The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 29/100, Season 2 - Sore muscles

• I went straight to the gym today to do a 9am step class, and got a half hour of weights in before that. I was exhausted by the end of it and have sore muscles in my arms at the moment - but its all good as I know that's a sign of working out again! Also, I noticed how good it felt to come home and not have to have that internal battle with myself trying to convince myself to go to the gym even though I was tired. I think I need to make a morning workout part of my routine. - I will see the results of my efforts very soon with a slimmer and more toned body.
• I ate healthy today with sushi for lunch and a light frozen dinner. - I will be able to maintain my will power and reach my ideal weight easily.
• Work wasn't too stressful today and i managed to book an internal flight for my holiday in December that I was having trouble booking. - My vacation is going to be amazing and fun!
• After dinner I organized some paperwork and then settled down to watch a movie. - I am grateful for a work-life balance that allows me to relax in the evneings.
• I spoke to my sister and 2 friends today, which was nice. - I am grateful for good friends and family who I'm close to and who care about me.

• I'm still feeling pretty exhausted. I got a new dosage of my thyroid pills today so hopefully that will help with my exhaustion. - I will feel energetic and strong tomorrow.

Nothing today!

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