The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 30/100, Season 2 - Keeping cool

• My day started out tough at work with my agency calling to let me know there was a showstopping issue that they were working to try to resolve that could detrimentailly effect my project and timeline. When I heard this I almost cried since I'm so frustrated and PMSing. We also had another legal review and uncovered a few more items we need to address, but they seem simple enough. In the afternoon, I went to my agency's office to review some sound effects for our campaign and they brought their whole team in to meet me and review the proposals with me and had some soft drinks, beer, nachos and dip laid out, which I thought was really nice of them. - I am grateful that my relationship with my agency is improving. The issues that keep presenting themselves will cease and be resolved in record time, and my project will launch on time.
• After work I went to see an independent film called "Brick Lane" in the University Distrivct with a friend of mine. The movie was kind of depressing but I'm glad I saw it. As well, I discovered a tapas restaurant that looks really good next to the cinema that I've added to my list of things to try one day.- I am grateful to have friends who enjoy doing similar things as me and for discovering neat things around the city to do.
• I got some organizing done at home in front of the TV tonight. My sister's family arrives tomorrow evening and I will be cleaning my place and running a few errands tomorrow, so I'm glad I got a few basic things done today. - I will wake up early and refreshed tomorrow and have a highly productive day.

Nothing today!

Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on July 18, 2008 at 8:36am
Hi PJ, was that movie filmed in London? There is a Brick Lane in London.
I love doing organising in front of the telly it makes it more fun:)

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