The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 25 series 3. Manifestations yesterday

I said at the end of my post yesterday that I would manifest 3 things. You know what?? I DID!

I went to the dentist slightly early, walking in at 11.50am thinking that I would smooze with the receptionist as she is interested in buying a house. Ha, the dentist came out and said OH cool, you are here early..I promised my MRs I would take her out for lunch at 1 and now I can. I got in the seat and he did a great job, even fixing the tooth next to the broken one, so now my front teeth are straight, white and so so much better than before. Excellent. It was still only 12.20pm when I walked out of there.
I went to the lunch with my business associate, making it pretty much on time (I had forewarned him that I may be late). Great....he introduced me around a bit to the other participants...and I have some interest there. Great!
Got back for my phone conference with my franchise manager. Everything was positive there too..and he loved some of my ideas to the point that he has asked if he can present my chart to the rest of his franchisees.

All in all, a pretty successful manifesting sort of day! I know that yes I did put myself in the position to manifest things. I went to the dentist early on the offchance, I had dressed to impress at the business luncheon and I did have a pretty amazing presentation to give to my franchise manager, but everything went well, smoothly even as if it were meant to be.

Ok my manifestations for today will be...
1. To arrange a babysitter for tonight so that I can join Steve at a business dinner.
2. To arrange 2 appointments for next week
3. To have the house spic and span within an hour.

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Comment by Tamika LaShelle on February 28, 2008 at 6:01pm
You can do it!!! Great job setting intentions and see them manifest!

Love is....

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