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Media Coverage: United States | April 2007

YouTube Video Bloggers Test Power of ‘The Secret’
Online community successfully utilizes law of attraction

In the wake of “The Secret” and its appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” many wonder if its claim—that by using the law of attraction you can create the life of your dreams—is true. Three women and their worldwide community of video bloggers are finding out, through The 100 Day Reality Challenge on YouTube (

The Challenge is organized by the founders of Co-Creating Our Reality or CCOR(, entrepreneur Lilou Mace and best-selling authors Sandy Grason and Laura Duksta. Grason explained, “Many say practices like goal-setting, journaling and meditation can transform your life. We’re proving it.”

Participants begin by declaring what they want to attract into their lives. Results include a car, an iPod, new careers and financial windfalls, just to name a few.

Participant “Rob C.” attained his dream car after weeks of visualization. “It was an impossible dream ... but I made it happen,” Rob shared. A co-creator by the username ‘jufisk’ credits The Challenge with helping her land her ideal job.

Thousands have signed up to share the journey of more than 150 video bloggers from 14 countries. Participation is free. According to Mace, “All you need is Internet access, an adventurous spirit and the desire to better your life.” Mace’s videos have soared in popularity, with some exceeding 3,000 views.

To its likeminded members, this far-reaching global community feels like a tight-knit family. Grason emphasized that it’s not just about the results the community is manifesting. “It’s also about surrounding yourself with people who support you in attaining your greatest vision, on the good days and the bad days.”

CCOR’s founders have also seen results. Duksta attracted a publisher for her children’s book. Mace achieved her goal of hosting a talk show, now airing in Chicago, and received $20,000 of needed funding. Grason received an invitation to visit the Virgin Islands via private jet for a yachting excursion just three days after concocting that scenario on her vision board. (Creating a vision board video-

The 100 Day Reality Challenge addresses the fact that while the self-help industry is huge, most people don’t have the structure needed to act on the concepts. “‘The Secret’ is just another great movie—unless you apply it,” explained Duksta. “At the heart of this experiment is a group of people who are taking responsibility for their lives and the world.”

About Co-Creating Our Reality
Founded by Laura Duksta, Sandy Grason and Lilou Mace,
( Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community putting the law of attraction and other universal laws and principles to the test. The CCOR 100 Day Reality Challenge is an experiment rooted in a belief that through collective thoughts, words and actions, a new and better world can be achieved. Learn more at

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