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Hi All,
Another text post, but it was a blessing to take my laptop in because they will install all the latest toys so I can do a keynote for a conference in Chicago in August. Love those "bells and whistles""!!
I have been asked to present at several national conferences, the upcoming one is in Chicago on August 10th. Later ones will be in Texas. So when I get my computers back, they will be ready to go for the presentations.

I took my GRE and did well! Not too well on the math section, but thankfully that score is not as weighted and important..... It was an intense but unusually energizing experience. I finished in 3 hours instead of 4. I felt up for it. I am so thankful for that!

It is hard to believe that I am 3/4's through this challenge. (notice I did the math!? lol) The best thing about it is connecting with all of you....watching you vids and reading your blogs. Thank you for your encouragement and feedback.
So many wonderful experiences happening here.... I will mention a few without going into details...but all blessings.

This Wednesday we will celebrate my son's 26th birthday. He is graduating from college soon, and I am so proud of him...of who he is, and blessed with a very positive and loving relationship.

My husband has been involved in a local community theater production for the musical, "The Secret Garden". This has been a HUGE milestone for me spiritually and emotionally. I have learned a lot through my alone time, and decided to help with costumes, which I have never done. Sitting with other women and sewing was such a "Red Tent" experience....(for those of you who read that book) very nurturing and positive. And the night at the theater (it is a humongous outdoor venue) looking up at the stars and moon. I think of you, Andie, every night! ; > ) My parents did a lot out there, and I feel all of the friendly ghosts and spirits in a healing way.

I have been working outside everyday and feel so blissed out. I love being outdoors with all the garden fairies and water sprites, etc...

And finally, I have been teaching my daughter to drive out stick shift has been a lot of fun! We do a lot of laughing together which has been very good for our relationship.

So, on this day 75, I feel so grateful and blessed. The simple things bring me such a magnitude of joy.
Hope you all are doing well!

p.s. Aleta, we NEED another vlog soon! ; > )

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Comment by Jenna on July 14, 2008 at 5:13pm
eeekkk. A stick shift? I still have not mastered that and I am almost 35. No one in my family will even get in the car to teach me anymore because I have had so many "close calls." hahahaha. Good luck and congrats on your test score :)

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