The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 100 landed a few days ago so before I start season 2 I thought I would do a quick wrap up of the past 100 days.

Looking back at the goals I had set have things changed since then! What a difference 100 days makes.

I'm going to start with the good.

1: My book is finished and selling on Amazon and my book landing page is capturing a regular stream of leads.

2: I have secured a publisher who is keen to promote me quite heavily by the looks of things.

3: My TKD school is growing every month, not as fast as I had initially hoped but in a very authentic way with very little effort as far as marketing and promotion.

4: As of yesterday we secured 2 x Feature Stories, 1 in a national mag and one in a local paper, many more in the works.

5: I have 100% clarity around where I am taking my "brand" from here and my new website is almost complete.

6: Wendy and I have relaunched Rip It Up Challenge and this looks as though it is going to grow quite quickly as the year continues.

7: I know have a "dream team" around me pushing me towards the kind of success I have been working towards for many years now.

8: I started coaching again after being approached and decided I would cap this at 2 clients and I have 2 clients.

9: Wendy and I booked and paid for our flights to the US and we leave in about 6 weeks.

The other stuff...

Unfortunately Chris and I ended our relationship. Just the wrong time for us, very sad and it feels like crap but this is what we need to do. Maybe things will change for us down the track but for now being single and focusing on my kids and building my business needs to be my priority. 

I'm open to possibility (when one door opens usually a bigger, better one opens) but some time on my own won't be a bad thing.

I'm so excited about where I am taking my business(es) and have a lot of work to do between now and the end of the year. I also will be moving house in around September and can't wait for that to happen, I'm excited about living in Berwick and being closer to all of the things I do day to day.

Season 2 starts for me on Monday - bring it on!

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