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I know I haven't blogged in a LONG time, a lot happened since the last time I did. Lets just say all the bad places the hubby was going stopped, he banned himself and has never looked. I'm very happy! The two of us reconnected and drew our family back together as one.But while doing this we did a lot of things outdoors, which meant we ate out a LOT. In short, I got FAT and last year a relative posted a picture of me at a family funeral online, they never meant to hurt me but it was a wake up call. I dont' want to look like that and I'm on a mission to get thinner and healthy and know the universe will help me. 

I began my "making myself fit and losing weight challenge" as I won't say the d word on January 1st and weighed in at 225. Even the doctor gave me a funny look in December when she saw I was 225.  I know that's a lot but I want to lose 70lbs. I want to make myself fit enough to run a 5 mile marathon. I want to run after my kids without losing energy or out of breath. So I started by calorie counting and eating Lean Cuisine meals, raisins and Skinny cow ice creams. So far lets see how much I weigh.......I'm currently at 220. :) Woo hoo me!


Obviously I've got a while but I know I can do it. I started walking the treadmill, only silly me did it barefoot and lets just say I won't be back on it until my feet heal. I did it for 30 minutes. (lots of blisters) Now I'm currently searching for a good work-out video. Any recommendations? I have to get new ones as the old ones got scratched either during the move or from the kids. 


What exercises would you do if you couldn't walk? I don't want this to slow down my process but I don't want to ruin my feet. Not to worry next time I'll have soft socks and shoes.

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Comment by sunshine on January 7, 2011 at 2:52pm
Hi there, welcome back!  pounds in such a short time is such a great achievement! Definitely something to be proud of. We actually just started a 30 day weightloss challenge here on the ccor again. Come by and check out the group if you like the girls over there are awesome and it is fun to have the exchange. I wish you happy manifesting :)


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