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I am feeling in the flow again, after being out of it for awhile. I didn't really realize I was out of it until watching that Wayne Dyer film.

One thing that I've known for a long time, way before I understood the Law of Attraction, is that there is a real force out there just waiting to come along side of us and show us its Love and Magic. Part of that magic is in being in synchronicity. I guess Synchronicity describes those things that happen that we just KNOW aren't a cooincidence. Sometimes we don't even know why they happen. They just ARE. It just IS.

So I am intending to journal about my Synchronicities as a practice, to become more and more aware of those things that make you go "Hmmmmm....."

I had one today, it has already started (however small)!
I was in the car with my husband and we were discussing contacting a Greyhound rescue group to find out more about adopting one. We have been thinking of getting a dog and I read an article recently that got me thinking about them. Just as we finished the conversation, I opened a clothing catalog that had come in the mail today and on the 3rd page was a photo of a lovely Greyhound, being walked by a woman in a cool outfit. Odd or what??? Since when did Greyhounds model for Boden?

Makes you go "Hmmmmm..."

Well, I have had a tiring day, migraines and some crazy things happened, but I wanted to make note of my Day One. I will do a video tomorrow, I am planning a space for me to just be me. :)


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Comment by Stephanie on January 19, 2009 at 11:06pm
That really is cool! I am so glad you are back on track, I get off track alot as well and I have made a promise to myself that even if something goes wrong like I can't afford my net or something I will still vlog and just keep it on my pc. I WILL not give up again just because of something that happens. Anyway, I was keeping a journal of my gratitude's, positive movies, songs, poetry, manifestations, and Synchronicities on my last challenge and it is really neat to go back and read all of them. I didn't keep up with it like I w anted to but now we have all these groups so it's way easy! YAY! I love this place.
Comment by Cari on January 16, 2009 at 9:41am
Wow-- great idea, Clarissa! I remember starting a synchronicity journal back in '03, when I first learned about all this cool stuff, and it is a REALLY powerful practice... You've inspired me to start another one for this Challenge! It's a good reminder of all that you really are manifesting-- even the little signs from the Universe.
Comment by Gaby on January 16, 2009 at 6:54am
Clarissa, I just love your idea of journaling about synchronicities. Do you mind if I adopt it? ;) I am sure the more I will notice it and write it down the more it will occur... And I really want to notice it more as I just love this feeling, which makes you do - just as you've described it - "hmmm" . All the best, Gaby
Comment by crystalspirit on January 16, 2009 at 6:53am
Thanks for sharing, dear Clarissa What a wonderful synchronicity!! It's amazing what happens when we pay attention~* Can't wait to watch your vid- just be your beautiful YOU!!

xoxoxo Mascha


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