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I know some of you are having a hard time, For the first 19 days I did. Humans don't like change. To undergo this kind of transformation summons up an enormous amount of commitment to ones own self. The hardest person to look in the eye everyday, the person hardest to be honest with, the person hardest to face is the one in the mirror because no matter what YOU know the truth.

OK great! That means you know every secret, every flaw, every "imperfection". It also means you know that you possess the power to change anything or everything on that list about yourself.

When you are journaling we know that to do it as if it is NOW is the best way to manifest. Yes, it is.
Now take it another step, a higher level. Think in terms of a Screen Play. A script. Not down to the minutest detail like ..."Jane enters from left and surprises John"

Just write your life, daily if you can.

Write what it is. Make it so. Everything you write is a clear path on how to do just that. Make it so.

I have always written and I learned to type on a lovely old heavy BANGER (typewriter) as a child. By high school everyone hated me in typing class and the teacher graded me separately. I still type around 90 words a minute depending on my zone. Not bad for 20 years later.

I love the feel of my fingers on the keys and the sounds they make. I don't care about perfect grammar and I adore the invention called SPELL CHECK so I can do all that at the end and just get the words out as fast as they come to me from the muses.

Yes the muses perhaps you should Wikipedia them.
Perhaps they will inspire you.
Here I will give you the link MUSES

Then there is that truest passion writing with a pen on good paper. Come on we all have a favorite pen and paper if we write. That is when the best flows out of me. I'm connected to the tree it came from, I'm gently gliding across the page making lovely letters form and shape. (sigh) My favorite pen is a Flair Marker!

I want however to direct your attention to a book some of you may be interested in. I have had it in my library for years. Its a little book about Writing Your Own Magic. It is a journaling technique many spiritualists of the older ways follow in that we know that WORDS HAVE POWER.

The Emerald Tablet shown in The Secret Movie actually comes from an old belief that many today still say. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Your world is a reflection of the Universe and all its power. You are the conduit. You make your days good or bad.

Now this little book has a bewitching or charming side.
It does promote the making of magic. What some call Manifesting. The more Mainstream term and, its a great forward thinking word. It's still magic in that you are the one giving it power, sending out the signal and receiving the reply.

Be happy that you are magical. Be happy that you are a gift. Be happy that you have power.

If you want to try it then get the book. :) I love writing this way. Maybe that is why this little book of power has been in my library so long.

I script my tomorrow the night before and I carry that with me in my purse or pocket like a high school love note :) and I Follow my own script. It helps me do EXACTLY what I need to for the day therefore creating my life on my terms to reach my destiny.

WORDS HAVE POWER so enjoy using them.

The book is by Richard WEBSTER (its a sign- I don't know if they are related) and here is a link to amazon to get more info on the book.Write Your Own Magic

"Make it So"
Love Blessings Abundance and Joy
Johni of myhappylaptop

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Comment by Elisa on August 15, 2008 at 12:36pm
Hi Johni: Thanks so much for the tip. I am sure it will help a lot. I am not very fond on writing but I will do my best.


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