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Love Letters To My (soon-to-be) Husband


My intentions are set on meeting the man I will marry by the time my first Season ends. So here are some words I want to share with him...


To my Husband,


                 Let me first start off by telling you that I absolutley LOVE you. You bring so much joy in my life, and so many smiles upon my face. How do you it so well? How do you know me; "get me" so well?!! I admire your strength and your abiltiy to not sweat the small things. Your abilty to be my partner in life. Look at what we've done! Isn't it just thee dopest thing EVER?! You are gorgeous to me. Don't you know how beautiful you are ? Your dark brown skin, your comforting eyes, those sexy lips, your warm smile, your clean fresh scent, you intoxicate me! I love to look at you be yourself- while you're on the phone, when you put on your clothes, or while watching a game on television. You're laidback personality is so attractive. I love how it keeps me balanced.  I love the way you are with Tyler. We did not create him, but he is as much your son as he is mine. You are a positive man for him to be around and I just smile at you two's relationship, how much fun yall have together, and how he listens to you. You are such a blessing and you should be reminded of that EVERYDAY! You are a bright light in our lives! I love your taste in music. You come home excited to tell me about the songs you heard, and we listen to them together and let the music take over... I love that you are SO PASSIONATE about what you do! and I am thankful that you recieve the pay that you deserve for the work you love. What a responsible man you are! You keep this family together, I love how you take lead and I admire how you treat me as your partner. You are so fun to be around, you make me laugh SO much. I feel so light and childlike in your arms while we watch cartoons for nostalgia's sake. I love to hear the thump thump of your heart. It's music to my ears. The way you kiss me is special. like your lips were made just for ME! I love the way you treat me. You call me "Queen" and always make sure that I'm happy. I loe when you watch me dance. I love the way you admire my body, you give it so much attention. I love your attentin to detail *wink* I love how you speak my love language and ALWAYS make it a priority to enjoy quality time with me....  Please keep being who you are. There's is nothing I would change about you because you are perfect, and I see you as God sees you. You are an amazing man, and you ought to know it...

                                                                                                                                                   Loving you forever,




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Comment by Allison K. on April 23, 2012 at 4:08pm

Thanks Natalie!!! You should do it.. you can feel it and see it being true as you write the words out. The trick is to be as natural as you possibly can! Go for it...

Comment by NJ on April 22, 2012 at 1:15pm

Oh Allison, 

I absolutely love your love letter to your soon to be husband. You are just giving me so much inspiration to do this myself!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

I must admit, I am already wearing a lovely ring on my ring finger and pretending/imagining I am already happily married...and can't wait for the day we actually wed - on the beach!!! 

You are a blessing girl! An amazing human and you WILL get that beautiful man coming your way in NO time!! Watch this space :-)

Much Love

Nat xx


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