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My angel Jasper Thomas was 'born sleeping' on Wednesday July 8th 2009 at 40 weeks and 5 days. He was perfect in every way ~ except for the fact his little heart had stopped beating the night before.

I think my heart also had stopped beating momentarily when we were told I would have to deliver a baby I couldn't take home.....

Telling our four gorgeous kids was almost as difficult as the idea of giving birth to my 'sleeping baby'.

After a long and hard labour, Jasper arrived… Continue

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~ I am so happy and grateful that my office is clean, tidy, clear and a wonderful, inspiring place to create and work from! ~

~ I am so happy and grateful that every room in our home is clean, de-cluttered, peaceful and a place of santcuary to all whom enter it. Every room in our home is organised and comfortable. Our home has a beautiful energy that inspires, uplifts, comforts and relaxes all who live here as well as those who visit ~

~ I am so happy and grateful that our music room… Continue

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Wow this really is an awesome community to be part of.

Thank you all for your beautiful messages of support to our fellow Co~Creator, my friend Ali.

It is a lovely reminder that even though we each have our own individual journey, we are fully supported along the way.

Supporting others really does benefit each of us, so from the bottom of my heart ~ thank you for all being the beacons of light and love you are.

May you all have a joyous day knowing your love and light… Continue

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DAY 12 OF 100 ~ Gratitude Is A Happenin' Thing!

Thank you for everything!

I am completely joyful and I am so grateful for the manifestions coming to me now ~ all the wonderful abundance and blessings I have in my life are amazing!

Thank you for my wonderful friends, my loving family and the bliss I feel each and every day!

I am so blessed to be on this journey with loving like-minded souls.

Thank you for my new phone and my webcam that I just love! Thank you for the huge flow of miracles in my life and thank you for… Continue

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DAY 11 OF 100

Hello Co Creators

Wow 11 days in and I am attracting miracles and manifestations beyond counting!

I am applying for a part-time position and I just know I already have it! Thank you!

~ I love my new job and the people I work with ~ I have plenty of time for work, family, partner and me and plenty of free time to work on my new business ~ I have financial freedom and independance and I enjoy it now ~

I sent my submission for a book written by a well known author and someone I… Continue

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DAY 10 OF 100 ~ Part 2

Good evening Co-Creators

As I write this I am feeling blessed and grateful for the wonderful manifestations coming to me now.

I have placed my hands on things the second I've had the thought, it is almost instantaneous. I am receiving signs from the Universe everyday that my manifestions are being delivered ~ thank you

~ I gratefully accept all gifts and abundance into my life now ~ I am so happy and grateful for our wonderful holiday in Thailand ~ I love and accept myself ~ My… Continue

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Hi Groovers

Well today I brought cigarettes ~ I thought I was totally over the smoking thing but every now and then it pops up to remind me of my human-ness!

Rather than beating myself up as I have done in the past without success I am trying something new. I am telling you all about it!

I have decided to start a group for all those who want to live breathing free without the dependancy of nictotine. So my magical manifestation for today is that those who need the support a group… Continue

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DAY 9 OF 100

~ I know why Lillou called this the 100 Day CHALLENGE!

Today I was feeling challenged, in a bit of a lull. I spoke to the wonderful Mish, I always get such clarity speaking with her, and realised I didn't want to be in the abyss I was slowly moving towards. I have spent a long time there in the past and do not need to revisit it! The abyss to me is that place where I used to go when I was feeling flat, negative, depressed, sad, anxious, bored, procrastinative. Sometimes I could just pass… Continue

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DAYS 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ OF 100

Hello Wonderful Co-Creators

I'm back from a wonderful weekend with some of my extended family.

Day 6 was spent with travelling home after some special one-on-one time with my beloved grandparents.

~ Thank you for wonderfully safe and protected travels ~ Thank you for the fabulous time I spent with my family ~ Thank you for helping me find J safe(a cousin who temporarily went missing)

I was a little triggered by my mum tonight and was able to transform it straightaway… Continue

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DAY 5 OF 100 ~ Anzac Day

We went to the dawn service which was one of the most moving expereinces I have had.

It was a real priviledge to share the day with my brother and his wife. They are amazing people.

We then all headed over to see my Nan and Pa for the 11am march.

I had the most wonderful day ever marching for Pa alongside other family members. It was very emotional and very humbling.

I saw a different side to my usually jovial, jolly Pa. My Pa is such a modest, humble man that he chooses not… Continue

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DAY 4 OF 100

~ I am in Wodonga and off to see my beautiful Pa tomorrow. Tomorrow is Anzac Day ~ a day to commemorate the soldiers who never returned home from war.

~ My brother and sister-in-law are both members of the defence force and my kids and I will be attending the dawn service with them and their kids.

~ Thank you for our safe and protected travels ~ Thank you for my new dress ~ Thank you for guiding me to exactly where I needed to be ~ I am so happy and grateful to be sharing Anzac Day… Continue

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DAY 3 OF 100

A great day.

I was brave and sent a submission to a well known author today, to be part of his new book. Yay for me!

~ I thankfully accept all the wonderful new opportunities, blessings and abundance that comes to me now ~ I deserve all that is great in life ~

I successfully manifested some new clothes for myself ~ yay! I wanted some new tops and gratefully accepted the three new ones that came my way.

I had been into the same shop a few days before and didn't see anything I… Continue

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DAY 2 OF 100

Greetings Co Creators

I have started re-reading 'Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen' by Patricia Crane. It is a wonderful book and is something I read many years ago, long before 'The Secret' was revealed to the world. It is a great book for kids with the wonderful analogies and examples. I am enjoying re-reading it again as I do when I re-watch 'The Secret' over and over, I discover different things and meanings and learn something new or on a deeper level ~ it's fab!

I had… Continue

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Hello Magical Manifesters!

I intend to use a vision board, journalling (written when I don't have computer access) and blogging (I didn't know what a blog was until 2 days ago LOL), positve affirmations, creative visualisations, eft, meditation and reading to assist me with my 100 Day Challenge

I am blessed to have many wonderful teachers in my life, some whom I have not yet met and others I have. My constant teachers are my children and my partner - thank you. , Mary Heath, Patricia… Continue

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