The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 31, 32 and 33 of 100, Season 2 - Weekend with the Rugrats!

Hi friends! I've had a pretty packed weekend and didn't get a chance to login until tonight, so here goes:

• Friday was well-paced for me. I went to the gym for weights and 50 minutes of step class in the morning, then had to take a work call, and ran some errands before getting home. I then worked in between cleaning my apartment and started on making dinner at around 5pm as my sister's family was arriving for a weekend visit around 7pm. It was lovely to have them over. We just relaxed at home on Friday evening and had an early night as we were all pretty tired.- I am grateful to have family who visits me and who live close enough to drive to. I am grateful that my sister's family is loving and kind.
• Saturday morning, my sister's family went to visit my brother-in-law's cousin for breakfast and I took that time to go to the gym in my building and got in 30 mintues of eliptical and 10 minutes of running and some abs. When they got back we packed a picnic and went across the street to the park where the kids had a great time and our friends brought their kids over for some play time and a visit. After that, I took my niece to the chocolate shop around the corner to pick her chocolate of the day (something I do with her everytime she comes over) and then we went to get some frozen yoghurt, a golf store and the mall. In the evening we all relaxed again over home-cooked food and had another fairly early night. - I am grateful for a sunny day and that I have fun things for my niece and nephew to enjoy nearby. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend quality time with my sister and her family.
• This morning, I took my sister's family to a big even that is hosted by my company which is catered for family and we had a great time. I met up with some friends there too - it looks like one of them is getting closer to a guy she really likes as she showed up there with him unexpectedly. I am happy for her and hope things work out for her. She and another friend of mine (who helped me bring in my family) went to get our palms read at the event, which wasn't extremely insightful unfortunately After the event, we went to the chocolate shop again and came home to relax and so they could pack and get ready for their trip back home. My brother-in-law helped me assemble the dining table my parents sent with him as I wanted to buy one like it and they wanted to get rid of theirs since they want a bigger one for their new place. He also helped me assemble my pilates machine - yay! - I am grateful for a brother-in-law who is so kind and helpful and who I get along great with. I am grateful to my parents for giving me their dining table set which makes my apartment look more spacious and matches the rest of my furniture perfectly. I am grateful to work in a company that offers great benefits that I am able to share with my family. I am grateful for friends in the city who are fun to hang out with, who are helpful and kind.

• I get the Sunday blues pretty bad as it is, but tonight was worse after my sister and her family left because I really felt them missing, even though my nephew can be extremely tiring and my niece and nephew together are quite a handful.- I am grateful that my family lives close enough to visit and for me to visit them. I am grateful for such loveable niece and nephew who are naughty but love me even if I have to scold them for being naughty. I am grateful to have kids in my life who bring laughter, noise and innocence into my life and are a constant reminder of what is truly important in life.
• I pretty much blew my diet this weekend. - I will get right back on track with my diet and exercise routine on Monday and results will be noticeable.

• Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on July 21, 2008 at 6:12am
Hi PJ, your weekend sounds like a very busy fun packed weekend! You are lucky to have your family near by it must be nice. Kids can be a handful, mine are!!
Your pilates machine sounds interesting!! Its good to let go of your diet now and again, personally I hate dieting!

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