The 100 Day Reality Challenge

100 Day Challenge Season One Day Zero

I'm starting over. I've just had the realization that my life is so good and worth working for. I know, this is something you probably already knew, but I keep forgetting. So tomorrow, a day which is already filled with new and exciting changes, is my day one again.

What's going on tomorrow?

I start my classes for my new semester, a semester which will blow all of the others out of the water, a semester in which I prove to myself and the world that I am going to be the greatest teacher the world has ever seen.

I have a meeting with an adviser to get into the classes I need and it's going to go great. Why? Because it has to!

I have a job interview!!!!!!! YAY!!!! AND it's for a position at a daycare that will give me a great boost to my resume, future, happiness and life! I'm so excited

Soooo....I'm going to bed early in order to conquer my busy day, but I wanted to make a quick blog entry, since it's been so long.

I need to update my front page and my new goals and ideas, but here's the basic idea.

1. Think Positive!
2. Stop polluting my body.
3. Good grades
4. Organize myself and my life
5. Be happy for myself and the rest will fall into place. ( I can make others happier with my happiness)
6. Keeping myself to a schedule will help all of the above. (Sleeping before midnight, getting my work done, eating well ect.)

1. Gratitude Journal
2. Reading my books and writing the prompts
3. Blogging here at least a couple times a week.

I love you all!!

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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on November 4, 2009 at 10:54am
Hi there, how is your challenge going for you? :))


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