The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Gratitude and Technical Difficulties (smiles)

Hi Co-Creators,
As I type this on my husband's computer, my poor laptop sits frozen and waiting for a tune up! I am not sure how to load vids on this machine, but I'm sure I will figure it out so we can stay in touch. But, I am not receiving e-mail notices until I get my iBook back from the shop..

Today is my day 73! I am almost in the home stretch, and I must say that even as I post intentions, they somehow manifest. I believe that this gives me power to take right action and God/ The Universe handles the rest. Interestingly enough, I find myself much more accepting of whatever shows up....having faith that I am doing my part, and God/The Universe takes care of the rest. So, here is a summary of the miraculous manifestations over the past 73 days:

connection with YOU ALL..that is what I am most grateful for!!
spiritual growth and meditation
Helping others while attending to self care
home repairs
summer travel (at no expense)
harmonious family relationships
my dream job
professional development opportunities

I know there are others..... like today I take the GRE test, which will admit me to grad school for another master's ( in educational administration) in 2 years. I have taken some practice tests, so I am intending to do well! (a little nervous!) It is a 4 hour test....

We have had some more storms (weather) , and(metaphorically) I believe that storms make us stronger, more intelligent and prepared. So, I understand that all things which manifest in my life are for my good. And I guess I have concluded that this challenge isn't about manifesting "stuff" or "circumstances", but it is about becoming a better person...about the manifesting the evolution of my soul/consciousness.
Blessings to you all! Have a wonderful day today!

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