The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Wow! This first week has flown!!

To say I have been busy is a massive understatement!

I've pretty much been head down bum up working on getting this launch to happen.

Last Friday (the day after I began this) I secured the venue for my first live program and I am so happy with the space, it is stunning as you can see below. It spills out on to a beautiful open deck and you can hear the beach...only minutes from our CBD and parking is super cheap and there are some awesome cafes and shops close by.

I have managed to make a huge amount of progress on the launch videos and also decided this week to run a webinar next Wednesday so I spent hours creating a landing page in Leadpages and hooking it up to an aweber email series.

I'm feeling great about the videos in my 5 part series, the editing isn't far away now and once that is done it is all go. My web guy as created all of the pages for the videos and will load them as soon as they are ready.

It's Thursday today, by the end of tomorrow I reckon the launch sequence will be ready to go which means we can start selling out the event for the 15th November. This will be a telling time but I'm confident we can fill the room.

It is all seeming very real now!!

I'm actually really looking forward to my sales girl now starting on the phone calls and getting bums on seats!

In amongst all of the work other stuff has been going on as well of course!

Last Friday I was woken by a phone call from my ex-husband telling me my son had been in a car accident on this way from my home (I was away) to his work at my ex's. He only had his licence for 9 days!!! He was ok, I called him 

and while he was upset about the car and shaken up he was fine. Not a great phone call to receive and my blood ran cold when he said the words "Code's had an accident". Shocking!!

Then 2 days ago I met Dave's daughter for the first time. She lives quite a few hours from him (about 7hrs) so only comes down over the school holidays for a week and the last time she was down I was in the US. It all went well. I have been in relationships where there have been kids and it has never gone well. I always find it very hard to watch the kids manipulate the fathers because they know they feel guilt over not being there. It has caused more than a few issues. Happy to report that Dave is awesome, his daughter wanted this and wanted that and he treated her the same way he would if he had her all of the time. A big relief for me, might seem silly but it has been a big thing for me in the past.

This week I'm on holidays from my Taekwondo School so not teaching at night means I have heaps of time to get stuff done and  Dave is going to be busy with his daughter and looks like he is away over the weekend with his mates for our football grand final week it both of those things have definitely come at a good time.

Well better get back to it!

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