The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Aug. 04, 2008(Birthday, "Waking Life", and Solfeggio Frequencys)

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure what day I'm on in the challenge because it's been so long since I've posted anything. So I guess you can consider this a little filler blog.

Some new things that have happened lately are.

1. My birthday on Aug 2nd. It was fun. Instead of cake I had a fruit salad with vegan 'whipped' cream on top.. very good. Now that I'm making my room over, I got some decor items and some paint so I can get started on it. I realized this year that I need to start thinking ahead for my birthday so everyone knows what I want. I should really take advantage of it so I can get things I may need.

2. I'm registered for college. I will go in Oct. for massage therapy. It seems like a very good school and there will be 6 to a class, which is great because I seem to learn easier in a small group.

3. The 'listening to the same kind of music for 30 days' is harder than it sounds. I've been listening to the trance more, but it may take some more discipline to do it for 30 days straight.

4. I found out Bob Dylan will be doing a concert in the city near mine. I want to go.

5. I discovered this move called Waking Life. You should check it out. Here is a clip from it about Lucid dreaming. .In the description box it has the link to the actual movie. Which is free. Oh, you may need to download the DivX player though. But it will come in handy for other videos because it's a good player, so it's worth it.

6. I found these sounds called Solfeggio Frequency on YouTube. They can be used in a kind of meditation type way. There are some for Consciousness Expansion, Liberation from Fear, Healing DNA, and alot more. I haven't looked into it alot but I plan on learning more about it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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