "building the temple of the goddess"

water crystal oracle card: cranial hado, "peace of mind"

healing with the fairies card: Awakening… Continue

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gratitude for cleansing

May the external world, the world of my senses be purified.
May the internal world, the world of my spirit be purified.
May the subtle world, the world of my soul be purified.
Praise be to the great spirit that enlightens my inner being and all the world.
~ the Gayatri

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the real deal

Ever wonder what's really happening with 2012?

Check out David Wilcock's free 1 hour mp3 dowload, 2012, The Bright Side, very inspiring!

I also highly recommend the extremely informative supportive text with images . His audio series The Science of Peace is also fabulous.

"Whoever… Continue

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"cause we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and sun, yes we all shine on, everyone, come on!"

I am stepping ever more fully into all of my spiritual and healing gifts, and making myself available wherever i am needed most to serve for the greatest good.

I am attracting a new life, a new home, and new prosperity, that is even more in alignment with my true Self expression, gifts, and purpose for this incarnation.

I am creating a nurturing h[e]aven on earth of abundance, joy, self sustainablity and harmony with the elements.

I am aligning the central sun,… Continue

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