The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Days 64-71 of 100, Season 2 - Preparing to move back across time zones

Its been a little too crazy over the last week to blog every evening, so I'm making up for it all today...

• I met Zara and her kids for lunch yesterday and it was so wonderful - she's as amazing in person as she is in her blogs and we both felt as though we had known each other for years. Her kids are really wonderful too and she was so nice to come all the way out to central London to meet me with them. - I am grateful for new friends and will get to connect with Zara in person again soon.
• Speaking of friends, I've also spent a lot of time with my friends in London this weekend thanks to the wedding I attended. The wedding was a lot of fun and I was glad I could be there for my friend (the groom) and celebrate one of the happiest days of his life with him. I stayed with some friends during the wedding time and we managed to spend some time with each other which we ordinarily wouldn't have been able to because of that. I also met friends who I haven't seen for many years at the wedding and dinner and enjoyed every moment of it. - I am grateful to have good friends in my life with whom time and distance don't make any difference.
• "He" called to let me know he arranged to return from a business trip around the same time as me tonight so that he can give me a lift home from the airport, which I thought was really considerate and kind of him. - I am grateful to have him in my life and for all the thoughtful things he does to show me he cares.
• I got confirmation on the submission of my provisional patent for my business idea today and am glad to have it taken care of. I also got confirmation from my designer on the time and date of the focus group and that she was able to secure the venue for it. - I am grateful that my plan is running smoothly and look forward to it continuing to do so.
• I had an important meeting for work yesterday and expected it to be tough, but it went quite smoothly. - I am grateful that we were all in agreement with the direction of this project and next steps. This project will run extra smoothly.
• I had the opportunity to meet with family after many years and a good friend's mom who I've been wanting to meet for years,over the last week, so its been really nice. - I am grateful that my extended family and close friends' families make an effort to see me and spend time with me.
• I have gotten loads of free things while I've been visiting London: speakers for my computer from a colleague, drinks, meals, rides and I even found 5 GBP on the train the other day! - I am grateful for all the free things I receive in my life!



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Comment by Zara on August 28, 2008 at 5:46pm
Hi PJ, I am so glad that I met you yesterday! I am so grateful that you had time to meet me as it sounds like you was very busy.
"He" is very kind to want to meet you at the airport and give you a lift home. Its little things like that which makes you feel special and show you how much he cares about you. He must be missing you like crazy:)

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