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Well I just saw the first CD of Law of Attraction in Action. I have got to say that the lady in the film seemed to be completley and utterly insane at first. I got the hebegebees but I continued and she started making since. I have not crossed over with the whole we are eternal vibrating beings because I am a Christain and believe that God created me, so I am having some problems with this. any suggestions? I want to totally be honest here and feel safe doing it. I am just kind of in a weird mindset after watching her.

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Comment by Cindy on July 25, 2008 at 10:39pm
Hi Sandy! I can't help you out here, because I haven't considered myself a Christian for a long time. But, I'm having a few "weird mindset" moments and can relate to at least that part of where you're at. I think lorijovest makes a lot of good points, though; she asked a lot of great questions. This is a journey that you have to take yourself, and if you set the intention that you want some answers, then I truly believe that answers will come to you. Please post more about your thought processes as you struggle with this. I think it will help and bless a lot of people. Take care of yourself.
Comment by lorijovest on July 23, 2008 at 5:59am
Sandy ~ I was attracted to your post this a.m. and it left me wondering, if God created us, does that mean that the scientists are wrong? I always feel that christianity is all encompassing and can include concepts of evolution and LOA. What if men wrote the bible and interpreted things with their small minds in the best way they could? What if the stories in the bible are only parables that we can learn from? What if God created man in seven days, though they were millions of years long? What if a perfect world meant that the balance of life required both good and bad, feast and famine, a wide range of view points? Being open to the idea that God gave us the power to create, as he created, may help you make sense of these new ways of looking at the world. I believe that I can't possibly know as much about God as I think I do because God is so all-encompassing and loving and amazing that my small mind isn't even capable of understanding it all, so I just have faith. It works for me. Good luck on your journey! Hugs, Lori


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