The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I have a busy sort of day ahead. Manifesting that it all goes to plan. I broke a tooth on Monday and the only day I could get it fixed is today 12noon. I have another meeting booked for 12.30pm 10 minutes drive apart. I am putting all my power into manifesting that the dentist is on time and the job is only small (its only a little chip) and that I make the other business meeting on time.
I then have a conference call with my franchise manager. I am putting it out there that he is in a positive mindset and appreciates the efforts I have put into my business in the last 2 weekds.

I have had to put yesterday behind me. I need to be positive for Kim's family. I need to be positive for my family. I need to move on with life. No rest for the wicked...and I must have been very very wicked in a past life...or was it this life.

Anyway, time to get the day underway.

I am strong, brave and powerful. I get what I want when I want it. I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I am in control of my life. I am strong brave and powerful!!!!!!

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