The 100 Day Reality Challenge

1. Most valuable lesson from 2009?

To be in the moment, to take better care of myself and to believe myself and my abilities.

2. How will you apply that lesson in 2010?

Remind myself everyday to slow down, take some time for me and continue to challenge myself to grow.

3. If you could go back to the beginning of 2009 and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

There is no going back, each experience happened just the way it was supposed to teach us whatever lessons necessary. But, I worry alot, so my advice is to not worry as much and again be in the present.

4. How will you apply that advice in 2010?

Will try to live each day to the fullest.

5. Who are the people who had the greatest impact on your life in 2009?

My husband, my Mom, my parents-in -law, friends that supported me through Ben's deployment & through my last semesters of school.

6. Who are the people you had the greatest impact on in 2009?

Not sure, but hope that I inspired others young and old to get their education and reach for their dreams.

7. Who are the people you intend to have a powerful positive impact on in 2010?

All of the people I come in contact with on a daily basis.

8. Who will you ask for support from in 2010?

Much of the same people listed above.

9. What was your greatest experience in 2009?

Wow, so many great things happened in 09, first and foremost finishing college and then followed by the celebration--vacation to Hawaii, what a beautiful place.

10. What would you like your greatest experience in 2010 to be?

I know 2010 will hold some great changes, some of which I won't have control over due to the military. But, I think my greatest experience will be continuing my journey to become Catholic in the spring.

11. What unexpected gifts or blessings did you receive in 2009?

To be in the moment and to believe myself and my abilities.
Friendship is what really kept me going this year. My friend Vanessa called me once a week while my husband was deployed. Jackie invited me to lunch and get togethers. Jessica and I loved Fri/Sat nights at her house singing rockband. My new friends at church have been a source of encouragement and support.

12. Where did you push your comfort zone in 2009?

Finishing school was harder than I imagined it would be. I'm proud to say I finished with a 3.8 GPA, that took alot of time and energy--many hours at the library.

13. Where will you push your comfort zone in 2010?

Getting back into optimum shape. Trying to find a balance between work, home, etc that still helps me reach my goals in each area. I have a lot of work to do in the new year.

14. Top 3 achievements in 2009?

1) I purged and organized alot of "stuff" preparing the garage for my husbands return, though it's not a huge achievement. It was hard to do by myself. Alot the ground work for this was done in 08, but it took some heavy lifting to finish the job in Jan and Feb.

2) Again, finishing school. It was 10 years in the making, since 1999 I'd been in military training (earned credits), then going to school in between moving, deployment, temporary duties, and other life events. This was a proud moment for my Mom, Dad and me. They always pushed me to get my education.

3) My program at church has helped me to reflect and focus on myself...something I haven't done in a while. I was afraid to go forward, but faith is a powerful thing I know God will continue this process in 2010.

15. If you were to start a quest and change the world in some way in 2010, what would that look like?

My favorite quote is "Be the change you want to see in the world." I think if we could all be a little nicer, more caring, more charitable, etc it would go a long way.

16. Whats one of your greatest strengths and how will you use it in 2010?

This is a tough question. I guess this one needs some reflection, but I would say I'm great with people.

17. Whats one of your most challenging weaknesses and how will you get help overcoming it in 2010?

I've had some problems with self confidence. So, I think challenging myself will give me a boost. I hope to do this by getting in shape physically, focusing on my mental well-being, & putting myself in situations where I can prove myself.

18. Top 3 goals for 2010?

I hope to continue on a journey of growth & discovery. I hope to get organized & be ready to move by the end of the year. I hope to advance my career by getting promoted, starting grad school in the fall, and by applying for a special positions.

19. For each of your 2010 goals, what benchmark would you like to reach in the next month?

I believe that personal growth is a daily process. Getting organized requires a plan of action, and putting that plan into action, so hope to have a plan ready by 11 Jan and start with small chunks every day. I will have to do alot of studying before Feb to score well on my test for promotion, so I hope to study atleast 1 hr each day from now til my test date in Feb.

20. What structures will you put into place in 2010 to make sure you follow through on your plans and reach your benchmarks?

I think CCOR is a good place that has supportive and positive people. I think surrounding myself with positive people and positive thoughts will help. And most of holding myself accountable without beating myself up.

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