The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Day 9, Season 1

Short and sweet:

I love this place and the wonderful people that are here. It makes me feel positive every day when I watch your videos.

Wishing you all everything you desire.

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Day 2, Season 1

I am going to have to write some things I am grateful for in today's blog because my manifesting powers are a little shaky.

I am grateful that I have a sister in law that is so smart and that she supports me completely.

I am grateful that we have another project at work that will be quite lucrative.

I am grateful that I have a wonderful cousin I can tell anything to.

I am grateful that I have a new coat because it is getting cold.

I am… Continue

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Day 1

Had a really good day, except for the last five minutes. My dog was outside and when he gets excited he barks like he is well crazy and I have been working on this with him for a long time now. But when he sees another dog he doesn't even hear me. Anyway my new neighbour (just moved here in August) was walking his tiny dog and I said to him my dog is not aggressive he just gets excited and he plays with my parent's dogs which are both tiny like yours and he didn't even look at me, he shrugged… Continue

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Day 1 tomorrow - Hello all!

So excited to find this place and to start my 100 day challenge tomorrow.

Thank you universe for bringing me here.

The law of attraction has worked for me in many ways over the past two years, in both good and not so good ways, so I am excited to find a place that will keep me on the right track every day.

That's really all I have to say today.

I will post tomorrow night with my day 1 thoughts!

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